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Rep. Ted Deutch: Crist-Rich Democratic primary debate would be ‘worthwhile’

by George Bennett | April 18th, 2014

Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, at a town hall meeting west of Boynton Beach on Thursday night.

U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, isn’t taking sides in the Democratic primary for governor between Charlie Crist and Nan Rich.

But Deutch sounds sympathetic to calls from underdog Rich — and Republican Gov. Rick Scott — for Crist to debate his Democratic primary rival.

After conducting a town hall meeting with more than 100 people west of Boynton Beach, Deutch was asked by a reporter Thursday night if Crist and Rich should debate.

“I think it would worthwhile for the people of Florida to be reminded of the issues that most people in the state care about, which would be the issues that are debated that night, instead of being forced to watch millions of dollars in commercials funded by outside groups that support the governor,” Deutch said.

Scott also thinks Republican-turned-Democrat Crist should debate former state Sen. Rich. Scott made the suggestion after Crist, in West Palm Beach this week, declared “Give me Scott.”

10 Responses to “Rep. Ted Deutch: Crist-Rich Democratic primary debate would be ‘worthwhile’”

  1. Guest Says:

    Please, they can debate all they want…I’m giving Rick Scott my vote not because this Independent likes him…but because I don’t want that douche-bag Choo Choo Charlie to ever gain a seat in Florida politics again. If he gets in he wants higher taxes and is proud to say so. Rick Scott may not be great, but Choo Choo Charlie was and would be a disaster again. Come on Floridians…do we really want to go back to Charlie Christ whose opinions sway like the Palm Trees. He doesn’t stand up for anything. Teddy boy is also no better than Christ-both gigantic losers in my book.

  2. Florida Mom Says:

    It will come down to Nan Rich and Charlie Crist working together, or at least I would hope so. Rick Scott needs to lose, and I could care less who he loses to. Crist was a decent governor, and he’s a good man. Rich served time in the leg, and she’s a good woman. Scott is a tea party carpetbagger, and a criminal. He certainly has no business holding elected office. Vote him out, Florida.

  3. Independent Says:

    Scott has my vote.

    The Democrats need to generate better candidates and let newcomers into the mix.

    Tapping Crist was a mistake. Was it the name recognition that got Charlie back on the ballot? It’s just not enough. He’s a professional politician. He couldn’t get elected senator, so then he changed his political party and now he is back wanting to be governor in another political party.

    That’s Pathetic.

  4. Florida Mom Says:

    One party has Bachmann and Palin endorsing their candidates and the other one doesn’t. That in itself is enough to convince me which party ticket to cast my vote for. :-)

  5. truebear Says:

    GOP wants to continue with their nonfactual lies and faulting of the other side for problems that they themselves have caused by their undying support for the greedy rich and corporate. Vote Democratic no matter who the candidate. The GOP need to be aggressively told to do “as told when told” by the vote of the majority of Americans, or get the hell out of office!

  6. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Florda mom..your a total MORON. Demorat liberals are whats wrong with this country.
    Nothings for free.
    You can’t spend what you don’t have.
    You can’t steel other peoples money.
    You can’t force your will on others.
    Government is not the answer.
    Dividing the country through racism is idiocy.
    And Barak Hussein and the rest will lie and do what ever it takes to stay in power.
    And Michelle Obama is a fat pigged whore.

  7. Mike Trout 4 Congress CD-21 Says:

    Ted — During the last election cycle you used the occasion of the Presidential Debate at Lynn University to extol the virtue of debate — and yet you refused to debate your own challengers. Prove your sincerity and accept my challenge to debate, for the benefit of the voters in Florida’s Congressional District 21. Mike.

  8. Panhandlemom Says:

    Ted. Thank you for your intelligent discourse. Your extensive use of vocabulary pretty much says it all.

  9. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Panhandlemama : Spoken like a true elitist Liberal! I bow in the presence of your supreme intelligence. Its either the Liberal elitist way….or the highway. For we mere commoner have no knowledge and practicality of what makes this country great.
    A perfect example of Liberalism: Discredit those who disagree.

  10. Emmanuel G Morel Says:

    I am supporting State Senator Nan Rich because she is the true Democrat in the race. My opponent in Congressional Democratic primary, Mr. Ted Deutch, is staying neutral. Really? These types of behavior are the reasons for the apathy of the voters.
    I stand ready to debate Mr. Deutch at any time and place.
    Emmanuel G Morel
    District 21,Congressional Candidate

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