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Pit bull-Chihuahua pension mix springs to life in House

by John Kennedy | April 24th, 2014

The House tentatively approved a proposal one Democrat earlier condemned as “marrying a pit bull and a Chihuahua,” a combination that would rewrite the Florida Retirement System and local police and fire pensions.

Over fierce opposition from public employees’ unions, House Republicans have been intent on overhauling the $144 billion FRS, used by 622,000 government workers. But enough Senate Republicans have refused to go along with earlier pitches that House leaders are now turning to a new approach.

The House Thursday combined the FRS overhaul with another, more popular move that applies new standards to the local government plans. The city proposal has been hammered out after several years of off-and-on talks between police and fire unions and municipal officials.

Democrats see the approach as a desperate effort to force the Senate’s hand. Rep. Dwyane Taylor, D-Daytona Beach, last week likened it to unorthodox dog breeding.

Rep. Jim Boyd, R-Bradenton, sponsor of the dual proposal (CS/HB 7181), defended it.

“The common thread is public pensions,” Boyd told House Democrats, who peppered him with questions Thursday. “We feel the best course of action is to combine two bills into one.”

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12 Responses to “Pit bull-Chihuahua pension mix springs to life in House”

  1. SciGuy Says:

    Another Rick Scott program to “help” Florida workers?
    Wondering how much he’s made since he’s been in office with all kinds of “deals” made with special interests like insurance, pension managers, and health care?
    Scary to even think about it much less that Floridians will vote him into office a second time.
    Let’s hope not for everyone’s sake.

  2. duhhh Says:

    Gone are the days of traditional Pension plans. There’s a reason why they have been shrinking over the last 50 years.

  3. David Says:

    Yes there is a reason pension plans have been shrinking. Management and Republicans have been fighting them tooth and nail for decades. In spite of the public perception that state employees all make six-figure salaries and sit around fanning themselves, the overwhelming majority of state employees make far less than their counterparts in the private sector, and work just as hard at their jobs as anyone else. Getting a low salary was somewhat compensated for by having a good retirement plan. The state legislatures are only concerned with their own retirement plans, and I hope many of our “representatives” in Tallahassee will be using theirs very soon.

  4. sue Says:

    Right on David….
    Thanks to axxxxxxx like Scott and his fellow Repubs, people are under the impression County and State workers rake in big bucks and lots of perks. Bull…..It’s time to rid the stench of these losers at election time. Starting with Scott and his cry me a river life story….elections are coming…remember the screwing we got…it’s time to give it back big time.

  5. Wxmcznpk Says:

    You see, I suggest that japaneseese businesses were closed after hundreds of miles of the Center for NuLeadership. India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and that too.,

  6. Joe Says:

    Without the details we can’t form a conclusion as to how we should feel about this proposed combination bill. One thing you can count on though is that this is just another procedural trick designed to woo just enough republican senators who live in purple districts to go along, giving them the majority they need to pass their anti government worker bill. Why do republicans hate government workers so much that they do whatever they can to reduce the quality of their lives? Aren’t they just government workers themselves? Perhaps if they were not immune to their own anti government worker policy’s they would act differently. Someone should propose a bill making these elected officials abide by the same anti government worker policy’s regarding their own pension and benefits. But of course that’s just ridiculous.

  7. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Government workers DO NOT make less than their counterparts. That is a Lie.

    GET RID OF PENSION plans that WE tax payers pay.

    Government workers can create their own retirement programs just like the rest of us.

  8. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Hey Joe,

    Tell that to Barak Hussein allowing the Billionaires’ kids to tour the white house when no one else can. So much for the Divider/Celebrity in Chief’s war on income inequality war.

  9. Now that is just funny! Says:

    You Republicans just can’t get enough of other peoples hard earned money can you?

    Ted the not so nimble says YOU LIE!
    He of course has no facts to back him up, but he is VERY MAD!!!!! He must be a job creating wizard and CEO. I am so impressed that I can barely type,lol.

    Teddy, you are the reason that I DON’T give any of my business to small businesses who I know are Teaparty simpletons such as yourself. People are getting really tired of you and your ilk.

    Yes, that is how they work. Very angry little men and women who want you to be indentured servants to them. Most private business workers HATE their job. ALL private small businesses rip you off. Not some, not most, ALL do.

    Not the workers, people like our Ted here do.

    Ted, can you please post the pictures that you took of your kids in the white house with George W. Bush?
    Oh yeah, he didn’t let anyone but rich kids in the white house either. But then, you already knew that.

    By the way Ted, I am a registered Republican, have been all my adult life.
    You can say that because of the way I think that I am not.
    But I VOTE, no matter what you say or do or think.

    You are going to have a long, long road ahead of you. You might want to pack a lunch.

  10. Ted the Nimble Says:

    @Funny, I’m a registered Democrat BTW. But your right I’m still mad!.. at Barak Hussein for dissing Oprah and taking a selfie of himself. That’s more the community organizers speed. And yes I would love to make you my indentured servant. Can you work weekends? I’ll pay you what your worth, say $8.75 and hour??

  11. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Ted, i’m a state worker, and I can guarantee you that I get paid less than half of what my private industry counterparts are making. And before you start saying that it balances out because of our benefits, you need to know that people in private industry have even better benefits depending on who they work for.

    The 3% that is being taken out of my paycheck for my pension isn’t going to the FRS; it would be fine if it was. No, that 3% is going to the general fund, and is being used to pay for these thrips skeletor is taking to try and bring failing businesses to Florida, so that they can fail and get a great tax break.

    I will never see my 3% show up in my pension, and a 401K style plan is a bad idea. Look at how many of them failed during the housing crisis, and then thousands of people lost their retirement savings.

  12. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Hey Jupiter Guy, if your job is so under paid compared to your counterparts in the private sector, ask them for a job application.

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