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Frankel says new Benghazi investigation ‘is about Hillary Clinton running for president’

by George Bennett | May 6th, 2014

Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach.

Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, says she’s “troubled” by a newly surfaced White House e-mail from 2012 on the infamous Benghazi talking points, but she said 2016 presidential politics are behind the latest Republican calls for a House select committee investigation.

Asked if Democrats should participate in the hearings, Frankel’s office pointed to her interview with a local TV station.

“This is about Hillary Clinton running for president and the Republicans just trying to stop her,” Frankel told local CBS 12 News. Clinton was secretary of state when the attack occurred.

Republican calls for a Benghazi probe have intensified since the recent release of an e-mail by Ben Rhodes, at the time a deputy national security adviser, coaching then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice before a series of Sunday talk show appearances to “underscore that these protests are rooted in an Internet video, and not a broader failure of policy.”

Said Frankel: “I’m troubled by that e-mail but the email is not really a smoking gun. I think the e-mail sort of backed up what the administration was saying and I think what’s important is keeping our diplomats safe in the future.”

36 Responses to “Frankel says new Benghazi investigation ‘is about Hillary Clinton running for president’”

  1. nemo Says:

    Why should anyone care about what a criminal like this has to say?

  2. "Troubled" Voter Says:

    Wrong, Lois! The Benghazi investigation is about four Americans killed by terrorists (who have not been caught), White House officials who lied about the attack, and politicians who are trying obstruct instead find justice for the families of the dead – including a murdered U.S. ambassador.

  3. Truth Says:

    Troubled voter has it right. When we are done with the Libya talk we should then open an investigation onto the last republican president. The president who had over 4,000 young Americans killed in Iraq for no reason. The GOP is turning a terrible terrorist attack into a political gain for their own benefit. Benghazi was a mishandled blunder which cost lives, Iraq was a war crime we and the world are still paying for. Let’s keep it all in perspective.

  4. Todd Says:

    Wonder if it was her child that was murdered and then a cover up…that she would be saying this!
    She misses the whole point…..

  5. stevereenie Says:

    This makes Lois part of the cover up and lie.

  6. stevereenie Says:

    The truth is that the Benghazi cover up by the administration was out Obama running for President.

    what a totally worthless lying and dishonest person Lois is.

    Maybe she should slow down on the wall to wall fundraising and get to work and see what her lovely Obama is up to.

  7. Sandy Says:

    Lois is a total waste. She was a bully, conniving, lying, WPB mayor, and trained her replacement Muoio to be the same type. The government allowed these American Heroes to die, and someone needs to answer for it. If not Clinton Who?

  8. V Says:

    It’s a terrible situation when any Americans die at the hands of these terrorist thugs but You right wing nuts are doing nothing but politicizing the deaths of these 4 individuals. You don’t care about the thousands of Americans that died in a bogus war in Iraq.

    There have been several independent and congressional inquires and investigations into this and the result of all have been that there were mistakes made but the White House and the State Dept were not involved in any kind of cover-up. Of course the RepubliCON house, led by Issa and other facist/plutocrats will have none of that. Just like they have voted over 52 times to repeal the ACA.

    As for who has to answer for this deed, maybe the RepubliCON congress that cut budget requests for more security at embassies to start with.

  9. hey middle america Says:

    At 5 p.m. Panetta and Dempsey met with President Obama in the White
    House for a prescheduled meeting. There they discussed the attack, and
    the president authorized the pair to take relevant steps, leaving the
    specifics up to them. They had no further contact with the president
    that evening and none at all with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    6:07pm Update 2 comes out: “Ansar al-Sharia claim responsibility for attack“.
    At 6:30pm, as Biden and Obama take the call with Benjamin Netanyahu
    Obama/Biden are on the phone (6:30pm – 7:28pm):

    About 10 p.m. that evening Obama made another phone call

    Soon after that 10 p.m. phone call, Secretary Clinton released a memo on the
    Benghazi attack. “Some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a
    response to inflammatory material posted on the Internet,” said
    Clinton. “The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate
    the religious beliefs of others. . . . But let me be clear: There is
    never any justification for violent acts of this kind.” The earliest
    confirmed posting Lucas could find of the Clinton statement was 10:32
    p.m. Washington time.


    that leaves 7:30 to 10 pm as “unaccounted for”…where was the golfing crackhead…he was “upstairs” in the private quarters scheming on how to lie his way out of this and he threw your goddess under the bus…LOL..

    bye bye KILLary

  10. Faux News Says:

    Talking points
    Echo chamber
    Red meat
    Hate Obama
    Make excuses for Romney loss
    Stop Hillary
    Rinse lather repeat

  11. patrick Says:

    President Obama does not want the Benghazi killers caught because then they could talk.

  12. Educator Says:

    God Bless President To Be Hillary Rodham Clinton!

  13. OBIWAN Says:

    … as in this memo was criminally refused for over a year and a half…
    … despite FOIA requests= beyond Congress subpoenas…
    … that clearly show the BIG LIE was completely BARAMA ordered??

    Choosing the UN Ambassador to do BILLARY’s BIG LIE was the real ‘politics’…
    … just like Vanity Fair allowing BILLARY to ‘approve’ the newest Monica ‘xplanation’ of why an ‘intern’ can’t give POTUS consensual sex – under the Federal Sexual Harassment law standards!!

  14. Tommy Wright Says:

    “Troubled” by terrorists (who have not been caught),

    BS DNI, and CIA got Al-Qaeda’s number 2 who had been living in Libya since helping plan in 2 embassy bombing in 98 & 00 in 2013, NAVY SEAL CAUGHT GUY!

    That person is who planned attack on Libya Safehouse down street from Libya embassy.

    “Troubled” & hey middle america you guys are such liars that don’t have education to understand FISA or TALLINN MANUAL stuff. WHICH IS ACTUALLY REQUIRED for Intellgence Operatives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Benghazi attackers were caught in 2013 and CIA served them up some nice Water Boarding in a Blacksite Safehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You think Al Qaeda’ss number 2 was living in Libya to work on his tan DUMBA****!!!!!

  15. NPBill Says:

    Lois an Obama parrot squawking the party line? No news here. Why is it even a news item?

  16. Tommy Wright Says:

    OBIWAN, Intellgence only reports to Senate. Diane Finstein is not complaining because she knows CIA in 2013 caught Al Qaeda’s number 2 in Libya and he is the one who planned Benghazi attack.

    DUMBA***** like Troubled and middle america are the only ones that can not piece 2 and 2 together to make 4.

    Al Qaeda number 2 who planned Benghazi attack has been at a Blacksite Safehouse since he was caught in Libya.


  17. Bud Rardin Says:

    When HC and BO were running for office, doesn’t anyone remember the ad (and I’m paraphrasing)”when the phone rings at 3 AM, who do you want in the White House to answer?”
    The Benghazi incident proves the incompetence of both Mrs. Clinton and the seated President, and their primary interest in political expediency.

  18. Tommy Wright Says:

    @ Bud Radin, sure why did not complain about that many many americas’s sent to there death by President Bush over the WMD lie Bush told???

    Yeah BUD, I’ll tell you were you where. You could of careless about the many america’s sent to there deaths by President BUSH over the WMD lie.

    But you’ll play politics with other dead american’s.

    SIR your trash!

  19. OBIWAN Says:

    I have demanded FoxNews show that Prophet parody…
    … those of us that got to view it several times – before DOJ ordered it removed form the net -
    … saw it as funny as many of SNL’s John Belushi / Dan Ackroyd parodies – complete with obvious unsynched desert scenes / garish costumes / laughable facial expressions from silent movie days.

    NO ONE WATCHING that parody saw anything that would cause more than deep belly laughs…
    … unless a demented Islamofascist Jihadist Terrorist needing yet another excuse for killing innocents in the fake religion of devil worship!!

    America needs to wake up! How many Jihadists are we taking under our wing… who demand sharia law exploitation of women none of these NOW cows would are support publicly otherwise??

    HEY… we didn’t call her Lois Frankelstein for nuttin’!!

  20. OBIWAN Says:

    Is it drugs making rabid progressive liberal loons…
    … so incoherently forgetful??

    President GW Bush had the complete, overwhelming support of Congress on Afghan and Iraq… those privileged to the same WMD intel found nothing wrong…
    … not until the need for The Surge following the bombing of that golden mosque…

    … coinciding with getting prepped for the 2008 elections!!

    BARAMA has chosen to lose both won wars!
    BARAMA has chosen to abandon Middle East!
    BARAMA has chosen to abandon America’s allies worldwide!

    Nothing new here??

  21. Tommy Wright Says:

    @Obiwan, Diane Finstein has had a major problem with Iraq’s WMD’s and Diane Finstein has had a open investigation into Bush’s Admin of WMD’s since 2006.

    Current Director Brennan and Diane Finstein are having major fights about INTEL from WMD. Diane Finstein even wants to look at prosecuting Condoleezza Rice for lying to Senate Intellgence Committee!


  22. Tommy Wright Says:

    @Obiwan, one of first things Director Brennan did with go after TTP’s #2 that was planning cross-broader attackes in Pak. & Afgan.

    TTP’s losing of the their military attack planner has caused them major problems.

    I’d hardly say that anything was lost. BIN Laden is dead, in last 18 months CIA has taken out a number of very high level TTP & Al Qeada operatives.

    Even Pak.’s new president has said since TTP’s #2 gone from last years, things have gotten better!

  23. Tommy Wright Says:

    @Obiwan, TTP’s #2 actually targeted and planned the killing of my childhood friend Floyd Holley, who ran SOCOM E.O.D. Intellgence in field.

    I’m one of analyst that helped to tracK info on TTP’s #2 for KILL LIST Targeting.

  24. no party controls all truth Says:

    Wow! The folks who are incensed on Benghazi and have memos and time stamps, numerous theories, forever willing to spend millions of tax dollars to chase this terrible incident down a rabbit hole complete acquiescence on a prior incident we all know as the Iraq War.
    We have a sad situation on a 9/11 in a civil war torn Libya,a group a brave Americans lost their lives in chaos, fire and smoke. Four more Americans sacrificed in the cause of peace, understanding and justice.
    Let’s compare what we Americans have witnessed since 2001.
    Question; Were we lied to, by our Republican Leaders,into a War that our grandchildren will conclude paying the tab, suffering over 4,000 American deaths and 10′s of thousands of Americans severely and permanently injured. Perhaps more than 100,000 non-american deaths and untold numbers of non-americans injured

  25. Dr. No Says:

    The new Benghazi probe is about impeaching President Barack Obama, just like the house of Ill Repute impeached the last Democratic President, Bill Clinton!

  26. Bud Rardin Says:

    Mr. Wright,

    Please explain your diversionary connection between an event that occurred in 2006 in Iraq and the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2013.

    Secondarily, wasn’t Saddam launching Scud Missiles at Israel during that time?

    My point, quite simply, is that neither Ms. Clinton, Mr. Obama, and for that matter, Mr. Kerry have no inkling of competent foreign policy.

    No American should have to die for their country. We should make those who wish to destroy our country die for theirs.

    Sir, I suggest either using a dictionary or thesaurus along with a grammar and spell check program before posting disjointed rants.

    Sir, you are an under-educated cretin.

  27. Hype and Chains Says:

    Now that Florida has approved the use of medical marijuana, you know this woman will be smoking it daily instead of weekly.

  28. Hype and Chains Says:

    The Iraq war was based on bad intelligence. Prior to 911, the US had an unreliable intelligence network in that part of the world. Bush changed that and was the reason we caught Obama Bin Laden 10 years later.

    Benghazi is not based on intelligence breakdown. It is based on a president that said during his campaign Al Qaeda is on the run…mean while they were plotting to kill Americans in Libya.

    The fact is this is the worst president in US history. One day before he leaves office, he should try developing an economic plan.

  29. TankGrl Says:

    Frankel you old bat, why don’t you just go away! Your zombie supporters still have not realized that you haven’t done anything for them! This is for you Un-Educator, God bless the next GOP president! Peace out!

  30. Sandy Says:

    As Mayor of WPB Frankel was caught by a camera running a red light. Instead of paying the fine like you or I would have had to do, she instead said she would send the cost of the fine to a charity. This crook was allowed to do just that. At the end of the year she claimed the “donation” on her taxes. Do you believ this unethical woman is a Rep. of the people?

  31. Fact Checker Says:

    @Tommy “Wrong” Wright. Keep spinning 21st century National Socialist big lies. White House talking points don’t require thought or research, which is why Lois and her liberal friends love them.

  32. Carly Says:

    People died, there is an investigation that the FAMILIES are not satisfied with and it’s about Hillary? Are you kidding me? Don’t insult the families of those who died. They have a RIGHT to investigate this without YOUR permission. Hillary was at the helm, too bad, wrong place at the wrong time Hills. That’s what happens when you are “in charge”…the smart thing to do is surround yourself with smart people, people who will keep you updated in life or death situations and ACT on it immediately. She had done none of those things. Makes you think if she were the President, how will she act in crisis times? Hmmmmmm

  33. OBIWAN Says:

    @ Tommy

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  34. Johnny B Good Says:

    Did Florida pass a medical Marijuana law? Must have because Lois is high!

  35. OBIWAN Says:

    There goes the GLBTP… and Farmer Brown’s really cute Billy Goat… making stupid out of their insanity…

    Imagine a ‘daily paper’ so bereft their editorial employees taunt any opposition voices??

    Lois has it right… BILLARY is the running…
    … and THAT is why they had the UN Ambassador cover up her incompetence with that phoney prophet parody!

    Seen any in the Media complain about his free speech rights… or any others as he was persecuted Gestapo-style…
    … whilst Marxists complains about Fascists in the Ukraine…
    … and Rabid Progressives declare they indeed are Leninists – not Stalinists??

  36. Ameriandevil7 Says:

    Many of you mention Iraq. There are letters from every major democrat urging Clinton to attack Iraq. Benghazi was lied about and the White House owes America the truth.

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