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With cash on hand, Scott recommends boosting transportation spending

by John Kennedy | January 13th, 2014

Keeping with a theme, Gov. Rick Scott on Monday said he plans to propose an increase in state transportation spending when he unveils his state budget plan in coming weeks.

Scott last week announced he was looking to boost spending on tourism to $100 million, up from $63 million currently. In transportation, in an event at the Port of Jacksonville, Scott said Monday that he’ll recommend $8.8 billion in state spending — a $200 million boost from the 2013-14 budget.

Within the set-aside, Scott said $138.9 million should go to seaport improvements.

“From construction jobs to increased trade opportunities, transportation projects provide tremendous job and economic benefit,” Scott said. “This investment will enable our state to remain competitive for many years to come.”

After years of budget cutting, Florida is on track for a $1.1 billion surplus in the coming election year. Scott looks poised to spread the cash around, having already recommend $500 million in tax and fee cuts.

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One Response to “With cash on hand, Scott recommends boosting transportation spending”

  1. Registered Independent Says:

    We should thank every state employee who went years without a raise for funding this surplus. Employees who are now subject to a special FRS tax that range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per year. Again, the middle class are barring the brunt of the financial burden for the sake of the wealthy. God bless the GOP and the Tea Party.

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