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Trump operatives trying to clear GOP field for potential New York run for governor

by George Bennett | January 18th, 2014

Donald and Melania Trump stand for the national anthem at the start of The Trump Invitational $125,000 Grand Prix at The Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach this month. (Bruce Bennett/Palm Beach Post)

Part-time Palm Beacher and serial potential candidate Donald Trump is continuing to consider a Republican campaign for governor of New York — but only if GOP operatives in the Empire State clear the field for him, a Trump attorney said today.

Michael Cohen, a senior vice president and special counsel in the Trump Organization, met Friday with potential GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino, the Westchester County executive, and told a handful of Trump supporters in an e-mail afterward that “Rob indicated that he is running for Governor and would not step aside and let Mr. Trump be the nominee. As you are aware, Mr. Trump would only run against (Democratic Gov. Andrew) Cuomo if the party could unite around one candidate and one who could win. This loss will be terrible for all of New York.”

That e-mail fueled speculation that Trump has ruled out a run for governor. But that’s not the case, Cohen told The Palm Beach Post today. Instead, Cohen characterized his e-mail as an effort to get Trump backers to ratchet up pressure on New York GOP leaders to keep other candidates out.

“There is nothing in the e-mail stating Mr. Trump will not run…The e-mail was nothing more than a call for action to the four individuals who have been actively involved in the Trump draft for Governor. The goal was to advise them of the meeting and to have them continue their calls to top GOP leaders and increase the growing support for Mr. Trump,” Cohen said.

Cohen added: “Only Mr. Trump can make a decision whether he will or will not run for Governor. Mr. Trump has not made a decision yet. Trump wants the Republican party to unite behind one candidate and one candidate who can win. Trump is the only individual who could defeat Cuomo, and possibly easily.”

Another leader of Draft Trump efforts, political consultant Michael Caputo, said he is continuing to try to line up support for Trump and considers Astorino’s interest in the governor’s race a “head fake.”


12 Responses to “Trump operatives trying to clear GOP field for potential New York run for governor”

  1. MimiB Says:

    Ha Ha Ha

  2. The Donald Says:

    I will rule the world!

  3. Ivana Says:

    Dear Donald: YOU’RE FIRED!

  4. TrafficAvenger Says:

    And then two articles down. Is cracker town River Ranch.

    Long live River Ranch. The river, the wetlands, the cracker cowboys that cut the trails, the developers followed to make their monies. And all that we know as.Living in the swamps.

    The Donald has no clue.
    If it were not for the Crackers. There would be no Donald. Regardless of what the Donald would have us believe.

  5. Linda Says:

    Yup another Billionaire who has no clue how the middle class struggles

  6. jebamoni4 Says:

    Good riddance in Florida!!

  7. Paul Hauser Says:

    Trump is no more interested in being a politician than I am in being unemployed!

    What he IS interested in is creating as much publicity for himself as possible, which makes him a blowhard.

    Why would he want to be a Politician? The country has been great for him. He is a billionaire a few times over. He is not genuinely concerned about the USA, nor it being a laughingstock in the world. He is not interested in making the USA a better place to live for all its Citizens.

    What he IS interested in is turning his few billion into $10 Billion. What else could he possibly gain from being a Politician? He already has the access he needs and is a minion of the club.

  8. mahi slayer Says:

    Maybe if trump gets elected up there it will keep his ugly butt away from us

  9. jaspanik Says:

    Just what New York needs, as if they don’t have enough problems. I would guess this is all about his overblown ego.

  10. Paul Hauser Says:

    @ mahi slayer hhhhhhmmmm…That’s a very valid point. Considering that possibility where may I send my donation?

  11. Paul Hauser Says:

    @ mahi slayer Now if he DOES get elected, there is the possibility he will toot his horn with such force, it may blow his toupe’ over here!! LOL, ROFL!

  12. Searcher1 Says:

    TRUMP is a CHUMP! So, he won’t run unless they “clear the way”? What is he AFRAID of? A little competition?

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