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Frank Biden, brother of VP, in Tallahassee to advocate for charter schools

by George Bennett | March 4th, 2014

Frank Biden talks with Palm Beach County resident Laura Hanley outside the House chamber.

TALLAHASSEE — Among the notables spotted in the Capitol today: Frank Biden, the Ocean Ridge resident whose brother, Joe Biden, is vice president of the United States.

Frank Biden is president of the Mavericks High School in West Palm Beach and director of the Florida Charter School Alliance.

“I’m a charter school advocate and a choice advocate and have a lot of friends up here. It’s always fun to be at opening day. I’m a fan of the political process,” Biden said while standing outside the House chamber before Gov. Rick Scott‘s State of the State speech.

“We are embarking on another year where we want to make sure that the voices of parents and kids in charter schools, public charter schools, are heard. And there’s a great bipartisan flavor around this issue that we want to continue to encourage.” Biden said.

2 Responses to “Frank Biden, brother of VP, in Tallahassee to advocate for charter schools”

  1. Peyton Says:

    Thank you for the positive work you do for the Fla Charter Schools Frank.. Keep up the good work

  2. stevereenie Says:

    Hey, aren’t’ the unions and their lap boys in D.C. such as Obama/Biden against Charter Schools.

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