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Awake the State plans opening-day rallies around Florida

by John Kennedy | February 28th, 2014

While Gov. Rick Scott and state lawmakers open the 2014 Legislature on Tuesday, rallies are planned for more than a dozen cities across the state, with Democratic-leaning groups blasting Republican leaders for the priorities set in Tallahassee.

Lake Worth’s John Prince Park is the site of the Palm Beach County “Awake the State” rally, planned to begin at 5 p.m. Tuesday.

“Average Floridians are fed up with Tallahassee politicians balancing the budget on the backs of hard-working families,” said Mark Ferrulo of Progress Florida, a St. Petersburg-based activist organization. “We will continue to fight Rick Scott and the tea party until we see these anti-middle class policies changed.”

A day before the session begins, similar themes are expected to be sounded at a “Moral Monday” demonstration planned at the state Capitol and led by the NAACP of Florida, unions and other groups.

The Awake the State movement has been around a few years. In 2011, organizers held two demonstrations, before and after Scott’s inaugural session that was marked by changes to the state’s public pension fund, tougher abortion laws, and a reduction in the days available for early voting, reversed last year by lawmakers.

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3 Responses to “Awake the State plans opening-day rallies around Florida”

  1. Calling all bigots Says:

    PahokeePudPullerPete, TheAviator, Jerkbama, FlaNaive79 (atheist), Banksy, 69Cyclone, madmike69, Spence69, SkrateDown, molonlabia, Iknewthat, Mohawker, getthefax, RicFlair, tico, ken69, mahislayer, jebamoni69, U-byte, Obi-won, tron_dude, huffyman, patriciainlakeworth, luisluis, johndon, Mr_President, kenobe1, Just_Looking

    Sound off.

  2. God's Speed Says:

    Do not get in the way of the incestuous back room, tax skimming GOP stranglehold in Tally. There is a lot of money to be made. Do not get in the way. Now gget in line you redneck fools and keep them in office. They have Jesus and The NRA on their side.

  3. timtopper Says:

    This is Rick Scott at his finest. He has done the best job he could of selling our great state to the highest bidders. He started with the insurance industry, giving the auto insurance companies the outright ability to provide us with 75% less medical coverage then we are forced by state law to pay for.

    Voters, please review Scott’s history. When Rick Scott ran for governor, he was a multimillionaire former CEO of a hospital corporation that committed the largest Medicare fraud in history. His company was fined $1.7 billion for the crimes. The corp board of directors took a vote of no confidence, but granted him a golden parachute worth $500,000,000. His deposition is posted on youtube. Please watch it. I was stunned at how stupid he made himself come across. He took the 5th over 70 times.

    When he decided to run for governor and could spend $70 million to buy the election with advertising, a popular comedian said it was an IQ test for Florida. We failed.

    Scott has been on a crusade to turn our hospitals insurance companies, and prison system into gold mines for the kinds of businesses he operates. He has given the auto insurance industry a blank check to seal from us. He has turned his back on us, giving our $51 billion in Medicaid funds to other states and withholding needed healthcare from our people out of work. He wrecked the rail jobs opportunity, wrecked education with firings and program cuts that will take generations to recover from. He continues to try to “purge” people who have the perfect right to vote.

    Ask him what happened to the 700,000 new jobs he campaigned to create? Despite his rhetoric, Florida has had a net loss of jobs since he took office. Scott needs to be sent packing, as do his lap dogs; Atwater, Bondi, Negron, Simms, and Weatherford. They simply rubber stamp his bad legislation.

    This will be another IQ test for Florida. I hope we can say “Fool us once, shame on you, but you can’t fool us twice.”

    It doesn’t matter who runs against him. Say what you want about Crist changing parties. Crist never set out on a mission to destroy our state, at the expense of us, the voting citizens. Crist at least looked out for the “everyday man and women”, us the ham and eggers, 9 to 5′ers.

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