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Pauly Shore in spin room: Romney the funnier candidate, doesn’t know he’s funny

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Andrew Abramson

Pauly Shore

BOCA RATON — The most unexpected stop to the pre-debate spin room so far was Hollywood funnyman Pauly Shore.

Shore, who is pitching his Showtime special ‘Pauly-tics,’ said that Mitt Romney is the funnier of the presidential candidates.

“He doesn’t know that he’s funny and those are the people that are always the funniest,” Shore said.

“Everyone’s talking about the binders full of women. That’s so silly. It’s so wrong. It’s a Freudian slip or something and he shouldn’t have said that.”

Shore, whose Showtime special will feature Michael Steele, Herman Cain, Larry King and Barney Frank, said he might have his own future in politics.

“Maybe something like a mayor, but not the Senate or anything like that,” Shore said.

If he were to run for mayor, Shore said it would be “probably a small southern town. Probably like Tallahassee.”

Wasserman Schultz: Florida still there for Obama’s taking

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Andrew Abramson


BOCA RATON — With many polls and pundits now predicting a Mitt Romney win in Florida, Congresswoman and Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said there are no plans to pull any resources away from the nation’s largest swing state.

“We’re not paying attention to that,” said Wasserman Schultz of speculation that Obama could move Florida resources elsewhere. “We have a real opportunity and I think we will win Florida because we have a ground game second to none. We’ve already closed the Republican absentee request advantage by 85 percent from 2008. We’ll lap them in early voting.”

Wasserman Schultz, speaking in the pre-debate spin room at Lynn University, said that of 33 million votes cast in Florida in the last five presidential elections, only 60,000 votes separate the Democratic and Republican candidates.

“I’m confident whether it’s seniors, women, Hispanics, we have an advantage demographically,” Wasserman Schultz said. “Mitt Romney is so extreme on issues that matter to those groups.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, however, believes Romney has all the momentum.

“He’s got momentum at the time you’d love to have to it,” Graham said. “The first debate was a game changer. Tonight, if he does well — which I hope he does — that could be the knockout punch.”

Pre-debate spin: John McCain bashes Obama’s foreign policy while Wesley Clark praises president

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Andrew Abramson



BOCA RATON – Hours before tonight’s foreign policy debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney, two leading Republicans on national security bashed Obama’s foreign policy while retired Gen. Wesley Clark defended the president.

“It would be a dramatic improvement over this feckless foreign policy which has caused us to lose influence and strength around the world,” said Sen. John McCain of Romney winning the election. “The latest debacle in Libya, Iraq is unraveling, al Qaeda is coming back all over the Middle East — those are facts that are undeniable.”

Clark, however, said Romney has no credibility when it comes to foreign policy.

“You have one man on stage who’s done it, proved it and done it well, and you have another who has no credibility and no experience in the field,” Clark said. “This is not about theory. This is about actual practice and experience.”

Congresswoman and DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the Romney/Ryan ticket one of the least experienced foreign policy tickets in history.


Scott: Foreign policy? It’s all about jobs

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Dara Kam

In the spin room at Lynn University, Gov. Rick Scott said that tonight’s presidential debate should center on one thing: Jobs.

That’s no surprise, since Scott ran his own gubernatorial campaign two years ago on the same agenda. Scott promised to create 700,000 jobs in seven years.

So Scott offered a job-centric prediction of what to expect from Romney tonight.

“He’s going to continue to do the same thing he’s talked about. He’s going to talk about the two paths. He’s going to explain the fact that this whole election is about jobs, just like my race in 2010. And his path for job creation is going to be the key thing,” Scott said.

But tonight’s debate is focused on foreign policy, a reporter pointed out to Scott.

“Foreign policy is all about jobs. It’s all about how we create predictability so businesses want to invest so we can get more jobs. This race 100 percent about jobs. The foreign policy focus is just like cars. How do we participate in a global economy, how do we get more jobs for America,” Scott said.

Boca police set up protest areas outside of Lynn campus

Monday, October 22nd, 2012 by Andrew Abramson

While only credentialed press members, Lynn students and debate ticket-holders will be allowed on the Lynn University campus today, the Boca Raton Police Department is recommending two areas for anyone who wants to protest or demonstrate.

The police are setting up plastic dividers on the southeast corner of Military Trail and Potomac Road and on the northeast corner of Yamato Road and Potomac Road so potential protesters do not spill into traffic.

As debate nears, Lynn students hold BBQ bash

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 by Andrew Abramson

BOCA RATON — Lynn students had their first big campus bash to celebrate Monday’s presidential debate, and they say the debate is bringing students together.

Today’s Red, White and Que party featured ribs, soul food, and a classic rock cover band. The school also held a 5K race around campus.

“It enhances the community,” senior Courtney Alston said. “A lot of people are socializing, entering contests. More than 50 percent of the students registered to vote because of the debate. This is a great opportunity for the school to expand. It really gets our name out there.”

Sydney Putnam, a Lynn junior, said it’s been a huge boost for the school despite a few inconviences.

“We’ve had to sacrifice a few things, but the golf cart rides from the parking lot adds a little flair,” said Putnam as students have to had to ditch their normal parking spaces. “I’m proud to be a part of this. It’s a great experience and it’s history in the making.”

AARP flash drive wristbands

Even AARP made an appearance at today’s barbeque. While college students and AARP wouldn’t normally seem to mix, AARP officials said they will be a constant presence on campus throughout the debate to discuss Medicare. And they might have found a way to entice students by giving away wristband flash drives to anyone who fills out a Medicare survey.

Lynn, Hofstra alum enjoying second presidential debate at alma mater

Thursday, October 18th, 2012 by Andrew Abramson

BOCA RATON — Jonathan Weitz, a 28-year-old social storyteller, wasn’t able to sign up in time to participate in this week’s debate at his alma mater, Hofstra University.


Luckily for Weitz, next week’s final presidential debate is at Boca Raton’s Lynn University, where Weitz attended graduate school.

Weitz, who is living in New York and runs, paid his own way to Boca to assist Lynn’s marketing and communications department in video production for the big debate weekend.

“It’s just an incredible opportunity to be on campus,” Weitz said. “So much is happening.”

Lynn is being thrust into the national spotlight which is thrilling for alums like Weitz.

While he might be a rare graduate of two universities hosting debates in the same election cycle, Weitz said he considers himself a Lynn graduate before Hofstra.

“I have more of a relationship with Lynn,” Weitz said. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in history, something of this scale. All eyes will be on Lynn.”

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