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Murphy ranks 9th among House Dems for voting against Obama, CQ says

by George Bennett | February 5th, 2014

Vote analysis from Congressional Quarterly

Freshman Rep. Patrick Murphy, D-Jupiter, voted against President Barack Obama‘s position 43 percent of the time in 2013 — the ninth highest percentage among House Democrats, according to an analysis by Congressional Quarterly.

Murphy represents a Palm Beach-Treasure Coast congressional district in which Republicans slightly outnumber Democrats and voters sided with Republican Mitt Romney over Obama in 2012.

Another swing-district Florida Democrat, Rep. Joe Garcia of Miami, ranked just behind Murphy in the CQ analysis, voting against Obama 42.9 percent of the time. The least-loyal House Democrat was Rep. Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, who opposed Obama 72.1 percent of the time in 2013.

Florida Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson voted for Obama’s position 100 percent of the time in 2013. He’s one of 17 Dems who didn’t break with the president on a single vote last year.

5 Responses to “Murphy ranks 9th among House Dems for voting against Obama, CQ says”

  1. A Good Start Says:

    Good to know Murphy can distill ‘spin and BS’ from our fiscal death spiral.

  2. Good to know Says:

    So glad he’s an independent thinker and votes his heart, even if it doesn’t line up with party-line politics. We need more polititians like him who are strong enough to resist the pressure of the party. Wish more Republicans had his grit. We’d have a better functioning government which would accurately reflect the wishes of the people they represent. Less BS, back door deals corruption. Good job Murphy.

  3. Not impressed Says:

    Wow!!! Obama care such a botched, costly, unbalanced mess shoved down our throats when our president had full democratic control of the house and senate and now it is important to know the so called low voting percentage against this costly mess as they rest of them jump ship and retire???
    Bill nelson 100 percent??? Really not impressed?? as he still spins this cosltly mess as a favor to the american people as OUR pockets tell a different story???
    43 percent??? we sit in 17 trillion growing debt as another debt ceiling raise is in the horizon and as americans pockets r not feeling secured with this bill as the website is still not fully 100 percent functionally and as we now have to figure out a way to budget for higher ded and premiums and co pays with less work hrs in a harder to work for less economy????
    Americans r tired, broke and disgusted and want our elected officials to vote 100 percent for hardworking american’s pockets for a change and worship simple basic math figures for our future…..

  4. PR piece from Democrats published by PBPT Says:

    It’s the democrat spin machine. Trying to establish Murphy as a centrist.

    If democrats need Murphy’s vote, they’ve got it.

    Murphy can vote ‘against’ Obama as long as there is an assured number of votes ‘for’ Obama.

    Murphy is a carpetbagger…moves to where ever there is a congressional seat available.

    In addition, Patrick Murphy is a party jumper just like Charlie Crist. First, he a republican, then a democrat.

    There is no trust with these people. They are ‘flexible’ for THEIR NEEDS.

  5. OBIWAN Says:

    … Murphy is only half as bad as Bill Nelson?

    What an accolade for rabid progressive liberal loons against the America people, jobs, rights, oppressive IRS, lockstep use of every Federal Dept to persecute the losing party…
    … who controls the majority of states not doing the Marxist drumbeating??

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