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Scott says he’ll veto speed limit increase: “I don’t want anybody to be injured”

by John Kennedy | May 13th, 2014

Not so fast, Florida. Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday that he’s going to veto a proposal that could increase speed limits in places to 75 mph.

“There’s times I’d like to go faster,” Scott acknowledged.

But he said he’s heard plenty of opposition from law enforcement officials, including Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Tod Cloud. The governor was urged against the legislation (SB 392) by Cloud at last week’s funeral for Trooper Chelsea Richard, killed a week earlier on Interstate 75 near Ocala while investigating an accident.

“I’m going to stand with law enforcement. I want everybody to stay safe. I don’t want anybody to be injured, so I’m going to veto that bill,” Scott said.

Scott said, “By doing this, I think we’re doing the right thing for our troopers, for law enforcement.”




23 Responses to “Scott says he’ll veto speed limit increase: “I don’t want anybody to be injured””

  1. Average Joe Says:

    The right decision. Period.

  2. Mediocre Joe Says:

    Period. Decision right the.

  3. 3" is not average Says:


    I just reported you

  4. FDRII Says:

    Good move, Rick. Frustrate the people’s will as expressed by their elected representatives once again, and give us one more reason to kick your butt out of office.

  5. Average Joe Says:

    I repeat, The right decision. Period.

  6. Stephen Says:

    Rick Scott what to say???

    WELL HE SHOULD NOT Have VETOED this bill.

    WE WERE TALKING A 5 mph increase, NOT A 20 mph one. This “veto” is NOT about safety. BUT politics!

    Next the trooper death was reported as a potential DUI!

    “Troopers are now looking into whether the driver of the pick-up truck was impaired at the time of the crash.”)

    Third, here are the other Death rates of 75 mph states. NOTICE that with one exception. THEY ALL WENT DOWN!

    Here are the FARS data:

    AZ 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.36 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.38
    ID 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.99 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.05 (Now 80 mph)
    KS 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.89 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.29
    ME 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.32 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: .95
    MT 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.12 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.79
    NE 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.80 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: .95
    NV 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.18 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.02
    ND 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.26 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.62
    OK 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.96 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.47
    SD 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.24 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.23
    TX 1996 55/65 mph death rate 2.02 2011 with 75 mph AND 80 MPH speed limit death rate: 1.27.
    UT 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.64 2011 with 80 mph speed limit death rate: .92
    WY 1996 55/65 mph death rate 1.94 2011 with 75 mph speed limit death rate: 1.46 (Now 80 mph)

    FL death rate is almost the same as TX who has 80 mph speed limits!


    Maybe we need a new Gov.

  7. saber Says:

    Insurance lobby, AAA has secured their legal robbery of drivers for a while longer by saying the same unsupported by reality garbage over & over to the point the gov believes it!

    Insurance lobby wins, Floridians loss FOR NOW….

    The AAA lies told over & over here are No different than they have done in every state over the last few years when it comes to passing laws to allow proper limits. But in the end in every state but one in the last year the stats that show higher limits make travel safer drowned out their non-sense.

    By the way Ohio just came out with a report showing a continued drop in the death rate with their limit increase on ~2,000 miles of Ohio highways last year….

    The insurance group that is not telling the truth on this to protect revenue not drivers has won this battle but they will loose the war. The limit increase in Florida will become the law! NO ossification on their part will stop it……..

    In the last year Penn., Ohio, ILL.,Maine,NH all passed and have now safely passed &/or posted increases in the last year. Not one state has clocked any increase in crashes since…..

  8. James C. Walker Says:

    It is unfortunate that Governor Scott voted to support the requests of AAA and some police authorities to leave Florida highways LESS safe to continue to enable the lucrative speed traps for tickets and insurance surcharges.

    Greed won out over safety. He should have signed the bill for greater safety and fewer money grab speed traps.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  9. PamRickScottBondi vote NO Says:

    Rick Scott is such a garbage governor. This november its NO for Rick Scott, No for Pam Bondi and Yes on Amendment 2!

    The will of the people WILL prevail!

    Hope that $73,000,000 you stole from your companies Medicare scam was worth the governors mansion for 4 years.

    No get lost!

  10. Please go Says:

    Please go away Rick. please go back to Texas where you belong. Please, just go away.

  11. DowntownWPB Says:

    Who is their right mind would want a 75mph speed limit? It bad enough we have cars doing 90 on the turnpike, do we really need them going 95 mph now instead? Whoever even thought of the idea to increase the speed limit is a moron.

    Scott got it right on this one

  12. James C. Walker Says:

    For DowntownWPB: You should read some of the speed limit section of our website for how 85th percentile posted speed limits produce the safest travel. The 85th percentile speeds on rural Florida Interstates are NOW 75 to 80 and would not change if the limit were reset to 75.

    The highest posted limit in the USA is Texas Highway 130 posted at 85 mph. The 85th percentile speeds are 86.2 one way and 86.3 the other. It is a total myth that if you post 85 they go 90 or if you post 90, they go 95. It does not happen.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  13. Fdr11 Says:

    The NMA is right. Drivers go the speed that they are comfortable with and no faster. What is that speed? It’s the 85th percentile. Raising the limit to 75 won’t make more speed. What it will do is let drivers concentrate on driving instead of worrying about sneaky cops running speed traps.

  14. James C. Walker Says:

    Correct Fdr11: But that is why AAA and some police agencies fought the change, because it guts the revenue stream from the predatory money grab speed traps.

    It is very wrong when police and insurance companies put their revenue streams ahead of real safety – normal but WRONG.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  15. Fdr11 Says:


    Don’t patronize me

  16. James C. Walker Says:

    For Fdr11: The comment was directed at the naysayers who don’t understand the science and believe the misinformation and deliberate dis-information put out by AAA and the police sources.

    I would be pretty sure the Governor knows full well that he did wrong.

    I was in Tampa/St. Pete in February documenting some under-posted speed limits for the NMA — ones used to increase red light camera revenue by timing the yellows too short for the actual approach speeds. 9 of 10 approaches we studied were under posted.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  17. Fdr11 Says:


    You did it again. I ask as a gentleman to please stop patronizing me. The next time I won’t be so nice, capiche?

  18. NAMBLA PBC Chapter Says:

    @ James

    I have to jump in hear and defend FDR11 really quick. If it is one thing I cannot stand is for someone to bully a little guy and get away with it. In all my time as a volunteer at my nephews elementary school, I have been sensitive about anything regarding bullying. Sorry that I had to jump in here, but it needed to be said. Namaste.

  19. James C. Walker Says:

    This battle seems lost to the naysayers, at least for now.

    Safety suffers, greed wins.

    It is interesting that FDOT’s own manual on Speed Zoning Topic #750-010-002 says all the right things about posting within 3 mph of the 85th percentile speeds in most cases, requiring engineering studies to post 4 to 8 mph below the 85th, and absolutely prohibiting posting more than 8 below. If actually followed, it would be the best set of speed limit rules in the country. (Note that it is often not followed, even where statutory limits are not involved.)

    Most of the better rural freeways and some of the better partly access controlled highways are posted in violation of FDOT’s own safety code – overridden by improper statutory limits.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  20. FdrII Says:

    James, my last post was the one about being comfortable with your speed, posted at 10:32 AM. Someone else has been using my screen name beyond that point. Just wanted to set the record straight on that.

    In fact, I can understand why AAA opposed the new limit. The Florida AAA likely has many older, conservative members who grew up under the old “Speed Kills” meme. They also have heavy advertising support from the insurance industry. Neither reason of which supports they’re doing what’s best for drivers. Does NMA offer a towing plan? I might want to switch.

  21. NAMBLA PBC Chapter Says:

    @ FDR11

    Well said.

  22. James C. Walker Says:

    Hi Fdr11: Thanks for the correction, the reactions from the imposter did not seem logical – given your earlier post.

    We tried a towing plan, but it did not get enough takers to work well.

    50 years ago, AAA WAS an organization that represented the interests of motorists fairly well. But that ended when they changed focus to a for-profit insurance company willing to reduce safety for everyone to seek more profits.

    It is sad to see such a once-great organization change to one that is now anti-motorist in so many ways. That probably won’t change until enough customers leave them – AND say why.

    James C. Walker, Life Member – National Motorists Association

  23. Fdr11 Says:

    For the love of Pete, stop patronizing me! If you keep this up you may just go right ahead and buy me a drink or three, and get me all greased up. Ifyakmowwhatimean ;-)

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