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Scott’s reelection story gets another chapter in latest TV spot

by John Kennedy | April 16th, 2014

Gov. Rick Scott's latest TV ad looks back on his Navy days

Gov. Rick Scott Wednesday launched the second installment of the bi0-pic approach his campaign is using to reintroduce him to Florida voters.

Like his opening TV ad, the newest 30-second spot airing statewide reflects on multimillionaire’s hardscrabble growing up. The ad reflects on his years right out of high school, when he served in the U.S. Navy and later went to college on the G.I. Bill before starting his first business.

Scott’s late mother, Esther, a fixture in his 2010 campaign, also is featured in the spot. She died in late 2012.

“You know, everyone deserves the dignity and the opportunity that comes with a good job,” Scott tells viewers. “That’s what I work on every day.”

Here’s the ad:



7 Responses to “Scott’s reelection story gets another chapter in latest TV spot”

  1. timtopper Says:

    as former Navy myself, I can assure everyone that Scott wasn’t taught how to run Medicare scams from the Navy.

    How about “everyone deserves” an honest politician, not a self serving fraud.

  2. V Says:

    Scott is nothing but a despicable, lying piece of human excrement.

  3. carolynchevy Says:

    A pig in wolf’s clothing. Painting this picture will not obscure his true colors. He was very arrogant when he first went into office and still does not care about the people of Florida. Only his croony friends and insurance companies. His record on insurance in FL stinks. Windstorm is in a shamble and the people of FL are still being raped by this governor. Never know how he got in to office in the first place. He does not care about people. Just being re-elected to continue his mess.

  4. Mr O Says:

    it’s time for change and vote Scott out of office. He is self serving.

  5. No Nonsense Says:

    Dear John,

    A zero (0) is not the letter “o.” Please correct the word “bio-pic.”

    Yours truly,

    No Nonsense

  6. Kerry Says:

    Gov Scott is not good for the State of Florida. Crist is not either. What are we to do? Get some new blood in there people and solve the issue. Don’t just sit and talk about it forever until after an election. I did it for a few years and worked for the election of candidates, I cannot do that anymore, but many of you can. Work and support good people for office, people who are real and have a grasp of what’s needed and what the citizens want accomplished, and someone who is truly a team player.

  7. RadioMain Says:

    @ timtopper you said it right. I served in the USAF and was not taught how to steal, lie and cheat like Tricky Ricky.

    I was taught to respect one another, have pride in my work and to be an honest person….

    Something Rick does not have and in fact most politicians are sleaze balls.

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