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Ouch! Democratic leaders in Nan Rich’s home county reject call for primary debate with Crist

by George Bennett | April 23rd, 2014

Nan Rich with Hillary Clinton at a 2008 rally at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.

In a blow to Nan Rich in her home county, leaders of the Broward County Democratic Executive Committee on Tuesday night voted down a resolution calling for a Democratic governor’s primary debate between Rich and frontrunner Charlie Crist.

Crist, the former Republican governor who became an independent in 2010 and a Democrat in 2012, has become the heavy favorite to win the Democratic gubernatorial nomination over Rich, a former state Senate Democratic leader from Weston. Crist has rejected Rich’s calls for a primary debate, saying he’s focused only on Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Broward County DEC Chairman Mitch Ceasar said the party’s Management Committee — a group of about 20 officials — voted down a resolution calling for a Crist-Rich debate after “significant and emotional” discussion. Ceasor wouldn’t reveal the vote totals or discuss how he or other individuals voted.

Broward County has more registered Democrats — 563,805 — than any other county in Florida.

Broward County Democratic State Committeewoman Maggie Davidson, a Rich supporter who brought up the resolution, said: “I’m disappointed but they feel as though the bottom line, I guess, was we didn’t want to have any divisiveness.”

Hillsborough County’s Democratic Executive Committee approved a resolution Monday calling for Crist and Rich to debate.

In Palm Beach County, Democratic Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo declined to take a position on whether Crist and Rich should debate, saying “it’s up to the candidates.”

10 Responses to “Ouch! Democratic leaders in Nan Rich’s home county reject call for primary debate with Crist”

  1. timtopper Says:

    as much as many of us want to get ride of Scott, we realize that Crist is the only one with a chance because of Scotts money machine.

    Anyone would be better then Scott, however, you have to go with the person who gives you the best chance.

  2. auto Says:

    Rich needs to put her ego aside and worry about the common good and getting rid of the POS in charge now. Crist can make her Lt Gov. Problem solved

  3. Ted the Nimble Says:

    Go Rick Scott!! We don’t need the POS Crist or any other spend what you don’t have job killing Liberal.

  4. NoDINO Says:

    !. Nan is not about ego. She is about representing the people, and what policies are best for Florida. 2.I don’t think Crist is the one with the best chance against Scott. If Nan wins the primary, she embodies Democratic principles and the Democrats will fight for her. If Crist wins the nomination, while those of us who are ACTIVE Democrats will suck it up and continue to work to unseat Scott, I am hearing from more and more who will stay home, realizing that there is nobody they can count on to represent them. 3. This is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. It should have been brought to the full body of the Broward DEC. The discussion about debates is not about one candidate over the other. It is about respecting the process and giving the voters the chance to make an informed decision.

  5. My Vote will Count Says:

    As a voter Nan should get out of the race. As a African American Voter Nan should get out of the race. I believe that Crist is the best choice at this time. Now the bigger question is that the Dems need to start a candidate farm so that we don’t get into these issues moving forward. With a candidate farm per county we are able to help our candidates become more familiar with the community and its issues. As an African American and a voter are best chance is with Crist. Nice lady just not ready for her to be our Governor. I think Crist should pick an Hispanic to run for Lt. Governor as a counter to Scott. Close in on Orlando and South Florida and we have this. Turn out your base that votes for you 100% African Americans/Caribbeans 75% Hispanic and he wins…

  6. Joe Kreps Says:

    This is Baloney. You can’t ram a republican down the Democrats throat. There’s only one way this and all true Democrats will vote for our former Republican Governor Charlie Crist is if he shows some guts and wins us over through a debate. If he runs and hides and the party bosses give him cover the divisiveness is on you.

  7. Fla Independent Says:

    Interesting comments here. Perhaps the electoral system isn’t equal for all. Especially in the Democratic Party. Its somewhat of a shame because our democracy tells us that anyone who fits the criteria for candidacy should be able to run (and in this case, debate). Yet what people here seem to think is that in the interest of not having any divisiveness and “for the greater good”, Nan Rich should just drop out of the race.

  8. Average Joe Says:

    Charlie doesn’t want to debate because it would show he changes his position on issues based on political opportunism.

  9. Bradley Says:

    Nan Rich will still receive my vote, because she is the only true Democrat in the race. My fellow African Americans, y’all are crazy if you think Charlie is a friend. My fellow LGBT, Charlie has done more to stop our movement than Rick Scott.
    Charlie is not a real democrat. The end.

  10. DIS Says:

    I don’t recall voting for a sexist pig like mitch for anything yet he goes on MSNBC and pretends Nan Rich doesn’t exist.
    I choose to vote for a true democrat–one that isn’t afraid to debate–Nan Rich–not one supported by a shill like Mitch

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