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Magar thanks House for standing by her “60 days strong”

by John Kennedy | May 1st, 2014

Rep. MaryLynn Magar

Rep. MaryLynn Magar, a first-term Tequesta Republican, poignantly thanked Florida House members Thursday for standing by her as she recovers from a stroke suffered in January.

Magar took some time off. But she has been at the Capitol for the two-month grind of the legislative session, which is scheduled to end Friday.

Magar, 50, spoke while reminding lawmakers that May is “Stroke Awareness Month.”

“You’ve all helped me so much,” Magar said. “And your prayers and positive thoughts have helped me persevere the past two months.”

She concluded by telling lawmakers, “Thank you for believing me when I said I would be here 60 days strong.”

One Response to “Magar thanks House for standing by her “60 days strong””

  1. Joe Says:

    What does that even mean? Who told her to say that? Is she just ripping off that ridiculous “Boston Strong” T shirt / coffee mug catch phrase coined after the Boston marathon attack? I wish her the best in her recovery but should she really have been working in such an important role with a medical mental impairment? A little more time off would have been appropriate. Unless of course she’s just a tool who is told what to say and when to say it, in which case critical thinking is not required or even desired by her ventriloquists.

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