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Consulting changes for Jeff Greene campaign

Sunday, August 1st, 2010 by George Bennett

After going from nowhere to a double-digit primary lead in a mere three months, Democratic Senate candidate Jeff Greene is reshuffling his campaign team.

Palm Beach billionaire Greene’s campaign announced today it has ended its ties to high-profile consultants Joe Trippi and Paul Blank and brought in another set of Democratic big guns — Tad Devine and Julian Mulvey — as media consultants.

Vincent Rongione is also coming aboard as campaign manager. Greene’s first campaign manager, Josh Morrow, left in mid-July.

Greene’s other big-name hire, pollster Douglas Schoen, is remaining.

Blank this afternoon said there was no drama behind the changes.

“We’re leaving on very good terms. I have a lot of affection for Jeff. He’s in a very good position to win and I wish him well,” Blank said.


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