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Lake Park: DuBois re-elected mayor

by Palm Beach Post Staff | March 11th, 2014

From Staff Writer Bill DiPaolo:

Mayor James DuBois won another term in Lake Park over challenger Steve Hockman.

DuBois was elected in 2011 to replace his wife, Deborah “Desca” DuBois, who died during her term.

“I’ve been working hard for the last three years and voters recognized that,” James DuBois said.

2 Responses to “Lake Park: DuBois re-elected mayor”

  1. Angry Lake Park resident Says:

    The voters of lake park have made a terrible mistake. he will continue to push for higher taxes and the closure of lakeshore drive. also what about that tri-rail station that will cost us half a million dollars. he does not deserve to be in office. the voters have made a terrible mistake and will have to deal with it for another three years.

  2. lake park resident Says:

    dubois does not deserve to be in office. he has only done bad things for the town. i feel bad for my fellow residents.

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