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Democrats say ‘class warfare’ is part of the Fla GOP agenda

by John Kennedy | February 20th, 2014

House Democrats on Thursday said they plan to use the upcoming 60-day legislative session to show Floridians what they have not been getting under almost two decades of Republican leadership.

Long waiting lists for elder and children’s services, lagging per-pupil school funding, and the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid under the federal Affordable Care Act are all issues Democrats plan to highlight during the session. While Republicans may be hoping to give Gov. Rick Scott smooth sailing headed into his re-election campaign, Democrats say they are willing to make the waters rough.

“For Florida to realize its full potential, the Legislature must recognize the needs of all Floridians,” said House Democratic Leader Perry Thurston of Fort Lauderdale. “We must change the direction in which our state is operating on certain issues.”

Democrats are vastly outnumbered in the Legislature. While Democrats can squawk, Republican Senate President Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, and House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, are really setting the agenda for the session.

The Republican leaders have outlined election-year proposals that embrace Gov. Rick Scott’s call for more than $500 million in tax and fee cuts, another round of sales tax breaks, and an uptick in funding for schools, social programs and the environment, helped by a $1.2 billion budget surplus.

Rep. Mark Pafford, D-West Palm Beach, said that’s not enough. He said Republican policies have polarized the state, doing little for working-class and poor Floridians.

“This is class warfare,” Pafford said. “We have a commitment by leadership to walk on the backs of Floridians, average Floridians, to gain power….and to historically benefit corporations in this state.”

“The people of Florida are ready for that type of discussion,” Pafford said.

Democrats last year used a range of tactics to combat Republican policies, including parliamentarian. At one point, House Democrats forced all bills going before the chamber to be read in full — a demand that ground action to a virtual halt.

Last summer, a 31-day sit-in at the Capitol by opponents of the state’s Republican-backed stand your ground self-defense law also earned the backing of many Democrats. A repeat of such actions is possible, Democrats acknowledged, if it helps make the case of the Legislature’s minority party and its voters.

“We’re here to make sure that when we leave…Floridians know that we were here,” said Rep. Mia Jones, D-Jacksonville. “That we made sure that their needs were met, and we were there for them.

“If that means we will use whatever we have in our arsenal to use, we will use that in order to make sure we do what is necessary,” she added.



12 Responses to “Democrats say ‘class warfare’ is part of the Fla GOP agenda”

  1. Laughable Says:

    What! There are no 1 percenters Democrats?

    No millionaire Democrats?

    No billionaire Democrats?

  2. TrafficAvenger Says:

    The antiquated polices of the G.O.P. is and will be their downfall. From medical Cannabis to women’s right to privacy for healthcare to voter suppression to gutting the public education funding to the constant corporate welfare hand outs.

    The misdeeds of the G.O.P. is endless and they add to it ever day.

    Count Down Clock says;

    8 Months and 15 Days,
    256 Days from Today.

    The 4th. of Nov. 2014.

    That will be the Tuesday that
    “We the People” will “VOTE OUT” each and every member of the G.O.P. we can and they have no one to blame but the leadership or should we the lack there of by the leadership of the G.O.P. for disregarding the middle class every chance they got and continue to do.

    See you at the polls.
    Have a Great Day.

  3. Repubtallygirl Says:

    Lets look at some of the net worth of some Dems.

    Sen. Jeremy Ring, (D-Margate)
    Sen. Eleanor Sobel (D-Hollywood)
    Rep. Irving Slosberg (D-Boca Raton)
    Sen. Gwen Margolis (D-Miami)
    Rep. (Lance) David Richardson (D-Miami Beach)
    Rep. Larry Lee Jr. (D-Port St. Lucie)
    Sen. Bill Montford (D-Tallahassee)
    Rep. Elaine Schwartz (D-Hollywood)
    Rep. Lori Berman (D-Delray Beach)
    Rep. Richard Stark (D-Weston)
    Rep. Jim Waldman (D-Coconut Creek)
    Rep. Kevin Rader (D -Delray Beach)
    Rep. Clovis Watson Jr. (D-Alachua)
    Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda (D-Tallahassee)

  4. Pot Calling the Kettle... Says:

    The grand master of “class warfare” is current tenant in the White House – Barack “One Percenter” Obama. Rep. Marky-Mark Pafford is a member of this DNC hypocrite club too.

  5. Cassy Says:

    The Dems are the only ones using the phrase “class warfare” all the time. It’s part of their “arsenel” It galls me why the Repubs NEVER come back at them with the same stuff. That is why Obama is where he has been for the last years because Repubs are not tough enough. I am a Repub turned Independent and my husband was a Repub elected official long ago….and I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination and neither are my friends who worked and got pensions because we had a plan for the future, no handouts. That just galls the Dems. As Obama does his class warfare thing, he plays the rich courses, dines lavishly, takes all the vacations with the rich allowing him to stay in their gazillion dollar homes, lavish birthday parties, entertainment, etc Wait…what? Must be Bush’s fault.

  6. Hmmmm... Says:

    Those who focus on disparity are the one’s promoting clasd warfare.

    When everyone is doing better, that is the result of good policies.

    In Florida, everyone is doing better than they were four years ago.

  7. Unity Says:

    Is this news. The GOP sold us out to the car insurance, home insurance, and Koch brothers interests years ago, the Gov himself made millions stealing from Medicare. But we keep electing them.

  8. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @unity tallied the top donors in federal elections between 1989 and 2014. Koch Industries — privately owned by the Evil Koch Bros — is on the list, to be sure, but doesn’t appear until the 59th slot, with $18 million in donations, 90 percent of which went to Republicans.
    Unions, unions, unions
    So who occupies the 58 spots ahead of the Evil Koch Bros? Six of the top 10 are … wait for it … unions. They gave more than $278 million, with most of it going to Democrats.
    These are familiar names: AFSCME ($60.6 million), NEA ($53.5 million), IBEW ($44.4 million), UAW ($41.6 million), Carpenters & Joiners ($39.2 million) and SEIU ($38.3 million).
    In other words, the six biggest union donors in American politics gave 15 times more to mostly Democrats than the Evil Koch Bros

    via Washington Examiner….

  9. kelly Says:

    The Koch brothers are 2 people. Unions are millions of people. Unless you believe unions are people too, just like corporations.

  10. Bob Says:

    The primary function of ANY politician is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. In the case of governors, their state constitution comes next. Jobs and the economy are merely administrative details.
    A bill to bring Florida’s family law statutes more in line with state and federal constitutions passed by overwhelming majority in both houses of the legislature and landed on Rick Scott’s desk. In a treacherous move to quash the legislation, he sat on it until the last minutes before it would become law and then, vetoed it.
    This was a solid punch in the gut to every Floridian who has been denied their constitutional, civil, and human rights by the abomination we call “family courts”.

    I don’t care what Rick Scott did for jobs or the economy. If he won’t protect and defend my rights, he doesn’t deserve my vote. Rick Scott defrauded Tea Party supporters & voters who want smaller government and respect for the constitution. Rick Scott is a right wing ideologue who governs by his biases.

    The Republican party of Florida needs to primary Rick Scott with a real Tea Party conservative. Otherwise they will be saying “Governor Crist” again.

  11. Bob Says:

    Beware any politician who claims to be a “family values” candidate. That is code speak for “I’m going to do a jack booted march all over your constitutional rights”. Because they place THEIR beliefs and bias above their oath of office.

  12. Good one... Says:

    As long as Traffic Avenger can get high and vote he could care less if you took a dump on him.

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