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Obama to Democratic donors in Miami: ‘America is on our side…but in midterms we get clobbered’

by George Bennett | March 21st, 2014

President Barack Obama greets Sen. Bill Nelson in Orlando Thursday before heading to Miami for a pair of fundraisers. Grace Nelson and Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer look on. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

With Democrats facing a tough political climate as the 2014 midterm elections approach, President Barack Obama offered some reassurance and warning Thursday to donors who paid $16,200 apiece to join him for dinner at former Miami Heat star Alonzo Mourning‘s house.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch, D-Boca Raton, and other Democratic House members were among the crowd of about 75 at the event in the village of Pinecrest near Miami.

“Now, the good news is on every individual issue, America is on our side,” Obama said, according to a White House transcript released late Thursday night.

Obama mentioned the minimum wage, immigration reform and “whether or not it’s a good thing to invest in early childhood education” as examples of issues where the public agrees with Democrats, but didn’t cite his signature health care law and its double-digit negative ratings in many polls.

While arguing Democrats have an issue advantage, Obama acknowledged his party faces a challenging year.

“So the problem is not that the American people disagree with us on the issues,” Obama said. “The challenge is, is that our politics in Washington have become so toxic that people just lose faith and finally they just say, you know what, I’m not interested, I’m not going to bother, I’m not going to vote.”

Obama continued: “And that’s especially true during the midterms. During presidential elections, young people vote, women are more likely to vote, blacks, Hispanics more likely to vote. And suddenly a more representative cross-section of America gets out there and we do pretty well in presidential elections. But in midterms we get clobbered — either because we don’t think it’s important or we’ve become so discouraged about what’s happening in Washington that we think it’s not worth our while.”

Obama earlier in the day spoke on women and the economy at Valencia College in Orlando. He then flew to Miami for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser with about two dozen donors who paid up to $32,400 before going to the event at Mourning’s house.

13 Responses to “Obama to Democratic donors in Miami: ‘America is on our side…but in midterms we get clobbered’”

  1. John Says:

    Obama is a complete failure as a president. Despite ones political views, he failed to united both Congress and the country, which is one of his main jobs. And he is wrong about America being behind his policies, they are not. America is a “center right” country. His policies are divisive, and toxic for the country. Obamas lack of experience is evident, the world is unstable, and its mainly due to his failure to lead.

  2. Potus Politics Says:

    Russia has annexed the Crimea and is threatening the Ukraine while “The Great Obama” is playing politics in Miami. Heaven help us all – our president is beyond help!

  3. Dennis Says:

    The Republicans are not helping in anyway, what are republican plans for healthcare? Crimea? Jobs? They don’t have any, they going knocking Obamacare so much that people are starting to believe the lies? Why Rubio switch to Obamacare? To save thousands of dollars, so at least one republican is behind him.

  4. MaleMatters Says:

    Re: ‘America is on our side…but in midterms we get clobbered’

    Nice contradiction.

    Regarding women and the economy, here’s what Obama doesn’t want anyone to know:

    “The apex fallacy is the idea that we use the most visible members of a group to make generalizations about the entire group; i.e., we see prominent men at the top of the pyramid and think all men are doing well, when in fact there are a great many at the bottom of the pyramid, too.” -Alison Beard, a senior editor at Harvard Business Review:

    In general, women not only live longer and enjoy better health than men, who die sooner and at a higher rate of the 12 leading causes of death, they also control most of consumer spending and most of the nation’s wealth. Soon they will control even more.

    “Over the next decade, women will control two thirds of consumer wealth in the United States and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in our country’s history. Estimates range from $12 to $40 trillion. Many Boomer women will experience a double inheritance windfall, from both parents and husband.”

    Does this sound like an oppressed group?

    If men lived longer than women, had better health, controlled most of the wealth, feminists would be in the streets throwing Molotov cocktails in every direction.

    Here’s the side to the gender story Obama will fight to the death to keep anyone from hearing:

    “The Doctrinaire Institute for Women’s Policy Research: A Comprehensive Look at Gender Equality”

  5. Wellingtonian Says:

    One thing right wing trolls do well is writing negatively about the president no matter what notice he gets from the press. In truth, unemployment is down, the stock market has doubled, housing prices are way up, and GDP growth last quarter was over 4%. We’re also out of two stupid wars the GOP got us into, and yes, Putin has Crimea just as we took Texas from Mexico, but is that really our business? And yes, millions now have health insurance who couldn’t get it before. In fact, America would be way ahead if the GOP got the hell out of the way. Democrats, you need to vote in November to make that happen.

  6. Good one... Says:

    Wellingtonian has all the right talking points. Not much in substance since they are mostly lies and exagerations but…

    Unemployment is down due to number adjustment(lies). If those service men and women come back to the United States from the so called “ended” wars the unemployment numbers would double.

    So, the answer is to keep our military “engaged” in conflict until after the 2016 election cycle.

    Housing prices are “way up” because of investors that are buying them up to flip. Can the Wellingtonian troll say BUBBLE??? AGAIN!

    The GOP gets blamed for the wars we are in but the Democrats voted to go in to ALL of them too. They just have a really bad memory about negative things that they do. When Obama wants to send rockets into Syria NO PROBLEM says the troll Wellintonian. Then Obama wants to go againt Putin LOL!

    You are gonna need alot of Lipstick Wellingtonian.

    But then, you do live in Wellington, lol.

  7. Florida Mom Says:

    You know what gets voters out to the polls in any election? Great candidates. Alex Sink was barely a Democrat running in a R+1 district filled with minimum wage employees. She is anti-union, did not embrace the ACA, she was for the Bush tax cuts, but running as a Democrat. Please. It wasn’t an easy win for Jolly, but there is no question as to why he did win. He is a Republican through and through. Alex Sink was an uninspiring candidate, at best, and asking voters to vote for the candidate that is likely to do the worst damage isn’t going to cut it anymore. The Republicans will continue to win when their candidates are true to their party platform while the Democrats will continue to lose because they refuse to do the same. See New Jersey, Christie v. Buono.

  8. Quite Appropriate Says:

    Hey, Dems, you can expect another clobbering in November 2014.

  9. Joe Says:

    Washington is messed up and has been for decades. Special interest money has corrupted every participant on all levels and it gets worse every year. The billions of dollars being spent on media advertising during election cycles makes this self evident. Human beings are universally greedy by nature and always look at things in terms of “how will I benefit”. Therefore it’s no surprise that the candidate with access to the greatest amount of advertising dollars usually wins. The outright lies and double speak expertly crafted by people trained to deceive are exploiting our universal weakness by creating content specifically designed to trick voters into selecting the candidate who supports a particular special interest’s position. Since politicians can’t be held responsible for not achieving their advertised goals this cycle of deceit continues. The labels attached to your particular brand of political persuasion do not matter and since the nature of the human psyche is a well known and established fact we are doomed to repeat history until we eventually destroy ourselves. Truth is that the far left and right are both wrong. However, nobody including special interests get excited about a candidate who advocates for a middle of the road approach. This simply won’t happen since everybody looses something in a compromise and our nature dictates that we all want to win everything.

  10. Carol Says:

    Dennis: Paul Ryan submitted the Republican health care plan to Harry Reid in 2009 in the hope that it would be favored over what Congress knew Mr. Obama was crafting. Harry Reid refused to allow Ryan’s bill to go to the Senate floor. Instead it languishes in Reid’s desk drawer, along with the many jobs bills, tax reform bills and other bills the Republican House majority has submitted since they took over in 2010. Now Rep. Price, also a Republican, has submitted another healthcare bill that has unanimous approval of both Dems. and Reps. in the House. It provides for the sale of health insurance across State lines, thereby increasing competition, removes the pre-existing condition factor, allows portability (take policy from one job or sitiuation to another), addresses tort reform – it’s almost identical to Ryan’s bill, but again, Harry Reid will not submit it to the Senate. The liberal media would have you not know any of these FACTS, so I suggest you research all I’ve stated, and you’ll find that it’s true.

  11. Florida Mom Says:

    I hope anyone reading Carol’s comment(s) takes the time to google her claims. Factually wrong on all counts.

  12. John in Delray Says:

    Fool us once, BO, shame on you!
    Fool us twice, BO, shame on us!

  13. nemo Says:

    obama is a failure, as are most democrats. The reason dems win the presidental race is because we have soooooo many stupid people. Why should we give teachers, who are responsible for this sorry state of affairs, a pay increase? This entire country, or the liberal version of it, is going down fast…even dems must agree…but they still vote for the “stupidity”.

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