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Crist 48, Scott 38 in new Q poll with Dem-leaning sample

by George Bennett | April 30th, 2014


Despite a TV ad blitz by Republican Gov. Rick Scott, Democrat Charlie Crist continues to hold a big lead in a new Quinnipiac University poll that includes a Democrat-leaning voter sample sure to raise Republican hackles.

Crist gets 48 percent and Scott gets 38 percent in the new poll. That’s basically the same lead Crist held in Quinnipiac’s poll three months ago, before Scott and his allies poured $6 million or more into TV ads promoting the incumbent and trashing Crist.

The poll also finds Floridians supporting same-sex marriage by a 56-to-39 percent margin. That’s a dramatic turnaround from 2008, when 61.9 percent of Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The new poll of 1,413 registered Florida voters was conducted April 23 – 28 and has a margin of error of 2.6 percentage points. Quinnipiac’s longstanding practice is to ask voters which party they identify with, rather than their actual registration, with the argument that self-identification is a better gauge of voter mood. The latest sample found 31 percent saying they consider themselves Democrats, 25 percent Republicans, 34 percent independent and 11 percent identifying with other parties or saying they didn’t know.

During the 2010 midterm elections, exit polls found 36 percent of Florida voters who cast ballots identifying as Democrats, 36 percent as Republicans and 29 percent as independents. In actual statewide registrations, Democrats have a 39.2-to-35.1 percent advantage over Republicans.

Other highlights of the new Quinnipiac poll after the jump…

** Even with the Democratic lean of the poll, Scott leads Democrat Nan Rich by a 42-to-36 percent margin. Eighty-five percent of voters say they don’t know enough about Rich to have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of her.

** Scott continues to have a dismal job-approval rating, with 42 percent approving and 50 percent disapproving. By a 52-to-38 percent margin, voters say they approved of the job Crist did as governor when he held the office from 2007 to 2011 after being elected as a Republican.

** By a 53-to-39 percent margin, voters say Scott does not deserve to be re-elected.

** Asked if Crist is “honest and trustworthy,” 45 percent agree and 43 percent say he’s not — a wash, considering the poll’s margin of error. For Scott, 51 percent say he’s not honest and trustworthy and 38 percent say he is.

** By a 50-to-35 percent margin, voters say Crist is “more compassionate” than Scott.

** Crist’s switch from Republican to independent in 2010 and from independent to Democrat in 2012 is viewed positively by 52 percent of voters and negatively by 40 percent.

** Asked if “an illegal immigrant who went to high school in Florida and is accepted to a Florida public college should be eligible for the in-state tuition rate,” 55 percent agree and 41 percent disagree.

27 Responses to “Crist 48, Scott 38 in new Q poll with Dem-leaning sample”

  1. OBIWAN Says:

    Quinnipiac …
    … is so biased to rabid progressive liberal loon agendas…
    … they are incompetent to the core on any ‘polling’…
    … and only LIE to push their agendas of legalized drugs / anti-gun / fondling criminals / slave reparations / making Illegal Aliens wards of the NannyState!

    Rick Scott has been Florida’s finest GOVERNOR… during difficult times he has balanced our budget without major increases – just this past year reaching Jeb Bush’s $75 Billion from 2006:

    1. In first three years paid down $3.5 BN in state debt massively increased furing RINO/DIF Gov CHuckie one term!

    2. Paid down all $3.6 in ‘fed loans’ for perpetual Fed unemployment extensions!

    Democrat ‘leaning’…
    … all 11% of those ‘Q’ found ‘unID’d as to party’ were Democrats from urban wards … on free BARAMA phones!!

  2. PBC Corruption Says:

    Crist is corrupt! Go Scott…..

  3. LOL Says:

    OBIWAN you are one angry guy! as the saying goes opinions are like @#$holes ….. Rick Scott was the crook that lead HCA to rip off medicaid and you apparently can overlook that. good luck to ya.

  4. timtopper Says:

    using scott’s own words: “lets get back to work” and elect a real gov. bye bye scott, and take your clown squad with you. Negron, simms, atwater, bondi, and weatherford.

    scott is as corrupt as the day is long…bye, bye, and don’t let the door slam you too hard on the head on the way out!

  5. C.A. De Liso Says:

    Mr. Scott is going to have a very hard time getting re-elected. He only cares for the rich. Also he has done nothing with Citizens insurance who is blasted with fraud and also continue to go up on premiums without havinging a hurricane in several years. Everyone I speak to has nothing kind to say about Mr. Scott.

  6. Reg Ind Says:

    Hi Obiwan. Scott did those things by raising taxes. When he took office three years ago he raised the taxes on every state employee 3%. Every cop, teacher, and secretary. For example, the average teacher making about 33K per year is paying an additional $1,000 per year. Those employees at that point had not had a raise in literally years because of the economic downturn. There needs to be intellectual honesty about this miracle economy. For a person who courted the tea party to get elected on the promise of lower taxes and less government the first thing when he took office was to use the government to raise taxes on hundreds of thousands of people.

  7. bull Says:

    OBIWAN: Do you like the Republican leaning RASMUSSEN Poll… hehehe LMAO

    Quinnipiac 4/23 – 4/28 1413 RV 48 38 Crist +10
    Rasmussen Reports 4/21 – 4/22 750 LV 45 39 Crist +6
    Mason-Dixon* 4/15 – 4/22 700 LV 42 42 Tie
    Magellan Strategies (R) 4/14 – 4/15 868 LV 43 45 Scott +2
    SurveyUSA 4/10 – 4/14 502 LV 46 41 Crist +5
    Sunshine State News/VSS 3/31 – 4/3 800 RV 44 45 Scott +1
    UNF* 3/6 – 3/16 507 RV 34 33 Crist +1
    University of Florida 1/27 – 2/1 LV 47 40 Crist +7
    Quinnipiac 1/22 – 1/27 1565 RV 46 38 Crist +8
    PPP (D) 1/16 – 1/21 591 RV 43 41 Crist +2
    Quinnipiac 11/12 – 11/17 1646 RV 47 40 Crist +7
    UNF 9/30 – 10/8 526 RV 44 40 Crist +4
    PPP (D) 9/27 – 9/29 579 RV 50 38 Crist +12
    Quinnipiac 6/11 – 6/16 1176 RV 47 37 Crist +10
    PPP (D) 3/15 – 3/18 500 RV 52 40 Crist +12
    Quinnipiac 3/13 – 3/18 1000 RV 50 34 Crist +16
    PPP (D) 1/11 – 1/13 501 RV 53 39 Crist +14

  8. AmericanCitizeinx Says:

    And the last chapter in Scott’s political career has been written. A one term governor bids farewell as he is booted out of office by Floridians.

  9. Independent Says:

    31% of those ‘questioned’ identified as Democrats

    compared to

    25% of those ‘questioned’ identified as

    and compared to

    34% of those ‘questioned’ identified as Independents

    plus a 2.6% margin of error

    Mr. Crist won’t even debate his Democrat FEMALE rival, Nan Rich.

    Let’s also remember, that the Democrat party in Palm Beach County told Democrat voters to bypass voting for BLACK Democrat Senatorial candidate, Kendrick Meek; and vote for INDEPENDENT senatorial candidate, Charlie Crist in 2010!

    What was the age of those questioned by Qinnipiac?

    Where do they live? S FL? Central FL? West Coast of FL, North FL?

    The questions asked are suspect because they could be framed to elicit a certain response.

    Don’t believe polls!

    Whether these polls are taken by Democrat leaning pollsters or Republican leaning pollsters.

    Today, too many pollsters and their presumptive favorites are trying to craft public opinions through their polling.

    Maybe the youth of this country will slowly dissolve the Democrat and Republican parties.

  10. TrafficAvenger Says:


    I see you are still a hoot.

    What was it you told me to due? I remember “go due your research on Scott”. Remember that?

    And seeing you and everyone else here knows the song. I’ll will try and keep the musical as short as possible.

    Mr. Scott was the C.E.O. of a corporation that plead guilty to 14 federal felonies and paid fines and settlements of over $2 billion dollars for medicaid fraud on the federal government for $1.7 billion dollars.

    For his efforts. Mr. Scott was paid a unknown golden parachute by that corporation to go away. With which he used that money to bribe and con the Tea Party with the thought of that seeing he had been a successful business owner he could also lead the state.

    When Mr. Scott was the C.E.O. of that corporation. The business model or should we say, mission statement, for that company was to buy a profitable hospital and then gut it of staff and funding to the bare minimum. Then splitting the savings among his business partners and friends who invested.

    This is the same business model that is being used by Mr. Scott as Governor of the state of Florida and the state G.O.P. legislative leaders.

    Only problem is. We, the taxpayers, are the ones providing the funding for this business model and we, the investors, are being left out of the profit sharing.

    From drug testing state workers and welfare recipients to profit the walk-in-clinics his wife is a share holder in. To the state thirty year land leases to Big Sugar for pennies on the dollar for land that was supposed too have been used for Everglades restoration.

    “We The Taxpayers” are being screwed by this man in to many ways to count or to post here in the comments .

    And this is the love child candidate of

    OBIWAN and friends?

    No Thanks. We, the Taxpayers, can not afford this kind of oversight of resources by Mr. Scott and the leadership of the G.O.P..

    Remember Big Dog.

    Every time you post a feel good moment about Gov. Scott. I will come along and post the truth.

    To All.
    As Always.
    You Have A Great Day.

  11. djb Says:

    Anybody hanging around Sharpton like Crist was doing protesting the stand your ground law,difinatly does not have my vote.It doesn’t surprise me that Scott is losing in the poles.since you have a lot of gullible people listening to the media cutting this man down.Look at this POS,we have for President the media worships him like a god.So that goes to show you people are very gullible,especially down here in stupid a#@ south fla.

  12. nemo Says:

    This is why we have elections. Polls do not do any good. A poll can be made to show…whatever. They are both in the business of fycking the public, so what difference does it make?

  13. npgator Says:

    The state of Florida is kicking butt in every single metric under Scott! If he was a Dem the PBPost would highly endorse him but since they don’t do that they will endorse Chaz Crist.

  14. Boynton Steve Says:

    I have a job for Ms. Bondi.

  15. bull Says:

    DJB: What about the POS that was President before Obama. I guess he was hanging out with your Dumb @ss…

    hehe LMAO

  16. djb Says:

    No,bullS%$T he was hanging out with your wife at the Holiday inn dumb@ss.LMAO.

  17. bull Says:

    I just want to clarify my remarks in case any of you idiots were confused. As a proud pro-LGBT American, I have never stayed at a Holiday Inn, nor am I married because this state won’t allow my partner and I the right to get married. Carry on.

  18. OBIWAN Says:


    Yo momma!

  19. bull Says:

    This person DJB is impersonating me have it removed. The Jack@ss is a NUT CASE… LMAO
    bull Says:
    April 30th, 2014 at 11:15 am
    I just want to clarify my remarks in case any of you idiots were confused. As a proud pro-LGBT American, I have never stayed at a Holiday Inn, nor am I married because this state won’t allow my partner and I the right to get married. Carry on.

  20. djb Says:

    This scumbag bull has hijacked his own name and pretended to be me posing as him to make me look bad. Sheesh

  21. Gimme A. Break Says:

    OBIWAN, You are exactly right! Democrats call Republicans “sheep” for blindly following candidates but they are doing the same thing. I wonder if we search the comment archives; how many of you that are praising Crist (now that he’s got a (D) after his name) was bashing him when he was a Republican? hhhhmmmmmmm

  22. bull Says:


    Is a Dick Head…

  23. djb Says:

    Bull s$#t go back to your gay pride parade with big ears Obama and Larry Sinclair and smoke a crack pipe.LOL.

  24. In The Know Says:

    Did I hear correctly?

    Bob Hoskins got busted for stealing crab legs at Publix?

    Wow! How the mighty have fallen

  25. bull Says:


    I knew it was you RACIST AssHole FAG…

  26. StandwithSterling Says:

    You had to stoop to using the “F” word? We will never advance as a society if we continue with this archaic way of thinking. It is the exact same way of thinking that my father still has to this day. When I came out to my family, I said “Father, I am homosex” and he responded “Son, I am disappoint”

  27. half pint Says:

    @ OBI

    You are correct sir. It should go without saying that I speak for everyone here when I say Rick Scott is doing a wonderful job. We finally have jobs again in this state, home values are up, people again have disposable income and WE HAVE A BUDGET SURPLUS! Cash money Yo! So in closing, just remember Crist is a non-issue and has about a 0.00001% chance of winning.

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