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Obamacare’s 4th anniversary: Wasserman Schultz praises ‘historic milestone,’ Rubio calls it ‘disaster’

by George Bennett | March 23rd, 2014

Today marks the fourth anniversary of President Barack Obama‘s signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the federal health care law that continues to spark fierce political debate.

U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Weston, who’s also the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, marked the occasion with a statement praising the law as “a major, historic milestone on the journey to build a more perfect Union.”

Said Wasserman Schultz: “The law has already benefited millions of Americans, and will continue to do so as enrollment increases, full benefits are realized, and the cost curve bends even further. There is no getting around these facts for the detractors and naysayers who are incapable of accepting Obamacare as the law of the land and instead continue to put politics before people.

Those “detractors and naysayers” include Republican Sen. Marco Rubio, who also issued a statement marking Obamacare’s fourth anniversary.

Rubio, a potential 2016 presidential candidate, called the law a “disaster” and pledged to continue fighting to get it overturned.

“We cannot give up on our efforts, not just to completely repeal Obamacare, but to replace it with real market-based solutions that allow every single American to have the ability to buy affordable health insurance that meets their needs, and to buy it from any company in America that will sell it to them. We’re going to have a chance to achieve that soon. We cannot give up. ObamaCare is not something that’s set in stone. It can be repealed —and Americans increasingly want it to be repealed — and that’s what we’ll continue to do.”

A average of polling data on the health care law shows 38.9 percent of Americans support it and 53.6 percent are opposed.

9 Responses to “Obamacare’s 4th anniversary: Wasserman Schultz praises ‘historic milestone,’ Rubio calls it ‘disaster’”

  1. Jan Says:

    Actually, Rubio is the disaster. He got it all wrong — as usual!

  2. V Says:

    Rubio is a lying idiot.

  3. Pancho Says:

    Mach 10th Rasmussen Poll:

    33% of Americans have been hurt by obamacare
    This after obama has delayed the most painful parts of obamacare until after the election
    58% expect their health care costs to go up

    60% say obamacare is costing jobs and hurting the economy.

    It’s pretty obvious who is on the wrong side of history…

  4. nemo Says:

    Wasserman Schultz is every bit as much of a fool as any other liberal democrat. I don’t understand how anyone can think obama is doing anything right. He is nothing more than another democrat, liberal butthole.

  5. Enough already Says:

    Wasserman Shultz is a kool-aid drinking moron. As for Obamacare. If a working or middle class family pay $350 per month for a health plan with a $6,000 deductible….how exactly do they have health insurance with such an extortionate deductible? Where is the $6,000 coming from for a financially strained family? The exact type of family this disaster was supposed to help.

  6. howie Says:

    MEDICARE ADVANTAGE VOTERS WILL NOT PATY ATTENTION TO DWS’S LIES. we know how much this law has hurt us and we will show up on lection day to send a message as we did in the recent election in Tampa.

  7. Truth Searcher Says:

    If Little Debbie Debutante-Schultz, the DNC chair and human talking point, says ObamaCare is an “Historic Milestone,” then you can be sure the Affordable Care Act is a total disaster.

  8. Jackie Says:

    Historic Milestone my foot! The Gov’t rakes in enough taxes ( I pay four times a year) and I am just one of millions that do. Let those taxes pay for the uninsured. Don’t mess with my insurance b c you want me to pay for the uninsured. It may be a law, Debbie, but it has to be tweaked, you know that as well as I do. The young people are not going out in droves signing up as you had hoped, and you really know that, don’t you? You just will not admit that nor will you even state that this law has to be tweaked. You just criticize the republicans for matter what it is…you are absent of that “crossing the isle” gene. Your “perfect union” is socialism lead by ONE party. A perfect union is a two party system Debbie, that’s America.

  9. Thomas11 Says:

    Where is this affordable health care Rubio is talking about? It isn’t available now, nor was it before the ACA. The republicans keep slamming Obama but have yet to offer an alternative. They are, and always will be, puppets for the insurance companies. If affordable care is now available, where was it prior to the ACA?

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