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Minor and no-party voters may soon outnumber Republicans in Palm Beach County

by George Bennett | January 6th, 2014

New Palm Beach County GOP Chairwoman Anita Mitchell.

The percentage of Palm Beach County voters who register Republican has slid steadily over the past two decades — from 40.2 percent in January 1994 to 33.2 percent in January 2004 to 28.1 percent today.

GOP registrations in the county may soon be eclipsed by voters who aren’t affiliated with a major party. As of Friday, people registered with no party or minor parties were 28 percent of the county electorate. The number of unaffiliated voters in the county increased 5.4 percent last year while the number of Republicans grew only 0.6 percent.

Democratic registrations have also slipped as a percentage of overall county voters, but not nearly as much as Republicans. Dems were 48.2 percent of county voters in 1994 and are 44 percent today.

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3 Responses to “Minor and no-party voters may soon outnumber Republicans in Palm Beach County”

  1. Freebie Party Rules Says:

    No surprise. The Democratic Party offers uneducated voters more “freebies” (entitlements) at the taxpayers’ expense.

  2. Claire Azabell Says:

    And why?

    Because the Tea Party types… anti-science, fundamentalist, bigot birther misogynistic homophobes… now control the republican party and intimidate its former leaders.

    Examples from our dysfunctional “anything goes” free comment arena include tireless hate peddlers like these:


do you really suck so bad as to stalk me all over the net just to delete or denigrate my quick quips and information-sharing posts?

Uhhh, apparently YES… you DO !!!

These examples just since you got home midday Sunday from church (hypocrites):

half dozen others and you’re still hard at “work” (having no real profession)


 Is it envy from your being so inarticulate and unoriginal…
or just that ideological hatred (of someone perhaps more educated, certainly more liberal, aware of the dangers guns in the home represent to all who pass through, concerned more with those on welfare than those with offshore accounts) that makes for such a bitter, bad, real-world combination mixed with your arsenal and fundamentalist wife-beating personality?

Back in your holes, trolls.

  3. No political pawns needed Says:

    Just goes to show more republican voters are becoming informed and realizing the establishment of the two party system is failing the american people and our pockets as their pockets grow!!!
    A change must come to the establishment of the failing two party systems that is working for themselves and not americans first…..Hardworking americans deserve balance and demand a fiscal accountability for their harder to earn money in this backwards, illusional printed economy where our public overtaxed systems do not work with balance and subsidies work without balance as they become a way of life and are not used as the steppping stone they were meant to be??? WHERE R THOSE JOBS as unemployment rates so call drop as we now hear the demands for extensions?? WHY and WHO is gonna pay for it?? tax the rich more so they either pick up and leave or use more loopholes and leave the middle class holding the bag or just include it in the next debt ceiling raise??? Why has welfare, disability and early s.s. increased at high rates while unemployemnt rates drop and extensions r still needed? As we now get ready for next poltiical tactic of income equality for those poltiical pawns to march into those voting booths? Never has the majority of hardworking, sacrificing americans felt so much income inequality especially while the middle class is disappearing or seem to be worker harder for less as our gov still lives the high life while squandering our money as our only success is a dependent nation as we still sit in 17 trillion dollars and still printing?? SOMETHING IS WRONG and hardworking, sacrificing americans demanding a prosperous self efficient working country where the poor is less and our overtaxed and unbalanced sytems r not a weight on our over burden shoulders as we demand our harder to earn money be managed with fiscal responsibilty is NOT the problem….. EQUALITY and BALANCE begins with a hardworking, balanced society for ALL and a gov that works and spends as we the people while providing a prosperous growing balanced economy for americans and we are far from it………

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