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Rep. Patrick Murphy pitches tax, regulatory relief to business groups

by George Bennett | February 24th, 2014

Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, speaking to business leaders at Gardens Mall this morning.

PALM BEACH GARDENS — Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, pitched tax breaks, regulatory relief and other measures to stimulate job growth during a morning meeting with business leaders from Palm Beach and Martin counties.

“Today is all about working together,” Murphy told more than 100 people at an event organized by the Economic Council of Palm Beach County and the Economic Council of Martin County at Gardens Mall.

A Democrat who narrowly won in a Republican-leaning district that includes northern Palm Beach County and all of Martin and St. Lucie counties, Murphy sounded several GOP-friendly themes during his remarks.

“I know there are many concerns with our government being too big, and I agree,” Murphy said. “Government doesn’t create jobs, but government does have a responsibility to create an environment that is conducive to job growth.”

Murphy also commended U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Okeechobee, for his work to combat citrus greening. Rooney’s brother, state Rep. Pat Rooney Jr., R-West Palm Beach, was in the audience.

Murphy’s office distributed a 60-page “Plan For Jobs” highlighting Murphy’s past positions and some new initiatives.

Murphy’s plan includes a call for speeding up tax write-offs businesses take for depreciation on capital investments and shielding smaller community banks from “burdensome regulations designed for large banks.” He also mentioned corporate income tax rates and has voiced support for lowering them in exchange for closing business tax loopholes.

Murphy also called for expanding federal programs to help veterans get job training, incentives for businesses to hire veterans and Small Business Administration loans to veteran-owned businesses.

Murphy didn’t mention the Affordable Care Act, which many businesses have criticized.

Murphy has opposed repealing the health care law, but voted last year to delay implementation of its individual and business insurance mandates.

“My focus is legislation that will improve the Affordable Care Act,” Murphy said in an interview after the event. “It’s not going to be repealed. It’s there, so let’s focus on getting it right.”

2 Responses to “Rep. Patrick Murphy pitches tax, regulatory relief to business groups”

  1. Tim Says:

    I’m a true blue Democrat, and only supported Murphy because Alan West was a toxic extremist. However, Murphy is not a real Democrat, he’s a DINO in every sense of the word. What we need is a true progressive to represent us, and to return our nation to a liberal, people oriented form of government! Murphy seems content with furthering the plutocracy at our expense!

  2. Joe Says:

    You’re wrong Tim. Murphy is a Democrat the same as Charlie Crist used to be a Republican. He takes a middle of the road stance on issues which is were the majority of Americans happen to be. Extreme liberalism just like extreme conservatism is bad for everybody and politicians who refuse to compromise on “principal” lack common sense. Murphy is right on the mark. I will always vote for a RINO or a DINO if given the chance. People who are willing to compromise away from their base constituency for the betterment of everyone is who need to be in control of government. Removing lunatic fringe like Allen West from office is always the right thing to do for your country.

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