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Crist to speak at Forum Club, Lopez-Cantera to be on hand for instant comment

by George Bennett | April 14th, 2014

Carlos Lopez-Cantera, giving a no vote as state House majority leader in 2011, could reprise his thumbs-down role today when he attends Charlie Crist's speech at the Forum Club. (Florida House of Representatives photo)

Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor who’s now the leading Democratic contender for the job, will speak to a Forum Club of the Palm Beaches lunch at the Kravis Center today.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott‘s campaign is making sure that whatever Crist says won’t go unanswered.

Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera will attend “and will be available to reporters following the event,” according to an advisory from Scott’s re-election campaign.

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10 Responses to “Crist to speak at Forum Club, Lopez-Cantera to be on hand for instant comment”

  1. ted Says:

    Crist, Crist are you kidding us????? The professional, liar and flip flopper and I will run under whatever banner and say whatever you want me to say as long as you pay me guy? Geez I hope the voters are a tad smarter than to even look at this guy when he opens his lips.

  2. Carrie Says:

    Ghee – If D.Rick Scottw as doing sooooooooooo great – why are scott’s re-election numbers in the toilet? despite having a tea party war chest full of ill-gotten dollars that still can’t be the governor’s mansion twice?

    even a wet dog laying on a new couch has a better chance @ getting elected then the tea nag scott!

  3. bugsy914 Says:

    The P B. Post. Will promote the self proclaimed dem runner.This is this papers dem lib agenda.Got their survey of what I thought if thety were biased.HA HA HA

  4. R.I. Says:

    Right Ted
    A corrupt felon businessman who used stolen medicare money to buy the office is a much better choice. Geez Ted

  5. TrafficAvenger Says:

    If the race were between “Sponge Bob” and Governor Scott. I would vote for the man who has the love of children and their well being at heart.

    Run “Sponge Bob” run.

    Even though he may live at the bottom of the sea. His morals are still higher then the ethics of those of Gov. Scott.

    On just the issue’s of Medical Cannabis and senior arcades is reason enough for me to vote against the G.O.P. this election.

  6. auto Says:

    Scott is a great man. I will be sure to donate millions to his re-election campaign Thank you on behalf of the home and auto insurance industry.

  7. bugsy914 Says:

    I guess if you are not a dem you get blackballed by the pb post. My last two comments never made it and it was nice. I am an independent who will never vote dem again after all the race baiting and racists calls on the morning show yesterday. Crist is a loser. He self appointed himself as the dem runner.

  8. Bob le flambeur Says:

    Can’t believe Floridians would put that charlatan back in for another term.

  9. Voice of reson Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  10. nemo Says:

    Who, and what is crist today? If you don’t like it, just wait, he’ll change again. He is a poll driven liar, just like bill clinton, but who, or what, is giving him the bj’s?

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