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Scott up with first TV spot in re-elect campaign

by John Kennedy | March 11th, 2014

Rick Scott is up with his first TV ad in his re-election campaign, a $2.2 million buy that attempts to show the governor’s softer side and the emphasizes the personal themes he unleashed in his State of the State address last week.

The spot uses a slightly blurred focus and takes side-angle shots of Scott talking about his father having his car repossessed, his adoptive father having a 6th grade education and his struggles coming up from a hardscrabble boyhood. Scott says those experiences now influence his push for getting jobs for all Floridians.

He concludes the spot saying, “I want people to have the same shot I had.”

No surprise, the Florida Democratic Party isn’t buying the Republican governor’s opening salvo.

“Rick Scott wants Floridians to think he’s on their side, when in fact he has spent his whole career rigging the system so that only he and his special interest friends will profit,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp.

Scott’s ad is here:




8 Responses to “Scott up with first TV spot in re-elect campaign”

  1. Unity Says:

    You think with an upbringing like that he would steal from the taxpayers and tax public servants into poverty. “The devil has many faces…..”

  2. bull Says:

    University of Florida 1/27 – 2/1 LV 47 40 Crist +7
    Quinnipiac 1/22 – 1/27 1565 RV 46 38 Crist +8
    PPP (D) 1/16 – 1/21 591 RV 43 41 Crist +2
    Quinnipiac 11/12 – 11/17 1646 RV 47 40 Crist +7
    UNF 9/30 – 10/8 526 RV 44 40 Crist +4
    PPP (D) 9/27 – 9/29 579 RV 50 38 Crist +12
    Quinnipiac 6/11 – 6/16 1176 RV 47 37 Crist +10
    PPP (D) 3/15 – 3/18 500 RV 52 40 Crist +12
    Quinnipiac 3/13 – 3/18 1000 RV 50 34 Crist +16
    PPP (D) 1/11 – 1/13 501 RV 53 39 Crist +14

  3. Another Day in Paradise Says:

    Scott is a disaster. They could run a chimp against him and he still wouldn’t have a chance. Hey Rick, remember all of those police officers, teachers and fire fighters that you turned your back on? Well, now we will be voting to show you our backs! Go away, and do it quickly and quietly.

  4. timtopper Says:

    This is a quote from his state of the state speach; “I want to share with you one last story. It is the story of a young man who lived in public housing as a kid who never knew his natural father, who saw his adopted dad struggle to keep a job.That young man, of course, was Scott.
    “I’ve seen what happens to families who are struggling to find work. I’ve had Christmas without any presents. And I don’t want any of our people to ever feel stuck in those situations.”

    And this is what the Tampa Bay Times said afterwards:
    Scott became thoroughly unstuck from such a situation by heading up a company that paid a record $1.7 billion fine for Medicare fraud, leaving that job with a $300 million golden parachute and spending $73 million of that money to buy the governor’s office of a state that turned down $51 billion of federal money to provide health care for 1 million poor Floridians, those very Floridians he says he wants to help.
    That’s not fantasy. That’s reality.

    Will Scott finally tell us the truth about his involvement in the largest fraud ever committed against medicare? Or will he just take the 5th when asked the tough questions, like he has done so many times before.

  5. Shan Says:

    As long as most sane people have kept track of what Scott (and his cronies like Bondi and Weatherford) has DONE for the past 3+ years in damaging the middle-class and poor people of Florida, literally stripping them of some very basic rights, it does not matter what this guy “says” or the amount of money he spends on ads. I believe at least 51% of Florida voters will “Stand Their Ground” and vote this clown out.

  6. Registered independent Says:

    The moral of Rick Scott’s journey is simple. Crime pays. In business you need to steal, steal, steal. When charged with your crimes plead the fifth. Get your millions of dollars on the payout. In politics, buy your way to the office by saturating the media with commercials and get a job you are unqualified to hold. Once in office hire more criminals to help (the lt gov, the com of Ed etc.). Lie, cheat, sell out the citizens of Fl to the auto and house insurance industry, cut funding to education and tax state employees who are already some of the poorest paid in the nation. The moral of this story is very simple. Crime pays.

  7. jac Says:

    Many can’t see how Scott has lived off government programs his whole life. Just because you didn’t prosecuted for over testing of our elderly for profit doesn’t mean you didn’t do it. He is in the Healthcare Business it must be very profitable. Why are so many wearing blinders when it comes to that. They have you looking at O’Bamacare so you can’t see what they are really doing to funnel your tax dollars from you healthcare. and it is working.

  8. schemes to defraud Says:

    Those who care to do they homework on Richard (Rick) Lynn Scott will be amazed at the schemes and connections of this first class criminal. Some of his first Florida Corporate filings have home addresses of Stamford,CT. Annapolis, MD

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