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Rep. Tom Rooney tweets pic with Willie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ at State of the Union

by George Bennett | January 28th, 2014

8 Responses to “Rep. Tom Rooney tweets pic with Willie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ at State of the Union”

  1. Carrie Says:

    this man does not belong in politics. Willie is a shill for the right. Dumb Dynasty is just plain dumb

  2. Florida Mom Says:

    Just stunning that this GOP calls Duck Dynasty a ‘small business’. No, I work for a true small business, a private dental practice w/ three employees. Duck Dynasty is an empire worth millions. Americans, and Floridians in particular, need to understand how the Republican Party caters to these businesses, redefining the word ‘small’, giving them tax breaks, etc. while truly small businesses like mine pick up their slack.

  3. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @FloridaMom – Phil Roberson started making duck calls in a shed. Its called living the American dream. They are a true American rag to riches story. You can accomplish anything you want in this country with hard work.
    Wait, we are in Obama’a America now, the world of increased regulations. Never mind, go back to being jealous of other ppl’s success.

  4. Florida Mom Says:

    Please do not proceed to tell me about hard work and living the American dream. I began work at a young age, doing what needed to be done and what others wouldn’t do. Do you know how many blumpkins I have giving in the course of my career? I have guzzled so much baby-batter, that I can just burb and knock you up via some sweet oral. Next time you toss a salad, just think that I have done that thousands of time for less than minimum wage!

  5. Florida Mom Says:

    Repubtallygirl: deflection does nothing to address content, dear. No matter where the Dynasty family started they are by no means a small business currently. Which was the basis for my own comment. I am not sure what your point is, except that you seem to believe this is a partisan issue when it is not. Small businesses are the backbone of this economy, for many reasons. Corporations and millionaires are getting all the breaks, leaving us to pay for them. Not partisan and something everyone should be aware of.

  6. Repubtallygirl Says:

    @FloridaMom – Myself and I am sure many others, do not care to hear about your sexual exploits. What people should be aware of is your location. Your hole is probably festering with god knows how many vile diseases etc. For the record, I do not “toss” salads. I leave that to section 8 housing skanks like you.

  7. Florida Mom Says:

    I agree, and for the record the post 4hrs, 50 mins ago was posted by someone else using my same user name, which should be addressed by the site administrator. It was a crass and very confusing comment.

  8. Chobee Chick Says:

    Really dumb to fight over this picture when the reason Willie was there is because President Obama is a huge fan. Many Reps had their pictures taken with him as the news has shown all day today. Just shows how moronic some folks have to be over a Party. Myra it is true google it. Obama is a fan.

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