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As Crist heads to Palm Beach book signing, GOP recruits demonstrators, offers sign tips

by George Bennett | February 18th, 2014

GOP has followed Crist on his Florida book tour

As Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist‘s book tour brings him to Palm Beach on Wednesday afternoon, the Republican Party of Florida is planning to offer conspicuous opposition.

Palm Beach County Republican Chairwoman Anita Mitchell this week sent an “Important” message to the party’s e-mail list seeking sign-waving demonstrators to show up outside the Classic Bookstore when Crist comes to sign copies of The Party’s Over: How the Extreme Right Hijacked the GOP and I Became a Democrat.

Mitchell’s e-mail is a copy of a message from RROF South East Regional Director Diana Ramos urging Republicans “to show him that no matter how blue Palm Beach may seem, he will encounter resistance.”

Ramos even offers messaging tips for the demonstrators:

“If you are interested in creating home-made signs, please use the following messages:

• Charlie Crist: Obama’s Favorite Democrat
• Charlie Crist: Obamacare’s Biggest Fan
• Charlie = Opportunist
• You Can’t Trust Charlie
• Failed Governor
• 3 Parties, 3 Years, Lousy Governor
• Charlie 2010 or Charlie 2014, Which One Do You Believe?”

With Crist leading Republican Gov. Rick Scott in the polls, Republicans have been engaging in aggressive bracketing of Crist’s appearances. RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry has attended several of Crist’s book-signings, but isn’t expected at the Palm Beach event.

“Charlie Crist is trying to get away with writing what’s basically a fictional book, getting a lot of free earned media,” said RPOF spokeswoman Susan Hepworth, who plans to be in Palm Beach. “When he goes to these markets, we’re not going to let him have a free ride.”

23 Responses to “As Crist heads to Palm Beach book signing, GOP recruits demonstrators, offers sign tips”

  1. whynott Says:

    I can not believe the repubs would ever do anything like that

  2. Mad Mike Says:

    @whynott, I know it’s hard to believe. They’re taking a page right out of the Democratic playbook.

  3. George Benefit Says:

    Good grief… this is outrageous! Especially the one sign that proclaimed,
    Just what is the world of politics coming to? And then the one that said,
    man how rude is that… however no where near as impolite as,

    Where is the steel hanky Politenessman when needed most?

  4. PBG Says:

    Anybody over Scott is an improvement

  5. timtopper Says:

    Just vote Rick Scott out!!!!

  6. CanadianBacon Says:

    Crist is like one big homosexual bending over with a sign on his @ss saying “Anyway you want it”.

  7. BrokenWindee Says:

    I have seen more than a few Jokeland Judges chomping at the bit to have Charlie who takes it give them an appointment. You have put the value of your homes, pensions, and life in the hands of corruption county. Get rid of these people or else you will slowly die as Charlie Garbage and his ilk gives the greenlight on your destruction–just like Jimmy Carter did but I was too strong. He will give the jokes who have destroyed your community another terrible judicial appointment. Because he listnend to Scott Rothstein he is not qualified period. You have a duty to your grandchildren and not to early bird specials seniors. He is a Bad man and a totally manipulated politician, enough said. Totally unqualified jokes who would have been appointed if Charlie was Governor. I am a highly experienced trial lawyer from a top 20 law school with an impeccable record; Charlie is a tool of the J–get rid of this garbage if you want to live white people, They play the slow game so you end up in hospice with immigrant aides. I am deadly serious; they are killing your children and you know it. All’s you have to do is vote. Bye Bye to Afred E. Newman Mad Look alike Obama,
    and say hello to reality–we are still the emajority jokes and everyone against is a moral traitor of the American Way. Deal with them as traitors or you will die.

  8. Dorris Says:

    I would go but afraid I will vomit !!

  9. Edward Says:

    Should be a gay ol’ time.

  10. jac Says:

    Crist was the People’s Governor versus Governor Skeltor with the worst rating. They had to change his picture to try to make him more likable. Scott even used a dog that he got rid of after his win. Seems Scott and the Tea Partier’s will do anything for a vote. Funny you just change parties and now I can’t vote. The voters seem to change their minds too. I vote the line only?

  11. jim Says:

    time to flush Crist down the toilet just like Frankel at www,

  12. jim Says:

    time to flush Crist down the toilet just like Frankel at

  13. wxman Says:

    The federal poverty line excludes income other than cash income! Welfare benefits are not included. So, food stamps and public housing DO NOT COUNT! BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CONSIDER THESE ENTITLEMENTS AS MONEY… even though it is…. the poverty level remains high… even though the welfare benefits would raise the income of people in poverty!

  14. wxman Says:

    The federal poverty line excludes income other than cash, especially welfare benefits. So, if food stamps and public housing were used less people would be in poverty. BUT SINCE THEY ARE NOT USING… FOOD STAMPS.. HOUSING.. WIC… ETC… the number of people in poverty remains ARTIFICIALLY HIGH!

  15. wxman Says:

    The United States is the New USSR.. only it’s the UNITED STATES OF SPOLIED ROTTEN!
    Cry baby people who blame everybody else for their poor choices. Blame everbody else because they won’t work and save and sacrafice like their parents! Cry when somebody calls them a name or uses a word they don’t like! GOOD LUCK WITH THIS COUNTRY…. THE SMART PEOPLE ARE LEAVING!

  16. John Barbieri Says:

    Scott is no bargain.
    Crist is an opportunist.
    This election is a choice between bad or worse.
    Unhappily, I’ can’t tell which of them is which.

  17. The Problem Says:

    The problem with Republicans is that they are more loyal to their political party than they are to the country. How you could elect a corrupt business man who stole money from sick people and then defend them is disgusting.

  18. CEO Says:

    Crist, a Snake Oil Salesman only an ignorant liberal could embrace.

  19. TrafficAvenger Says:

    Scott is slimy business man who bought an election with the help of the clueless Tea Party who had the thought process, that seeing he was a former business owner he would be a good fix for the state.

    When in fact all he did for the taxpayers was line the pockets of the home and auto insurance industry and the walk-in-clinics that drug test state workers and welfare recipients at a cost to the taxpayers of over $48 million dollars a year with no savings or positive results to show for and or from these test.

    What people here fail to realize is the fact. “We the People” do not so much vote for someone, as much as we will vote against the ones who have done us, “the taxpayer”, wrong.

    And that is how we see Gov. Rick Scott.

    He has done nothing for the middle class other then put people in the street and cost us untold amounts of tax dollars for the benefit of some of the largest corporations in the state and at the cost of the middle class taxpayers.

    Count Down Clock says;
    8 Months and 17 Days,
    258 Days from Today.

    The 4th. of Nov. 2014.

    That will be the Tuesday that,

    “We the People” will “VOTE OUT” each and every member of the G.O.P. we can and they have no one to blame but the very leadership of the G.O.P. for their antiquated policies on the economy, voter suppression and individual health care. Just to name a few of the misdeeds of the G.O.P..

    See you at the polls boys and girls.

    As Always,
    Have a Great Day.

  20. timtopper Says:

    TA, very well said. Please take every opportunity to let all voters know what a criminal Scott was and still is. His big gift; the Auto-insurance industry relief act of 2013. He reduced our auto medical benefits by 75% while seeing to it that our premiums remained the same as before.

    As CEO of his hospital corp. he oversaw the largest medicare fraud in history. He took the 5th over 70 times during his questioning. The deposition video is posted on youtube. If you watch it, I guarantee that you have never seen someone act so stupid and dumb in your life.

    The voters of Florida failed their IQ test during the last election. Please don’t fail it again. Scott needs to go, regardless of who runs againt him.

  21. Searcher1 Says:

    I really didn’t CRINGE much when Charlie was Governor. Gov Scott, on the other hand, makes me so ASHAMED to live in a state where the STUPIDITY of the voters lead to the election of this CARPETBAGGING, INDICTED CORPORATE STOOGE!

  22. Sorry Charlie Says:

    Coming soon. Charlie Crist’s new book: “How to Turn Your Coat While Flipping Your Political Ethics.”

  23. Bob Says:

    “You can’t trust Charlie Crist”???? How about this:
    The primary function of ANY politician is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. In the case of governors, their state constitution comes next. Jobs and the economy are merely administrative details. A bill to bring Florida’s family law statutes more in line with state and federal constitutions passed by overwhelming majority in both houses of the legislature and landed on Rick Scott’s desk. In a treacherous move to quash the legislation, he sat on it until the last minutes before it would become law and then, vetoed it. This was a solid punch in the gut to every Floridian who has been denied their constitutional, civil, and human rights by the abommination we call “family courts”. I don’t care what Rick Scott did for jobs or the economy. If he won’t protect and defend my rights, he doesn’t deserve my vote. Rick Scott defrauded Tea Party supporters & voters who want smaller government and respect for the constitution. Rick Scott is a right wing ideolog who governs by his biases and could best be described as a corporate and social facist. By the way, I’m a registered Republican and have been for a long time and I’m not voting for Rick Scott again under any circumstance.

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