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Frankel supports bill to keep Boca airport tower opened

Friday, April 12th, 2013 by Jennifer Sorentrue

U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, announced Friday that she is supporting a bill that would prevent federal aviation officials closing the air traffic control tower at the Boca Raton Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced last month that it would close air traffic control towers at 149 small airports across the United States as a result of forced federal budget cuts, known as the sequester. The towers, including the one at the Boca airport, are set to close on June 15.

Frankel’s office announced that she has signed on to support the Air Traffic Control Tower Funding Restoration Act (HR 1432). The bill would use money the FAA has set aside for facilities and research to keep the towers operating.

“This legislation will keep Boca Raton and other local airport towers across the country operating without additional cost to the federal budget,” Frankel said in a new release issued by her office. “Hopefully Congress will act soon to end the budget squabbling that led to this situation.”

Frankel to team up with Pelosi for Medicare forum in North Boca Monday

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 by Dara Kam

Lois Frankel

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel is adding a high-profile notch to her Congressional candidacy belt a week before the Aug. 14 Democratic primary.

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, the former House leader from California, will join Frankel for a Medicare forum at an assisted living facility in North Boca Raton Monday morning.

National Democrats, who’ve made the new Palm Beach-Broward District 22 one of their highest-priority races in the country, have thrown their clout behind Frankel in the race, thus far virtually ignoring the primary match-up against Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs. They’re focused instead on the November contest against Republican Adam Hasner, who doesn’t have a primary.

While Pelosi’s a divisive figure on the national stage, appearing side-by-side with the often-vilified former majority leader just a week before the primary – and after early voting begins this weekend – likely won’t hurt Frankel with hard-core Dems who typically show up at the polls in primaries.

Frankel garnered the support of Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, the National Organization for Women and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The DCCC chief, U.S. Rep. Steve Israel, joined Frankel for a fundraiser earlier this year. Frankel jumped into the race last year in an effort to oust U.S. Rep. Allen West, who moved out of the coastal district after the GOP-dominated legislature redrew it with a Democratic edge.

The Monday event will be held at the The Veranda Club at 10:30 a.m.

CD 22: Underdog Jacobs outraises Frankel, Hasner eclipses both Dems

Friday, August 3rd, 2012 by Dara Kam

Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs, the underdog in the U.S. House District 22 Democratic primary, outraised former West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel by more than $9,000 over the last four weeks, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

Jacobs – eclipsed overall in fundraising by Frankel, who has a year-long head start in the race, and with just a fraction of Frankel’s cash-on-hand – raised $59,230 in the short July 1- July 25 pre-primary period and another $8,000 since then, according to the reports. And Frankel collected $53,192 for the period and another $5,000 as of Aug. 2.

But GOP candidate Adam Hasner, who does not have a primary in the new Palm Beach-Broward congressional district, overshadowed both Democrats over the past month. Hasner raked in more than $172,847 and another $3,000, bringing his total for the short fundraising period to more than the Democrats’ combined contributions.

And, with $1 million in his campaign war chest as of July 25, Hasner had a slight edge over Frankel, who reported $950,000 cash on hand after spending more than $330,000 on TV ads and nearly $16,000 on polling. Jacobs had about $48,000 going into the Aug. 14 primary.

Frankel hires third campaign manager in campaign for Congress

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 by Dara Kam

Maybe the third time’s the charm for former West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel’s Congressional campaign. The combative Democrat has hired Jonathon Bray as campaign manager #3 in her quest for U.S. House District 22.

Bray, 28, comes from North Carolina, should be an asset for Frankel in her Democratic primary against Broward County Commissioner. He recently left North Carolina state Rep. Patsy Keever’s congressional campaign, where as her campaign manager he successfully shepherded her through a Democratic primary in May. The Democratic operative was helped Kendrick Meek gather petitions to make it on the ballot in his failing bid for the U.S. Senate two years ago. Frankel’s spokesman Joshua Karp said Bray has strong family ties to Palm Beach County.

Bray replaces Greg Richardson, who Karp said left the campaign because of family health problems. Richardson fumbled when he sent a memo to Jacobs demanding that she resign from her Broward County Commission seat before Gov. Rick Scott can appoint a Republican replacement. Within hours, Richardson sent Jacobs’ campaign manager Marcia Monserrat a second memo, saying he misstakenly sent the e-mail and it was not approved by Frankel. Richardson left the campaign shortly afterwards but the memo mishap had nothing to do with his departure, Karp said.

“Greg was a phenomenal manager that Lois was lucky to have. Greg steered the campaign through a crucial phase, building the kind of network needed to take on Adam Hasner,” Karp said, referring to the GOP candidate in the District 22 race.

As with the Hasner reference by Karp, Frankel – the clear frontrunner in the race – is all but ignoring her challenger. Frankel is ahead in the polls, has the backing of numerous national heavyweights, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and has eclipsed Jacobs in fundraising. As of the latest campaign finance report filings on June 31, Frankel had nearly $1.4 million in her war chest – more than ten times the $75,000 cash-on-hand Jacobs reported.

Monserrat said Jacobs has had three campaign managers as well, sort of.

“Me, myself and I. That’s it,” she quipped.

Palm Beach County congressional candidates’ war chests swell

Monday, July 9th, 2012 by Dara Kam

Democrat Patrick Murphy raised more than $500,000 this quarter for his campaign against incumbent U.S. Rep. Allen West in the new Palm Beach County-Treasure Coast District 18 race, one of the most-watched contests in the country.

Murphy, who’s collected more than $2.3 million so far, this quarter raked in the second-highest amount nationwide of Democratic congressional wannabes, according to his campaign.

Murphy along with former West Palm Beach mayor Lois Frankel, who brought in more than $400,000 this quarter in her U.S. House District 22 race, are among the country’s top Democratic challengers.

Frankel’s in a Democratic primary run-off against Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs next month, and the winner will face off against former state representative Adam Hasner in November.

Hasner, a Boca Raton Republican, had a huge quarter as well. Hasner topped $558,000 this quarter, leaving him with more than $1 million in cash. And the Palm Beach County opponents are nearly matched with the $2.2 million each has raised so far, but Hasner doesn’t have a primary to contend with.

The official campaign finance documents for the quarter are due July 15.

Frankel scores big in quarterly fundraising

Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by Dara Kam

Former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel nailed down $400,000 in this second quarter of fundraising for her congressional race, her campaign announced today.

That brings Frankel’s total contributions to a whopping $2.2 million and making her one of the country’s top-performing fundraisers, according to a press release issued by her campaign.

It’s the fifth quarter in a row in which Frankel raked in more than $300,000. Frankel’s the financial frontrunner District 22 Democratic primary pitting her against Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs. The official campaign finance reports aren’t due to federal elections officials until July 15.

Frankel entered the District 22 race last year in a challenge to incumbent U.S. Rep. Allen West. But after state legislators redrew the Palm Beach-Broward district with a pronounced Democratic tilt, West opted to run for a Palm Beach-Treasure Coast district instead. Jacobs jumped in, setting up an all-female, Democratic duel.

Frankel’s press release boasting about her quarterly figures ignores the primary altogether and instead focuses on Republican District 22 candidate Adam Hasner.

“Our campaign continues to build a grassroots campaign based upon the idea of focusing on getting our economy working again. Over the next 5 months, Lois’ campaign will have the resources necessary to her message out in
Broward and Palm Beach Counties,” the release reads.

Also today, Frankel announced the endorsement of fellow Palm Beach County politico U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, while Jacobs announced the support of the SEIU labor union.

Back at you: Frankel challenges Jacobs to play nice in U.S. House race

Monday, June 25th, 2012 by Dara Kam

Congressional hopeful Lois Frankel said she’ll debate her Democratic opponent Kristin Jacobs before the Aug. 14 Democratic primary.

But in return, she’s asking Jacobs, a Broward County Commissioner, to agree to play nice in the U.S. House District 22 campaigns. The winner of the contest between the two women will face off against Adam Hasner, a former state House representative who also served as House majority leader, in November.

Earlier today, Jacobs’ campaign manager asked Frankel to reconsider her refusal to participate in a Palm Beach Post/WPTV Channel 5 debate scheduled for July 12. The debate was canceled after Frankel said no.

In her response, Frankel agreed to a debate (Jacobs wants four before the primary election) without saying when. Then she made her own request.

“As I’m sure you know I have always debated my previous opponents- and I expect that we will debate as well.
However, with all the critical issues facing South Florida and our nation as well as the dysfunction of the Republican-led House of Representatives, we need to be concerned first and foremost about sending a Democrat to Congress from this seat. I’m sure you agree that has to be the most important outcome of this election cycle.

To that end, I am joining with both the Palm Beach and Broward Democratic County Chairs in calling for a positive primary campaign. I pledge to run no negative commercials against you, send no negative mailings
or any other kind of communications if you simply do the same. Voters are tired of the same old slash and burn campaigns, and we do not need to give Adam Hasner and his extremist allies any comfort from a needlessly divisive Democratic primary,” Frankel wrote, adding that she would be happy to work with Jacobs’ campaign to set up a debate date.

Kristin Jacobs challenges Lois Frankel to debates in U.S. House race

Monday, June 25th, 2012 by Dara Kam

A July 12 pre-primary debate planned by The Palm Beach Post and WPTV Channel 5 between Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs and former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel won’t happen because Frankel refused to participate.

But Jacobs, the underdog in the Democratic race for the U.S. House District 22 seat, is pressuring Frankel to change her mind.

Jacobs’ campaign manager Marcia Monserrat sent Frankel’s campaign chief Greg Richardson a letter today asking for four debates before the Aug. 14 primary. The winner of the Democratic race will face off against Republican Adam Hasner. The seat, now held by U.S. Rep. Allen West, was redrawn and is now a Democratic-leaning district that encompasses parts of Broward and Palm Beach counties. Jacobs is asking Frankel for two debates in each county.

Frankel, a former state representative who also served as the state House Democratic Leader, has been in the race longer and is sitting on a much fatter war chest. While she refused the invitation to debate on July 12, Frankel hasn’t ruled out another date before the primary election.

“It’s time for Democratic voters to see the candidates side-by-side and hear where we stand on the issues,” Jacobs said in a press release. “Voters deserve to know about the key differences between the candidates. That’s why I’m calling for a total of four debates, two in each county, so that people can hear from the candidates about the issues that matter most.”

Police union poll tests Brandenburg for West Palm Beach mayor; she says she’s not running

Friday, May 14th, 2010 by George Bennett

Brandenburg: 'I'm running for the county commission'

Brandenburg: 'I'm running for the county commission'

A telephone poll conducted by the Police Benevolent Association this week asks respondents about declared 2011 West Palm Beach mayoral candidates Jeri Muoio and Molly Douglas and undeclared-but-considering-it candidate Kimberly Mitchell.

There’s also a favorable/unfavorable question about former U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, who’s name has been floated as a potential mayoral candidate.

But the survey questions that have tongues wagging concern term-limited state Rep. Mary Brandenburg, a former city commissioner who’s running for Palm Beach County commission this year and says she’s not interested in a mayoral campaign.


Frankel makes big announcement at Dem dinner

Saturday, November 14th, 2009 by George Bennett



WEST PALM BEACH — After weeks of considering a run in a special congressional election, Mayor Lois Frankel made a big announcement at tonight’s Palm Beach County Democratic Party dinner.

“Where’s Ted Deutch?” Frankel asked the crowd of about 350, calling out the frontrunner in the special race to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton.

“I want you to know I’m running,” Frankel said, pausing for dramatic effect, “in the….Palm Beach Marathon in two weeks.”

Actually, Frankel said in an interview a few minutes later, she has decided not to run in the congressional race.


Battle of the Wexler proteges?

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 by George Bennett

U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, was instrumental in getting little-known Democrats Ted Deutch and Jeremy Ring elected to the state Senate in 2006.

Now the Wexler proteges could battle each other for their mentor’s congressional seat.

Boca Raton Sen. Deutch and Coral Springs Sen. Ring are among the half dozen or more Democrats who might enter a special election for Wexler’s Palm Beach-Broward congressional seat when Wexler steps down in January to head a Middle East think tank.

Wexler remains close to Deutch and Ring, but a Democratic insider said Wexler is likely to endorse Deutch as his replacement.

Other prominent Democrats eyeing the race include West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, Broward County Mayor Stacy Ritter, former Broward Mayor Ben Graber and former Boca Raton state Rep. Irving Slosberg.

The winner of the Democratic primary will likely claim the seat in a district where Democrats hold more than a 2-to-1 registration edge over Republicans and no GOP candidate has received more than 34.4 percent since 1996.

Primary and general election dates will be set after Gov. Charlie Crist receives a resignation letter from Wexler.

Graber, who got 6.6 percent against Wexler last year as a no-party candidate, announced today he will run as a Democrat in the special election.

Other potential candidates said they were in soul-searching mode.

“I have to talk to my friends and family and see what’s in my heart,” said Frankel.

“I am talking to community members, I am talking to leaders all across my district and most importantly I am talking to my family,” said Deutch, who expects to make an announcement Thursday.

Ring said he is “absolutely investigating it, considering it. I should have a decision this weekend.”

Ritter said she’ll make a decision next week.

With about 71 percent of District 19 voters in Palm Beach County, Broward candidates Ring and Ritter both said they would have to analyze whether multiple Broward candidates would hurt each other and maximize Palm Beach County’s advantage.

Wexler to leave Congress for Middle East-focused nonprofit, Democratic sources say

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 by George Bennett



Seven-term U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton, has told South Florida Democratic insiders he will resign from Congress to take a job with a nonprofit that promotes peace in the Middle East.

Wexler, 48, is to discuss his timetable for leaving office and other details publicly Wednesday morning after speaking to several Democrats individually this week and in a conference call tonight.

Wexler’s departure is likely to set off a scramble among Democrats to replace him in a special election in an overwhelmingly Democratic Palm Beach-Broward congressional district with a large population of Jewish and senior voters.

Among the potential candidates: state Sens. Ted Deutch of Boca Raton and Jeremy Ring of Coral Springs, West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, former Boca Raton state Rep. Irving Slosberg, Broward County Mayor Stacy Ritter and former Broward Mayor Ben Graber.

Ring, who said Wexler told him Monday he will be “moving on,” confirmed his interest in running for the congressional seat. Slosberg, who once toyed with the idea of challenging Wexler in a Democratic primary, said he’s “leaving his options open.”

Frankel and Deutch said they’d wait for Wexler to go public before discussing their plans.


Democratic organizer Joan Joseph, 1945-2009

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009 by George Bennett
Democractic activist Joan Joseph poses in her Lake Worth office before the 2008 Democratic National Convention, where she served as a delegate. (Cydney Scott/Palm Beach Post)

Democractic activist Joan Joseph poses in her Lake Worth office before the 2008 Democratic National Convention, where she served as a delegate. (Cydney Scott/Palm Beach Post)

UPDATE: Democratic activist and prolific lensman Rick Neuhoff has posted a large collection of photos of Joan Joseph here. Also, a memorial page has been set up here.

Joan Joseph, a Jupiter resident who was a key political operative for candidates from Barack Obama to West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, died early today of cancer.

Mrs. Joseph, 64, was a go-to figure for Democratic candidates seeking to build a grass-roots organization in Florida. She was a paid staffer in Palm Beach County for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, then was the statewide coordinator of volunteers for John Kerry’s 2004 campaign.

When Barack Obama launched his presidential bid in early 2007 as a decided underdog, Mrs. Joseph was a key early organizer in Florida.

“She was one of the first people that we went to for Obama” in Florida, said Kirk Wagar, who was the Obama campaign’s Florida finance chairman. Obama’s first major Florida event, a March 2007 “low-dollar” fund-raiser that drew about 1,000 people to the Palm Beach County Convention Center, was largely put together by Mrs. Joseph, Wagar said.


Meek makes first Palm Beach County campaign appearance Saturday

Thursday, June 18th, 2009 by George Bennett

U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek, D-Miami, makes his first appearance in Palm Beach County as a Senate candidate at 11:45 a.m. Saturday. West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel is slated to appear with Meek at the courtyard outside the new City Hall and library downtown. It’s part of Meek’s effort to collect signatures to get on the 2010 ballot.



Meek is the best-known Democrat running for the seat of retiring Republican Sen. Mel Martinez. State Sen. Dan Gelber, D-Miami Beach, recently dropped out of the Senate race to run for attorney general, but U.S. Rep. Corinne Brown, D-Jacksonville, has been exploring a Senate run.

Gov. Charlie Crist and former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio are running on the Republican side.

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein joins Meek-for-Senate bandwagon

Monday, June 15th, 2009 by George Bennett

U.S. Rep. Ron Klein, D-Boca Raton, who flirted for a few months with a 2010 U.S. Senate bid, today endorsed fellow Democratic U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami for Senate. U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, also endorsed Meek today.

Said Klein: “I am proud to support Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate. His hard work helped Democrats take back the majority in Congress in 2006. As a U.S. Senator, Kendrick will fight for our entire state and help pass critical legislation like the Homeowners’ Defense Act. He has my full support, and I look forward to seeing Kendrick working on the other side of the Capitol Rotunda soon.”

West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel, a Democrat and former (and future?) congressional hopeful, has also endorsed Meek.

While Meek is the apparent Democatic frontrunner, a Quinnipiac University poll last week shows he’s little-known among voters, especially when compared to the GOP’s Senate frontrunner, Gov. Charlie Crist.

Frankel upstaged at anti-Limbaugh event

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 by George Bennett

WEST PALM BEACH — A Democratic billboard campaign against Rush Limbaugh succeeded today in sparking a high-decibel sidewalk political debate that managed to upstage Mayor Lois Frankel.


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