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Lawsuit filed against state for failing to raise minimum wage

Monday, January 10th, 2011 by Dara Kam

Advocates for poor and low-wage workers filed a lawsuit against the state for failing to raise the minimum wage to reflect inflation as required by the Florida constitution.

Lawyers for the New York-based National Employment Law Project and Florida Legal Services filed the lawsuit on behalf of roughly 188,000 minimum wage workers in Florida.

The agency should have raised the current $7.31 hourly minimum rage by six cents, the lawsuit argues.

In 2004, Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment automatically raising the minimum wage each year to reflect the increase in the cost of living.

More Floridians out of work

Friday, September 17th, 2010 by Dara Kam

Florida’s unemployment rate for August is 11.7 percent, a .2 percent jump from July, according to figures released by the state Agency for Workforce Innovation this morning. Another 16,000 jobs disappeared during the month.

The news isn’t all bad, however.

Although 1,084,000 Floridians don’t have a job – and those numbers don’t include those who’ve given up looking for work – the state’s annual job growth rate is up 0.4 percent, representing an increase of 29,800 jobs from last August.

Florida unemployment holds steady

Friday, August 21st, 2009 by Dara Kam

Florida’s jobless rate remained at 10.7 percent in July, 1.3 percent points higher than the national unemployment rate of 9.4 percent, the Agency for Workforce Innovation reported today.

The unemployment rate in June and July is the highest in the past 34 years. In October 1975, the jobless rate was 11 percent.

The rate remained steady although the state has already spent more than $944 million of federal stimulus money on unemployment benefits and resources.

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