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Medical marijuana gets 88% support in new Florida poll; 53% back ‘personal use’ of pot

by George Bennett | May 5th, 2014

Nearly 9 out of 10 Florida voters say adults should be allowed to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

An amendment to the Florida constitution to legalize medical marijuana goes before voters in November and needs 60 percent support to pass. The Quinnipiac poll didn’t specifically ask about the ballot question, but found 88 percent support for permitting medical marijuana. That’s up from 82 percent support in November.

The same poll found 53 percent support for “allowing adults in Florida to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use,” with 42 percent opposed. Voters were more evenly divided in November, with 48 percent in favor and 46 percent opposed.

Asked if they’ve ever tried marijuana, 45 percent of Florida voters say they have and 54 percent say they have not. The age group with the highest percentage of reported marijuana use was 50-to-64-year-olds, with 62 percent saying they have tried pot.

26 Responses to “Medical marijuana gets 88% support in new Florida poll; 53% back ‘personal use’ of pot”

  1. Gaynelle Says:

    Don’t be confused. It won’t be an MD prescribing marijuana, it will be a chiropractor or a pain specialist (the same guys who made our state the pill mill capitol of the U.S.). The amendment set to be on November’s ballot has no age requirement and no prohibition of use on site. Does anyone think for a moment that the people who set up the pain clinics on every corner would have any qualms about prescribing to teenagers, despite the fact there is medical evidence that shows marijuana creates harmful structural changes to the still developing teen brain? This is a pot legalization push masquerading as a medical marijuana ammendment. A wolf in sheep’s clothing playing on the public’s ignorance and sympathy. The bill recently passed by our legislature for low THC cannabis will do far more to help people who legitimately need medical marijuana than the upcoming ballot initiative.

  2. Isn'tLifeBeachy Says:

    Gaynelle – Can you show me this “medical evidence”? I started smoking at 16.. here I am 18 years later, still smoking, and have a very successful career, family life, active lifestyle. It’s not just me… pretty much every one of my friends are in the same boat. I’m talking engineers, practitioners, lawyers…etc. Those are my inner circle of friends’ professions, and they all toke.
    How about talking to people who actively smoked for years of their lives and see what they are like, rather than throwing some vague statement about some “medical evidence” that you bet your a$$ was put out by the Federal Government who is holding on for dear life their war on cannabis.

  3. Dr. Oxycotin Says:

    total BS.

    Q. Do you think patients should get their medicine

    A. Oh, of course!

    This will replace all the pain management oxycotin clinics that are in jail now.

  4. Barbara in Boca Says:

    So what if I’m a school bus driver and don’t see what the big deal is?

    I work very hard and should be abel to relax.

  5. TrafficAvenger Says:

    First off; The fact is. The Prohibition of Cannabis has caused more human suffering, loss of personal freedoms, harm and even death in the last forty plus years.

    Then any harm, real or imagined, caused by the sole use of Cannabis in the thousands and thousands of years humans have been using Cannabis for both medical and recreation.

    And that is a “FACT” that should not be overlooked just because of the wasted resources that have been devoted towards this failed policy in the name of the “War on Drugs”.

    Second: Do not be fooled by the naysayers about the many benefits of medical Cannabis.

    Google: Tampa Bay times column marijuana is medicine by Gregory L.Gerdeman and see for yourself the many different benefits that would help “Millions” of citizens around Florida, of all age groups, with all types of aliments, that would and could benefit from the passage of Amendment #2 come the 4th. of Nov. 2014.

    Need more? Google: The YouTube video documentaries by C.N.N. medical spokesperson Dr. Sanjay Gupta and learn the truths of about the lies that have been told to us for generations about Cannabis use.

    The facts are. Amendment #2 is a first step in the right direction to end the failed policies of the Prohibition of Cannabis that has cost the nation “Trillions of Dollars” in wasted resources while denying those who could and would use Cannabis for not only their healthcare but also their mental well being as well.

    Knowledge will be the means for the downfall of these failed policies and the internet will be the tool to provide that knowledge.

    Google “Deaths caused by Cannabis” and see for yourself. That in the thousands of years humans have been using Cannabis there has never been a single documented death on the entire planet from the sole use of Cannabis.

    Then when you have found your new found knowledge. Tell a friend and spread the word.

    As Always,
    Have A Great Day.


    Vote “Yes” to amendment #2.

    Thank You for your support.

  6. no bs Says:

    Barbara in Boca your straw man argument is PATHETIC. Jobs still have the right to test people if it is a requirement to their performance. Examples such as school bus driver, train conductor, police officer….etc. Nobody is saying these places of employment cannot test. People today are far too educated on the matter to fall for your BS. Thank you and good day.

  7. jenkins Says:

    The prohibitionists are spreading misinformation and are clearly running scared. The FL legislature has just passed a bill saying MMJ is ok in their book. Why for only those few diseases? They are not doctors. Lets finish the job and get this medicine to all those Floridians who need it. Vote yes with the other sensible 88% of Floridians.

  8. bob Says:

    Legalizing Marijuana would reduce crime and gain tax revenue

  9. Searcher1 Says:

    How much will it save us in JAIL COSTS? Probably quite a bit. And it will take a BIG CHUNK out of the FOR-PROFIT Prisons that the TEA-GOP keeps pushing. So, who should make noney out of weed, the taxpayers or a for-profit prison corporation? I vote for the people!

  10. Roger Says:

    It will and should pass. Marijuana is not as harmful as the government would have us believe. Watch Reefer Madness this is just a sample of the propaganda the government has subjected us to regarding the use of Marijuana. Pass the amendment, then legalize it all the way. Tax it and make some money. I watched a special on CNBC called “Marijuana in America, The Colorado Pot Rush” Watch it….be a little bit better informed. BTW the government though they won’t say that they agree with the legalization in Colorado do tax it at 36%. There is an awful large amount of revenue this government can earn by the legalization of Marijuana. Personally I believe Alcohol is far more dangerous and yet legal. Remember after the government found a way to control and earn money from the sales of Alcohol Prohibition was lifted……..I’m just saying

  11. Mpugner Says:

    I’m glad to see that logic prevails over recycled memes and propaganda in this comments thread. Bravo!

  12. timtopper Says:

    Gaynelle, you are a fool. Chiropractors can’t prescribe anything other then vitamins. As for the pain specialists you mention, they are MD’s and DO’s.

    Go crawl back under your rock.

  13. Barbara in Boca Says:

    You’re just saying that because of my skin color. So what you’re saying is reprehensible and disgusting. Wake up, its not 1950 anymore! It just shows the racism of the type from No BS is still alive in America.
    I can’t call you out on your ignorance all day, because I have to go pick up the kids and have to meet my ‘connection’ in the ghetto first. I shouldn’t even be texting while driving, but you got me all uppity now.

  14. Frank Cerabino Says:

    I agree with Barbara

    The kind of drug fueled hate filled speech should be banned, and spewing invective, curse laced tirades from people like NoBS should be locked up. he is clearly hallucinating.

  15. OBIWAN Says:

    Dudes and dudettes who smoke dope want legalized ‘anything’ marijuana…
    … the FDA already approved a liquid doseage of that Charlotte’s Web ‘low THC’, ‘high CBT’ stuff…
    … no state need do more!!

    Federal Law continues with Marijuana as an illegal drug…
    … and failure to enforce that Federal Law is the same as failing to enforce those other ‘inconvenient’ Federal Laws…
    … Immigration…
    … Employment…
    … etc….

    IMPEACHMENT is the sole remedy for Congress…
    … imagine Republican in the minority refusing to accept the Nixon impeachment proceedings ‘simply a breaking and entering coverup’??

    This is another mistake…
    … no different than allowing instate tuition to Illegal Aliens who came as a minor / been here 10 years / working legally on a GOVT allowed green card (how exactly does any do that??)

    We got Libertarian, Conservative, TEA party Moderate Republicans…
    … and mixed in are those 30% Trial Lawyers – very little different from their Democrat colleagues when GOVT comes to the solution!!

  16. mary Says:

    Why can’t we just make the low oil from the part of the weed that isn’t used for anything. Charletts Web (oil) has been used for sizures and works for other problems also. Why must it be smoked. I have had it in food for my pain and it works.Not everyone reacts the same to even booze. Tabacco is a drug and trust me it’s the worst you could ever start.

  17. Bob G Says:

    As a criminal attorney for over 20 years, I have seen people’s lives become ruined because of the criminalization of marijuana. Job seekers are turned away because they got busted for a joint 5 years ago. I’ve seen people get thrown in jail for, although usually short, periods that have caused them to lost their jobs.
    I’ve also seen many people do the rest of their lives in jail 3-25 yrs) for possessing large amounts of OXys. These people are not ALL selling. They keep the pills on hand for their personal pain management. Instead, they, under some circumstances, could be using a safer and less addictive means of pain management.
    This is all so counter-productive. Republican proganda.

  18. TrafficAvenger Says:


    You would be mistaken with the comment::

    “”"… the FDA already approved a liquid doseage of that Charlotte’s Web ‘low THC’, ‘high CBT’ stuff…
    … no state need do more!!”"”"

    Because if the feds would of and had stepped up to the plate, like you say, and they should have generations ago.

    The states would not have step in, to do the jobs of the feds.

    And the saddest part of all of it. The G.O.P., the party of less government in the daily lives of the mass’s and guardians of resources are the very ones who created this federal government overbearing oversight with wasted resources and restrictions of personal freedoms.

    As Always,
    You Have A Great Day.

  19. TrafficAvenger Says:



    The reasons cited, would be why you need to vote “YES” to amendment #2 on the 4th. of Nov. 2014.


  20. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Time to weed out all this hoopla. You people are just stirring the pot. Please reefer to the state to make the right choice, so Bud out people or you’ll end up in the joint…

  21. Uncle Josh Says:

    Good Golly!

    Stop the madness! Legalize pot! It is way overdue!

  22. Carol G Says:

    no bs – drug tests to do not test for PERFORMANCE, they test to determine the presence of drugs. People are far more educated today to fall for your antiquated BS. Now, go pour a couple fingers of J&B and leave nice people alone.

  23. OBIWAN Says:


    Look man, I don’t want to argue but I’ve taken more than my fair share of “shots to the chops” at Sunfest this year. Don’t try to dupe me by slinging yogurt trough the hole, I can clearly see there is fruit in there! I will be voting “NO” on Amendment #2 because no one and I mean NO ONE should have the right to bear arms.

  24. Gaynelle Says:

    @ Isn’t Life Beachy – Good for you if you didn’t develop a substance use disorder or suffer impairment to your emotional maturity. Be glad you got lucky. 90% of addicts begin use in their teens and preteens, and most parents don’t intervene until the problem has grown too large to ignore. Happy to say my own son has been sober for almost two years. He began smoking pot at 13, putting him at a 45% risk of developing substance use disorder. Add in genetics and a few other risk factors, and my son was an addict practically at first toke. 9% who try pot will become addicted, and the resources to help them are limited even if you have good insurance. It took two years and two rehabs and a long term residential program to save my son’s life fighting the insurance company the whole way and paying for more than half of the cost out of pocket because living without my son was not a choice I was willing to make.

  25. Gaynelle Says:

    And, FYI, I am well aware of the legal issues, and the problems with mandatory minimum sentencing. I want to see the criminalization of addiction ended. I am ambivalent about the legalization of pot, not against it. The problem as I see it is people on both camps – for and against legalization of cannabis tend not to be able to see the issue as multi-faceted. Yes, prohibition has caused great harm. Yes, addiction has caused great harm. No, children should not smoke pot. Yes, we send our kids confusing signals about drugs and alcohol, and we do a terrible job of keeping drugs, including alcohol and pot, away from our kids. We minimize substance use by saying “Kids are going to experiment…it’s just beer…it’s just weed…I would rather them (smoke/drink) at home than get in a car…” Well sorry if I can’t jump on the bandwagon because I can already see the unintended consequences that everybody else just wants to gloss over or pretend don’t exist. 30 years ago, people were accurately predicting the consequences of mandatory minimum sentencing. Nobody was standing up to protest what HMO’s were doing to drug treatment – basically denying authorization for anything beyond detox and 28 day stays. We criminalized a health problem. We can decriminalize it, but it’s STILL a Health Problem. Why can’t people see that? Oh, yes, it’s that river known as DENIAL.

  26. Sunshine Cannabis Says:

    According to the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) they estimate the potential number of Florida Medical Marijuana patients at a minimum of 260,000 but the Florida Department of Health says that number will be around 420,000 (good 420 math FDH!)

    Sunshine Cannabis™ believes that patient number will eventually be substantially higher in a state that has a population close to 20 Million people. Time will tell.

    So according to these two official patient estimates provided by NCIA and FDH, if you average them both together and then use the expense figure provided by NCIA of approximately $3k/annually per patient ($250/month) in legal medical purchases of Cannabis products, the State of Florida is looking at a BILLION dollar PER YEAR market in just Medical Marijuana sales alone. That’s right 1 Billion+ dollars of revenue in sales using very modest figures.

    This figure also does not account for all of the vast ancillary services and additional new jobs and revenue created in the industry which is very far reaching and includes expected real estate value increases, increased State tourism and new home purchases and countless other opportunities for skilled labor and all other imaginable related services and products.

    The total value of legal Medical Cannabis to the State of Florida is well into the BILLIONS of dollars PER YEAR and with the national and state economy in need of a major boost this much needed Amendment 2 we will be voting into law God willing in November is not just good for the hundreds of thousands of Florida patients in need of safe access to natural medicine but is also absolutely vital to our Florida economy and job creation! Helping sick people in need to gain access to a safe natural plant from the Earth, along with new job creation and massive revenue for Florida makes for just an overall better place to live and call home and is exactly why we must make sure everyone and anyone goes to the polls and VOTES YES ON #2 this November to legalize it for us all!

    Editors note: Charlotte’s Web and the CBD bill is a start (it has been approved this week by the House & Senate) but it’s akin to legalizing non-alcoholic beer during prohibition! Florida needs REAL Medical Marijuana with THC in it, the vital & beneficial component that has so many known uses for those in need of relief from serious ailments & cancer. CBD is great and has many benefits as well but the value medicinally of the WHOLE PLANT and the entourage effect is what heals and brings the most value as a natural medicine. Amendment #2 will bring fair access to all patients in Florida to real whole Medical Marijuana the way God made it. We pledge to provide our legal Florida patients with the very highest quality, all organic, top shelf Medical Cannabis for reasonable & affordable prices along with bountiful compassion and loving care put into everything we do for you and our great State of Florida.

    Thank you Florida!
    Sunshine Cannabis™

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