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Democrat Crist to speak and sign books at Forum Club; appeared as Republican non-author in 2009

by George Bennett | April 2nd, 2014


Former Gov. Charlie Crist will speak and sign books at an April 14 Forum Club of the Palm Beaches lunch at the Kravis Center.

Crist has appeared at the Forum Club before, but this will be his first time as a Democrat. He’s the Democratic frontrunner for the nomination to challenge Republican Gov. Rick Scott in November.

Crist spoke to the nonpartisan luncheon society in January 2009 as Florida’s Republican governor. Foreshadowing his eventual split with the GOP, Crist in that appearance expressed optimism about the Democratic stimulus package taking shape in Washington under recently inaugurated President Barack Obama.

Crist was also scheduled to speak to the club in 2010 as a no-party candidate for U.S. Senate in a debate with Democratic Senate nominee Kendrick Meek. But Crist pulled out the day before because of a union picket of the Kravis Center. Meek also canceled.

Tickets for Crist’s speech are $35 for Forum Club members; $45 for guest tickets ordered by members; $45 for club applicant; and $60 for the general public. For tickets, call Forum Club Administrator Wendy Norris: (561) 881-9977. Mail checks to: P.O. Box 14877, North Palm Beach, FL 33408.

After the speech, Barnes & Noble will hold a book sale and signing of Crist’s book The Party’s Over: How the Extreme Right Hijacked the GOP and I Became a Democrat.

8 Responses to “Democrat Crist to speak and sign books at Forum Club; appeared as Republican non-author in 2009”

  1. mike Says:

    You gotta be kidding me….Charlie is a typical politician, he’ll say and do wharever he deems important to further his corrupt political career…go get a real job Charlie, and get off the public payroll.

  2. Charlie Creep Says:

    Absolutely correct mike.
    You forgot one thing: never bend over in front of the sonofabttch.

  3. npgator Says:

    When is he finally going to come out of the closet?

  4. Political Character Assassination Says:

    All the Right Wing Nuts are excited by Charle!


    I’ve known charle all my life.

    Charle is A MAN OF CHARACTER who told the TEA PARTY FRUITCAKES to kiss his a**.


  5. Political Character Assassination Says:

    For all not in the KNOW.

    Charle Crist and John Morgan are the ones bring medical pot to our state.

    Charle and John believe in not allowing Colorado to create a new economic that we can not share in.

    Charle Crist is ALL JOBS JOBS JOBS for everyone!

  6. charlie fan Says:

    Anybody, and I mean anybody is better than that pig we have now.

  7. Political Character Assassination Says:

    @C Fan, lol, you mean Rick Scott is against A.C.A. however he himself headed a health care company that fraudulently billed MEDICARE MILLIONS!

    Rick Scott against the A.C.A. while having commmitted largest MEDICARE FRUAD ever. BEST COMEDY I’VE ever seen!

  8. 1st and goal Says:

    “I’ve never heard those sermons from Reverend Wright!”

    “Sure, you can keep your current doctor and your current plan… ”

    @ PolCharacter: you’ll be disappointed when Crist flip flops his support for the Obamacare disaster… we’ll just have to see what November brings.

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