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Gov. Rick Scott’s mother, Esther, dead at 84

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 by John Kennedy

Gov. Rick Scott’s mother, Esther, a fixture in his 2010 campaign for governor, has died at age 84.

Scott posted on his Twitter page Tuesday evening, “My Mom – one of the only constants in my life – has passed away. Ann and I are comforted by all the thoughts and prayers for our family.”

Esther Scott had been struggling with health issues. Scott traveled to Kansas City to be with her in late October after she was hospitalized with an infection and placed in the intensive care unit.

She divided her time between Kansas City and Florida. Esther Scott had been featured in television spots during the governor’s race two years ago, assuring viewers that her son, a first-time political candidate, was “a good boy.”

Scott earlier mentioned that his wife’s mother and father also have died in the past year.

Scott heads to ailing mom

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 by John Kennedy

campaigning in 2010   Gov. Rick Scott has scrapped most of his Thursday schedule and is heading to Kansas City to be with his ailing mother, Esther, who is fighting an infection and hospitalized in intensive care.

Scott on Twitter this morning asked for prayers for his mom, 84, who campaigned with him in 2010 and was featured in television spots assuring voters the first-time candidate was a ‘good boy.’ She divides her time between her home in Kansas City and Florida.

Shortly after unveiling sweeping proposals for college and K-12 education next year at a conference in Fort Myers, Scott interrupted his scheduled to fly west. He tweeted, “This year has been tough,” adding that his wife, Ann, lost her father in January that her mother died last month.

Scott celebrity star power – his mom

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 by Dara Kam

Esther Scott with a Rick Scott supporter in Okeechobee

Folks throughout the small towns GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott is visiting on a week-long sweep of the state before election day are lining up to have their picture taken with the celebrity.

Not Scott. His mother, Esther, who’s visage has become familiar to Floridians on a television ad in which she assures voters that her son is a good boy.

Scott’s usual introduction of his mother runs along the lines of what he told a crowd at a pancake breakfast at his first stop this morning in Okeechobee.

“On those commercials she seems really nice,” Scott said. “She wasn’t. There was a reason I joined the military so young.”

“I’m just really glad my mom didn’t get on the ballot. I don’t think I’d win. I think she’d win,” Scott joked with the crowd at his next stop in Lake Placid.

Esther Scott is greeted wherever she goes, including at a pit stop on the turnpike where travelers posed for pictures with the 82-year-old great-grandmother.

Scott’s schedule today includes visits to Lakeland and Daytona Beach, where he’ll be joined by U.S. Sen. John Thune, the Republican who defeated former Sen. Tom Daschle and who’s rumored to be a possible presidential candidate in 2012. Scott will also be fundraising in Miami this evening.

Meanwhile, Democratic candidate Alex Sink will attend early vote rallies in Ft. Myers, Ft. Pierce, Port St. Lucie and Orlando.

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