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Scott ups the election-year ante with 10-day tax-free holiday

by John Kennedy | January 17th, 2014

With a budget surplus and election year facing him, Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that he is proposing a 10-day back-to-school sales tax holiday this year — upping the three-day tax-exempt periods approved the past four years.

“By creating this holiday, we’ll help Floridians keep more of their money, while helping prepare every Florida student for another school year,” Scott said of his proposal, unveiled before a Florida Chamber of Commerce event in Orlando.

Tax-free items would include clothing valued at less than $100, school supplies costing under $15, and computers and related equipment costing less than $750. The overall value of the tax-free period would be about $60 million, Scott said.

The idea still has to be embraced by the Legislature, which begins the two-month session March 4. But with a $1.1 billion budget surplus, Scott has already mapped out plans to cut motor vehicle fees by $401 million and is likely to propose another increase in public school funding similar to last year’s $1 billion boost.


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2 Responses to “Scott ups the election-year ante with 10-day tax-free holiday”

  1. OBIWAN Says:

    Imagine the gall of a Republican daring to give back taxpayer their own money…
    … the state has no reasons to spend??

    How about REAL Tax Reform to modernize our state’s revenue base:

    6% Sales Tax WITH NO EXEMPTIONS…

    … only stopped when Marco Rubio set it up by our Trial Lawyers believing they end up eating as clients wouldn’t pay them more…

    … as we suffer 30% Trial Lawyers in our Legislature vs under 3% in general population??

    Imagine those 97 million Visitors paying 6% at Publix… and noticing they still save 2-3% over ‘back home’??

    Florida is on the bubble…
    … cutting big GOVT spending now and eliminating needless intrusive rules and regulations…
    … can turn back the clock a decade!

  2. jac Says:

    wow 100.00 dollars of clothing tax free. i can only buy off the dollar menu with my savings. Thank Scott. This how the GOP is out of touch. Add tax free dyas while taking away days for voting. Brilliant.

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