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Frankel headed to Ukraine, says ‘my mother is not happy’

by George Bennett | April 16th, 2014

Frankel speaking at a 55+ community west of Delray Beach today.

U.S. Rep. Lois Frankel, D-West Palm Beach, will head to Ukraine on Thursday along with other members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

“My mother is not happy” with her visit to the international trouble spot, Frankel told about two dozen retirees at the Bridgeview community west of Delray Beach.

Frankel said she doesn’t know many details about her itinerary.

In an interview, Frankel said she’s had several meetings on Ukraine, including a dinner last week with about a dozen members of Congress and about six ambassadors from Eastern Europe.

“Their take is they are very worried,” Frankel said of the Eastern Europeans. “Some of them are just worried about us getting back into a Cold War kind of situation. I don’t think anybody really trusts (Russian President Vladimir) Putin.”

Frankel added: “There’s absolutely no talk of any military action at all. I don’t even think that’s possible. But there’s other discussions: What do we provide to people in Ukraine? But that’s something I hope we’re going to explore on the ground when we talk to some of the leaders there.”

9 Responses to “Frankel headed to Ukraine, says ‘my mother is not happy’”

  1. nelsonhoward Says:

    The lady that wants to go to the Ukraine, I see it as self serving, one more reporter wanting to be seen in the news, there is already an army of journalists, how much more can anybody want?

  2. bochepus Says:

    Please go and don’t come back!

  3. Enough already Says:

    Because Frankel is an expert at foreign policy? How do you go from being an incompetent Mayor of a small town to a foreign relations specialist?

  4. Bill Neubauer Says:

    I suppose it is a stretch, but I have been registered as a Republican since 1948 (but voted for a Socialist and three third-party candidaates) but I am disappointed (and that’s putting it mildly) with the Republican party. They should know that ALL APPROPRIATIONS HAVE TO START IN THE HOUSE! They keep giving the president and Congress money to spend foolishly–like Frankel’s trip to Ukraine (but also Obama’s gifts to donors like Solyndra and hundreds of others) The House GOP just needs to turn off the spigot–on Frankel and all the rest.

  5. Bob le flambeur Says:

    At least Lois can leave the country unlike Bush and Cheney.

  6. Jenna Says:

    Lois in the Ukraine..think about that for awhile.

  7. nemo Says:

    Jenna, sounds a good idea just as long as she does not come back.

  8. Sandy Says:

    Frankel’s mother may be unhappy but her constituents are overjoyed. The US will be safer with Frankel over seas.

  9. Purl Says:

    Her Mother is unhappy with her going to an International hot spot? Ms. Frankel is a hot spot. She is the trouble and would never be in congress under the guise of serving the American people If there were not such wide spread voter apathy and corruption in endorsements, campaign funding and old fashioned cheating at the polls.

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