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Jobs for votes?

by Christine Stapleton | May 2nd, 2014

Senator Dwight Bullard, D-Cutler Bay, rattled the Senate leadership this morning when – during his comments on a controversial education bill SB 850 - Bullard said that “someone in the House” had told him that “jobs had been offered in exchange forv otes” in the House. The bill pertains to corporate tax scholarships and the handling of application fees for scholarships.

Sen. Dwight Bullard

Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, halted the proceedings and asked Bullard to repeat the accusation. Bullard said he would retract his statement but added:

“I do apologize,” Bullard said. “It was shared with me… jobs were offered and placed on the table. All I know is someone said they were offered a job. It had nothing to do with this chamber.”

Bullard said he would not reveal who told him about the deal. Gaetz sternly responded to Bullard.

“Senator you are an officer state of Florida and you took and oath to defend the laws,” Gaetz said. “If you have knowledge of crime, you need to report that to the State Attorney today.”

After the exchange, several other Democratic senators huddled with Bullard.

The debate continues and Bullard cannot now be reached for comment.

4 Responses to “Jobs for votes?”

  1. Average Joe Says:

    Yup, let’s see if he does the right thing. Doubt it.

  2. Hype and Chains Says:

    Tell us something new. Business contracts, welfare, citizenship to illegals, etc. are just a few more things that have been given away or promised to be given away for votes by this administration.

  3. Half Pint Says:

    “Hype and Chains”
    She couldn’t even get signatures on her term extension petition unless she offered to pay money per signature and even then, she wasn’t even close to getting 1/2 the signatures! I am laughing hysterically that this troll expects people to actually back her for a congressional seat when most people would rather kick her in the pants! She really is dillusional to think the people have not forgotten the way she was with their money and the way she disrespected people in the meetings if they opposed her in any way. Freaking hysterical- you couldn’t make this up! HAHAHA

  4. Joe Says:

    That was an accidental sneak peak into how things get done in Florida’s republican dominated legislature these days folks. This guys either a total amateur and a big dummy looking for a pay day in exchange for his vote or a brilliant politician looking to expose the more nefarious side of our state government. Was his outburst a query to actually sell his vote right there on the floor of the senate chamber or was he putting others on notice who are seeking to sell theirs? It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

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