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Rubio takes a tumble in CPAC straw poll

by George Bennett | March 9th, 2014

Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio made a ringing argument for a Reaganite foreign policy during last week’s Conservative Political Action Conference, a showcase for potential 2016 presidential candidates.

But with CPAC attendees growing increasingly libertarian and many conservatives deriding his support for immigration reform as “amnesty,” Rubio took a hit in this year’s CPAC presidential straw poll.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul won the straw poll for the second year in a row, garnering a 31 percent plurality this year. Rubio finished second in 2013 with 23 percent but dropped to seventh place this year with only 6 percent.

2 Responses to “Rubio takes a tumble in CPAC straw poll”

  1. jac Says:

    Looks like the Dems have a excellent chance to win again in the nest Presidential election. Is this the best they have?

  2. Jackie Says:

    Wait…what Hillary? Is that the best the Dems can do? Is she that SURE of a deal? She has got some hoops to jump through before 2016.

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