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Scott Facebook townhall features unfriend-ly swipes at Crist

by John Kennedy | April 17th, 2014

Gov. Rick Scott takes part in a Facebook townhall from Jacksonville.

Gov. Rick Scott hosted a Facebook townhall Thursday evening from Jacksonville, fielding one question about Charlie Crist while also managing to take a couple swipes at his Democratic rival.

Asked about Crist’s “Gimme Scott” comment this week at a Forum Club meeting in West Palm Beach, Scott shrugged off the challenge. Instead, Scott hinted that Crist shouldn’t look too far past his likely Democratic primary opponent, Nan Rich.

“That’s laughable,” Scott posted. “He has a primary and I’m sure it’s going to be enjoyable watching his debates with Nan Rich.”

But Scott also kept his focus on Crist when another Facebook friend asked if Floridians could face higher taxes if they failed to have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, dubbed Obamacare.

“Charlie Crist thinks Obamacare is ‘great,’” Scott responded. “I don’t because people are losing their insurance, their doctors and their jobs because of this failed law.

Scott also vowed to hold the line on college and university tuition this year. Unlike, he pointed out, Crist, who as Republican governor from 2007-11, endorsed a law which allowed tuition to climb 15 percent annually.

“We are working to stop the 15% annual increase in tuition plus inflationary increase in tuition passed by Charlie Crist. Call your state legislators and let them know this is important,” Scott told his online audience.

But just as in previous Facebook townhalls, Scott chose to avoid a few questions, too. Several questions went unanswered about why he hasn’t pushed to expand Medicaid to cover some of Florida’s 4 million without health insurance.

Another question challenging Florida for still planning to implement Common Core Standards in classrooms got a less than direct answer from Scott.

“There are two things important to me, one, high standards for Florida students are not negotiable; and two we must prevent the federal government’s overreach into our education system,” he said.




20 Responses to “Scott Facebook townhall features unfriend-ly swipes at Crist”

  1. Really Says:


  2. OBIWAN Says:

    RINO/DIF GOV Chuckie pushed college tuition beyond affordable…
    … so UF could afford to have the likes of Dr. Kevorkian speak at their campus!!

    RINO/DIF GOV Chuckie blew thru Jeb’s legacy $7 BN Surplus in one Term…

    RINO/DIF GOV Chuckie doubled our car registration fees…

    RINO/DIF GOV Chuckie’s last insult…
    … vetoed the last 13 ‘unanimous consent’ bills sent him after he flamed out in his GOP primary…
    … all overturned on ‘swearing in day’ of the next Legislature!!

    Redefining DUD…
    … this PBP ‘daily paper’ was going to ‘out’ him… then he became a Democrat… so they won’t!!

  3. and in other news Says:

    U R sh!tting me, right?
    Who/what does this paper actually serve?
    The community’s continuing education and participation in colloquy
    or one fundamentalist gun nut’s mythomania and pseudologia fantastica?
    Scumbag Obi-wonMasturbatorAviator is really still fraudulently deleting
    purely factual, timely, professional, av safety info over @/nfcfD/
    … and PBPost can do NOTHING to stop it?
    Then shut down free comments.

  4. Bob le flambeur Says:

    Scott has no idea how the ACA was developed. For starters it was a Republican plan to save insurance companies and allow for huge profits in the healthcare industry.

  5. OBIWAN Says:

    @and in other news
    Why must you try to silence my first amendment rights? You are such a typical right-wing tea-bagger, taking my rights away. Next thing you are going to try to control my body and take away a woman’s right to choose. Facists!

  6. Luisito Says:

    Los Americanitos son loco. Hey Crist, why you marrying woman?
    marry a gay is ok today

  7. Noam Says:

    Charlie Crist spoke at the Forum Club and here’s the PBPost headline:

    “No Good Time Charlie” “Crist HITS HARD At Scott in Forum Club Speech”

    and then there is this headline from the PBPost regarding Governor Scott:

    “Scott Facebook Townhall Features UN-FRIENDLY SWIPES at Crist”

    It’s a NEGATIVE use of words UN-FRIENDLY SWIPES” to describe Scott; and then LESS NEGATIVE headline “Hits Hard” for Crist and both were doing much the same thing.

    Planting more negative words is the PBPost hobby when it comes to describing Republicans.

    A very BIASED news source.

  8. Searcher1 Says:

    Scott supporters are all MINDLESS TEA-GOP trolls who should just leave the State!

  9. and in other news Says:

    I think you misunderstand.

    In extremis.

    Unless you are ALSO the fundamentalist gun-nut obi-won aka masteraviator aka uzidoesit etc etc
    you are NOT the Obi-wOn (and aka’s) who the past two years has fraudulently deleted 5,000+ factual, relevant, nonviolating posts and destroyed MY and everyone’s (many were part of ongoing colloquy) freedom of speech.

    Didn’t you adopt the name Obi-wan as a pun insult (not that those uneducated cretins would comprehend the import of “wan”) mocking the early line of Obi aliases he was using?

    I don’t care what your or anyone’s political, gun rights, or abortion affiliations are. I can debate anyone who has ever posted here one on one. On a level playing field. 5,000+ fraudulent deletions and the ESPECIALLY chickenshyt con of posting an insulting attack and lying in wait to delete my every response is NOT a level playing field.

    Yes I learned from TheGreatLiarDenierDeleter to use aka’s but only out of defensive necessity and in attempts to show PBPost how grave the miasma was….as with my deliberately kamikaze spurt today, until which I’d had few accounts blocked.

    Clay Clifton and PBPost apologized (by Email I shared with readers, of course mocked denied and deleted by ObiAviUzi, confirmed independently by readers) they do not have time resources or authority from Cox Media Group to intervene… hence my challenge: it is dysfunctional and if you can’t/won’t fix it then shut it down. Premium comments have had no such problems to date.

  10. and in other news Says:

    PS Obi-wAn…
    if however you ARE one and the same with

    Obi-won/ The Aviator[who isn’t one]/ TheMasterAviator [who CERTAINLY isn’t one]/ Watch_Dog/ UziDoesIt/ ObiOne// PadreKatz/ BS-Patrol/ Kenobe/ GodGunsNGuts/ReasonsNurse/ recondo/ rec0nd0/ WhyFoxSuxCox/ Follow_The_Money/ RichardHWood/ RichardCPeck/ GeorgiePorgiePedophile/ WhyFoxIsSoScrewed/ heymiddleamerica/ TrafficAvengerIndividual/ TrafficAvengerPervert [both mocking that rare “voice of reason” around here = TrafficAvenger]/ et al (possibly also uses SkrateUp)

    and can take credit for the nearly 6,000+ deletion score,


  11. Luisito Says:

    hey Searchr 1 cort out the sucking ok?

  12. and in other news Says:

    “At first, Averill dealt mostly with nasty messages… The harassment got kicked up a notch when GodBlessAdolfHitler, who has 4,600 subscribers on YouTube, posted Averill’s home phone number and her address on-line with the message, ‘Happy hunting.’…”

    Obi-won aka Masturbator Aviator thought he had done EXACTLY the same thing to me but got innocent wrong guy ( from Boca!) and PBPOST DID NOTHING !!!


    Do Cox media and PBPost have NO responsibility for what they publish?
    Even YouTube stopped this stalker.

    Who/what does this paper actually serve?

    The community’s desire for continuing education, information exchange, and participation in colloquy

    or one fundamentalist gun nut NRA shill’s megalomania, mythomania and pseudologia fantastica?

  13. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Hey “in other news”, You are a first class LUNATIC! You are CRAY CRAY! You must have forgotten your meds today. BiPolar? Do you also hear voices? Stay on your meds!

  14. and in other news Says:

    @Ted the Numbnuts

    Good factual critique.

    If only you could dispense with confounding truths in the real world that easily,
    you might someday escape that singlewide and Publix bagger job.

  15. OBIWAN Says:

    @and in other news

    In the last hundred years we haven’t seen a President leave office in the first 2 years and 10 months. With BARAMA we are stuck with OJT – over one million people died of Genocide during Bill Clinton’s first term… With McCain he is prepared and can buffer the foreign policy experience missing from his talented executive choice in Sarah Palin!! GO TEAM!!

  16. OBIWAN Says:


    The US HOUSE was directly elected by American citizens … in response to the ludicrous power hungry Pelosi/Reid nitemare!

    All spending bills originate in the House for a simple reason… the Senate is a ‘deliberative body’ and can’t make a decision to have a budget the past five years.

    Maxine Water, Sheila Jackson, Pelosi… Frankelstein and Duesbagger fit perfectly within this abomination of rabid progressive liberal loon Marxist…
    … check out the goals of those ‘progressive’… Unkle Karl wrote them originally!

  17. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Hey @ in the news….It wasn’t a critique, but you are correct in that it is factual. Now go back to having a conversation with your with those voices in your head. And again…Please like your family keeps saying, “take you medication!”

  18. and in other news Says:

    McSqueeze me, Ted the NumbNuts?
    EACH of my assertions can be independently verified from archives, court files, history, science,etc.
    NONE of yours. You just spew vapidly insulting froth from anger, ignorance and envy.
    Additionally, (like Obi-won aka MasturbatorAviator, etc etc) you seem to be suffering from a severe case of projection.
    Religious guy, right?
    You’ve had decades of practice hearing voices then.
    Projection it is.
    PS…no one in my family is either ESL or so uneducated as to say
    “Take you medication”
    Sounds like yours, though.
    Once again, classic projection.
    You funny guy !
    Cut it out, yer killin’ us.

  19. Ted the Nimble Says:

    NEWS: I reiterate, Coo Cooo Koo Coo. I like how you try to use your vocabulary to make yourself sound not so Cray Cray. Again, go back to your therapist and have them up the dosage.

  20. and in other news Says:


    Like your pals and possible aka’s Obi-won (watch the vowel) aka MasterAviator aka UzidoesIt etc your posts contribute NOTHING to the discussion.

    You are a pure, unadulterated TROLL which after reviewing your 4:54, 9:12, 9:21 posts no one…
    not even you…
    can credibly deny..

    And damn proud of it apparently.

    Unlike my 5:32, 7:01, 7:08, etc etc still not a fact in sight in your pure projection puerile taunts.
    Very convincing.
    To you.

    If you need the big words defined just ask.
    Most others don’t.
    But then most of them are high school graduates without anger issues.

    You funny guy !
    Cut it out, yer killin’ us.

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