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$100K contribution among roadblocks on path to Charlotte’s Web

by John Kennedy | April 28th, 2014

The Senate approved legislation Monday authorizing the use of a marijuana strain for treating victims of severe epilepsy, with several families and children suffering from the illness looked on from the gallery.

The so-called Charlotte’s Web legislation has drawn the blessing of Republican leaders in the Legislature but still faces an uncertain outcome as lawmakers lurch toward a scheduled Friday adjournment.

Some Republican leaders see it as potentially dulling support for a November ballot measure that would go further and legalize medical marijuana.

But the measure has become troubled since major Republican donor Mel Sembler, an opponent of softening marijuana laws, opened a political spending committee called Drug Free Florida with a $100,000 donation last month.

Soon after, Gov. Rick Scott’s Surgeon General, John Armstrong, testified before a House committee raising concerns with the legislation.

Some senators Monday traced their personal histories with the legislation, saying they came around to backing the proposal (CS/SB 1030) only after meeting with the parents seeking help for children with Dravet Syndrome, a severe epilepsy which affects 125,000 Florida youngsters.

The Senate approved authorizing doctors to prescribe the marijuana strain on a 36-3 vote.

“This is it,” said Sen. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach. “These folks are at the end of the line. We’re just trying to bring hope to these families.”

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5 Responses to “$100K contribution among roadblocks on path to Charlotte’s Web”

  1. bob Says:

    Lies and Damn Lies. The Dravet’s Foundation estimates that 1 in 30,000 births are affected by Dravets. That means a maximum of 10,000 people in the whole United States. But most don’t live long, so 2,000 is an accepted number in the whole United States. SO the author claim that 125,000 children in Florida will benefit is just a pure lie. The number is more like 50-100, and less than half of those will actually be helped by CBD-only oil. Maybe as little as 10%. SO maybe only 10-20 children in Florida will actually be helped. That is nowhere near 125,000 that the author claims. This whole bill is the biggest lie of 2014. It does almost nothing for anyone except the politicians involved. And this newspaper does not deserve to be called a newspaper. Barely a propaganda machine. At least make your lies believable.

  2. Chris Says:

    Hey bob, my child is one of those in Florida suffering from this disease, are you saying he’s not good enough to be helped? Who are you to decide I my child’s life can be improved from this treatment. You are a despicable person.

  3. Ryan Says:

    if it helps 2000, how many does it hurt?

  4. Joel Munson Says:

    Bob, Charlotte’s Web has shown to help many more diseases than just Dravet Syndrom. It has shown to help with all forms of epilepsy and many other autoimmune diseases. There is still much research to be done to see just how many diseases it will help with, but rest assured it is more than just DS.

  5. Joe Says:

    Mr. Sembler is an 84 year old curmudgeon who’s part of the “Just say no” zero tolerance drug policy creation of Ronnie Regan. His drug treatment center “Straight Inc.” has been successfully sued for mistreatment, assault and false imprisonment of patients. He is also a developer who was investigated in 2008 for bribing public officials through a lobbyist to receive a previously denied zoning variance allowing him to build a shopping plaza in Boynton. So his ethics are questionable and motivations suspect. As ageing closed minded hardliners like Mr. Sembler and commenter Bob die off in the very near future, support will continue to grow for decriminalization of MJ in all its forms. Guys like this don’t care about your epileptic child or the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are incarcerated at tax payers expense for merely possessing a harmless plant. They will never be convinced they are wrong on this subject no matter how overwhelming the contrary evidence is. Spending money to attempt delaying treating these children or putting their parents at risk who must obtain the drug illegally is cruel and he should be publicly chastised for it.

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