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Once cold-shouldered by Florida GOP, Rubio comes to party’s aid to ‘re-defeat Charlie Crist’

by George Bennett | May 13th, 2014

Rubio outside his Palm Beach Gardens office in 2012.

When Marco Rubio began his bid for U.S. Senate in 2009, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer openly supported his friend, then-Gov. Charlie Crist, who was the prohibitive favorite in the GOP primary.

Greer ended up resigning as party boss and going to prison on grand theft and money-laundering charges. Crist ended up falling behind Rubio, bolting the GOP and becoming an independent and then a Democrat who’s now pursuing his old job and leading Republican Gov. Rick Scott in many polls.

Now Rubio is going to bat for the Republican Party of Florida, making a fundraising pitch for the party’s efforts to hang onto the governor’s mansion.

Rubio’s e-mail begins with a veiled reference to the days when the party establishment wrote him off:

“Five years ago, Charlie Crist announced that he was running for the U.S. Senate. At the time, I was 20-30 points down in the polls. No one thought I had a chance. But with your support, things changed, and Floridians were exposed to the phony that is Charlie Crist.

“Today, I’m asking you to help the Republican Party of Florida re-defeat Charlie Crist.”

6 Responses to “Once cold-shouldered by Florida GOP, Rubio comes to party’s aid to ‘re-defeat Charlie Crist’”

  1. Bob le flambeur Says:

    Rubio needs to spend some serious time watching “Cosmos”.

  2. ruebmalf el boB Says:

    .”Cosmos” watching time serious some spend to needs Rubio

  3. Crist 2016! Says:

    @ Bob le flambeur

    You mean a woman’s right to kill. Don’t sugarcoat it, speak plainly and truthfully. The unborn child is more vulnerable than the mother who should be protecting her child, instead of having it ripped out of her and thrown in the garbage, beating heart, thinking mind and all.

    You’re right about the “choice” part. Every woman has a choice of whether or not they will act humanly and be a mother or cruely/selfishly and thing of herself only.

    To you pro-deathers, everyone has a right to choose, except for the unborn child.

  4. Rubio 1979 Says:

    @ Crist 2016

    I’ll say it again….
    Bad things happen in war. The Benghazi dead are casualties of war. Sad, but time to accept that and move on like we’ve done after the countless more killed in all of our other wars.
    The investigation is 100% pure, political theater, with no potential for revealing any preventive or corrective actions that may, or would be taken in the future by office-holders.
    To expect any politician or leader to make future decisions based on past lessons-learned or historical events is laughable. All their actions are based solely on election or reelection by making the opposition look bad….thus this investigation.
    This is all another huge waste of time, effort, and tax dollars.

  5. TrafficAvenger Says:

    Mr. Rubio endorsement of Gov. Scott is but one more reason to vote for Mr. Crist.

    See you at the polls boys and girls.

    As Always,
    Have A Great Day.

  6. Ann Says:

    Bad choice in Charlie. Don’t care much for Scott either. Is there no one out there in the State of Florida who can be a dynamic Gov that works for its citizens? Is this the best we can do? I am neither a Rep or Dem. And I think Rubio is a good worker bee, always there trying to change the course. And at the same time Mr. Murphy finds time to doing the right thing ie Benghazi investigation. I don’t trust Charlie anymore. C’mon out there find a NEW younger candidate for Gov. This is what I think of the Presidential race also….no tired Hillary, no candidates with baggage and negativity…hmmmmmmm

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