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Burt Aaronson, recovering from heart surgery, makes appearance at Crist speech

by George Bennett | April 14th, 2014

Crist and Aaronson at Kravis Center today.

Six weeks after having a heart valve replaced and receiving a pacemaker, former Palm Beach County commissioner Burt Aaronson is slowly returning to the local political scene.

Aaronson, 85, put in an appearance at a Democratic Club of Greater Boynton meeting last week and today was on hand at the Kravis Center for former Gov. Charlie Crist‘s speech to the Forum Club of the Palm Beaches.

Former Rep. Ron Klein, State Attorney Dave Aronberg and former Commissioner Burt Aaronson.

Aaronson was term-limited as a commissioner in 2012 but remains an influential figure in south-county Democratic politics. He has been a key supporter of former Republican Crist, vouching for him to Democratic clubs and frequently serving as his chauffeur.

Chauffeur duties have been put on hold, said Aaronson, who said doctors have told him not to drive long distances. He got a ride to the Kravis Center today with Boca Raton Councilman Robert Weinroth.

Aaronson and former state Sen. Steve Geller.

“This is too important of an election for me to only worry about myself,” Aaronson said.

Former Democratic state Sen. Steve Geller, a key Crist ally in Broward County, was also at the Kravis Center for Crist’s speech.

“This is Palm Beach, not Broward. It’s your duty to watch him, not mine,” Geller joked to Aaronson.

21 Responses to “Burt Aaronson, recovering from heart surgery, makes appearance at Crist speech”

  1. WPBNative Says:

    This guy is worst than most. He will do anything to get elected. Hitched his dumb a** to the wrong star this time.

  2. Bill McCollum Says:

    Give em hell Charlie!

  3. Unity Says:

    Let us all unite! White, Black, Spanish, rich, poor, republican, democrat, Christian, Jew, Atheist, Zaostronian, dog, cat, wise, old, young, etc etc. let us all unite to send Scott out of our lives. This is my dream.

  4. Bito63 Says:

    @WPBnative, NOBODY is worst than TRICKY RICK SNOT!! ANYBODY is better than him! He sold our state to the highest bidder, While taking BRIBES in an attempt to re-election for the profits of private companies on the backs of taxpayers! Not to mention his own pockets!!!

  5. boyntonsteve Says:


    The English language is your friend. Perhaps you should learn some.

  6. Bito63 Says:

    @boyntonsteve, I speak 3 languages, How many do you speak? You are just a typical racist speaking out of your rear without any FACTS on your comment!!!!

  7. luckysnap Says:

    Crist is a flip flopping prick!

  8. Bito63 Says:

    @luckysnap, It`s better than being IGNORANT supporting TRICKY RICK SNOT!! Talk about being a prick!!!!

  9. luckysnap Says:


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  10. Has Dave COME OUT YET? Says:

    Has Dave Aronberg come out of the closet yet? Or he feels like being dishonest about his private life is a good example as he goes about enforcing the law against Republicans?

  11. nemo Says:

    Burt Aaronson had a heart proceedure? Does not that require a heart? Must have been a false report.

  12. Bito63 Says:

    @lucky, You are gay! Aren`t you? I don`t go that way!!! Unlike you, I like women!!!

  13. Lars Says:


    Um, have you forgotten out not-so little tryst at my bungalow in Lake Worth a few months ago. For someone who said they were new to the lifestyle, you were quit adept at the swing I had installed in my garage. Most newbies would not have been able to accommodate an eggplant quite like you did. I tip my cap to you sir.

  14. Bito63 Says:

    @Lars, Sorry to disapoint you, But that was another Bito that you were dreaming about, You must have been thinking of luckysnap, Since you both go that way, You 2 would make a great couple, And now with legalized Gay marriage you can tie the knot!!!! :)

  15. Lars Says:


    I am flattered, but I don’t know who this luckysnap person is. I am not in a relationship currently and have no intention of being tied down to someone. I am enjoying helping re-start the free-love movement here in my bungalow.
    Speaking of knots, you have by far the cutest litte balloon-knot I have ever cum across. When are we going to get together again?

  16. Bito63 Says:

    What do you mean you don`t know luckysnap?? I saw you with him holding hands!!! Good luck on your free-love crusade, Make sure to get well lubricated! We can get together when H*ll Frezes over, How about then?

  17. Lars Says:

    Look sweetie, we don’t have to wait until hell freezes over, I’ve got plenty of ice available here for your pleasure. I can take some ice chips, load them in a straw, blow them up your heiney, and toss your salad like never before.
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  18. Bito63 Says:

    @Lars, You ARE a RETHUGLICANT? Aren`t YOU? You love tossing that salad like the rest of the party!!! WOW!!! How LOW YOU RIGHT WINGERS GO IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least you came out of the closet!!! LOL!! Once a RETHUGLICANT you bring out just how IGNORANT you people realy ARE!!!LOL!!! :) :) !!

  19. Lars Says:

    There is a lot of hostility in you. Someone needs to release some stress. I will have you know, that I am no republican. I am a life-long democrat and proud of it. Yes I am also a Gay-American and am very proud of that. You seem to be very homophobic and you really need to change that viewpoint. It is always the ones who are the loudest about their homophobia, are the ones who are the biggest closet queens. At least be honest with yourself. Trust me, you will live your life better. Peace be with you hombre.

  20. Sandy Says:

    Burt AAronson shares the title of “Godfather” with other’s such as Semion Mogilevich, Al Capone, Charles ‘Lucky’ Luciano, Pablo Escobar, John Gotti, Hisayuki Machii, Tony ‘Big Tuna’ Accardo, Salvatore Riina, Dawood Ibrahim, Xie Caiping. Mr AAronson never went away he just changed his name to Mary Lou Berger.
    @ Lars & Bito63 why dont you both grow up?

  21. I Have Tourettes But Tourettes Doesnt Have Me Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with Sandy..hap-hap-happytrailhappytrail..What does someone’s sexual to do with this article? could care less what Lars and behind closed doors..puh puh puh prolapseprolapse..Please do us all a favor..han-han-hadyhandy..and take that filthy talk..juh-juh-justthetipjustthetip to someplace like Craigslist or BackPage!..ah-ah-asianrubandtugrubandtug

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