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Senate pension overhaul hits early bumps

by John Kennedy | February 18th, 2014

The latest attempt Tuesday by Republican lawmakers to revamp the pension plan used by 623,000 Florida public employees got off to a shaky start.

The Senate Community Affairs Committee argued at length over the proposed overhaul by Chairman Wilton Simpson, R-Trilby, which relies on introducing a new cash-balance fund for new hires.

When put to a vote, the measure barely squeaked through Simpson’s own committee, 5-4.

With even a top Senate Republican, Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, voting against it, the odds suddenly seemed to turn against any change happening to the Florida Retirement System this election year.

Simpson acknowledged the legislation (SPB 7046) faced a steep climb ahead in the Senate and House, which is expected soon to unveil its own proposal.

“I think it suggests that this will be a very well-debated bill,” Simpson said. “I’ve got more convincing to do.”

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5 Responses to “Senate pension overhaul hits early bumps”

  1. Rick Scott is thief Says:

    STEALING WORKERS PENSIONS – that’s what Republicans do.

    Notice they’ll keep their fat pensions and won’t touch them – just the people that worker full time ALL YEAR.


  2. jac Says:

    Are we really surprise there isn’t enough money? Every state is dealing with it. Should have turned to 40lk’s years ago just like the private sector. You can’t always legislate to prosperity.

  3. Max Salfinger Says:

    Republicans are scum!

  4. dolphingirl Says:

    Hey Scottie…election time is coming … we will remember how you screwed the workers….it will be our pleasure to screw you right out of office…along with your loser buddies in the Legislature…

  5. Mad Mike Says:

    @dolphingirl, keep dreaming sweetie. We have enough votes in north and central Florida to win another four years. Don’t need you SoFla losers.

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