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For Mother’s Day, Nan Rich and Lois Frankel turn to their moms for political help

by George Bennett | May 11th, 2014

Democratic governor candidate Nan Rich with her mom, Lucille Lovitt, from a Mother's Day fundraising pitch.

Underdog Democratic governor candidate Nan Rich is featuring her mom, Lucille Lovitt, in a Mother’s Day-themed fundraising appeal.

“Mother’s Day is Sunday. I can’t think of anyone who will do more for mothers, and all the women of Florida, than Nan. That’s why I hope you will make a contribution to Nan’s campaign today,” Lovitt says in an e-mail that went out this weekend.

An e-mail titled “my mom” (lower-case letters in the original) from Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, makes a Mother’s Day pitch for abortion rights and for building the Frankel campaign’s e-mail list of supporters and fundraising prospects.

“My mom, Dorothy, has always been an inspiration for me,” begins Frankel’s e-mail. “She instilled values of equality and justice in me from an early age — values that I still carry with me in my work. She was the first to teach me to always stand up for what I believe in. This is why I have always stood with women — especially when it comes to their reproductive choices.”

Frankel’s e-mail asks recipients to “Click here to stand with women on this Mother’s Day” and later to click to “Support women’s reproductive choices. Florida women don’t need government interference in their medical decisions.”

5 Responses to “For Mother’s Day, Nan Rich and Lois Frankel turn to their moms for political help”

  1. Amanda Brooks Says:

    Nan is fantastic. She is an example of what real public servants are suppose to be. I am thankful we have a few of them left. Frankel is also fantastic. Two smart women doing what is right. They are smart, strong and dedicated. Other in the state should take some notes.

  2. Celebrate All Says:

    Strong women of all political persuasions should be celebrated.

    People do not always think alike.

    Hold true to your beliefs and do not think that one political party is the ONLY way to think.

    Celebrate ALL women.

    Shame on the perpetration of 1 way of thinking. That is very dangerous.

    Communism in thinking.

    And the Palm Beach Post Times wonders why their readers are diminishing.

    When you push 1 political party over all the others, that turns readers off.

    Suffer the consequences.

  3. What'sUp Charlie Says:

    And former Republican, former Independent and now Democrat, Charlie Crist, won’t even debate Nan Rich.

    Shows everyone how he treats women.

  4. dogday Says:

    Go for it Nan the self appointed runner is a sham . Enjoy your mother and hope you win. Tell Charlie he is not the candidate yet.

  5. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Aww so touching. Thank god their moms didn’t abort them.

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