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Crist leads Scott by 8 in new poll; voters unswayed by GOP jobs focus, attacks on Crist

by George Bennett | January 30th, 2014

Emphasis on jobs, attacks on Crist don't appear to be helping Gov. Rick Scott

Democrat Charlie Crist holds an 8-point lead over Republican Gov. Rick Scott in a new Quinnipiac University poll of Florida voters — essentially the same margin Crist held in Quinnipiac’s last survey two months ago.

Crist holds a 46-to-38 percent lead over Scott in the poll of 1,565 registered voters, which has a 2.5 percent margin of error.

By a 54-to-38 percent margin, voters say Scott does not deserve a second term. Only 41 percent approve of the job he’s doing as governor, while 49 percent disapprove.

Scott has emphasized jobs as the state’s economy has improved and the GOP has spent months attacking Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat Crist as an unprincipled flip-flopper. But voters say Crist would do a better job handling the economy by a 47-to-42 percent margin. And by a 44-to-36 percent margin, they rate Crist as more honest and trustworthy than Scott.

Crist, elected governor in 2006 as a Republican before switching to no party and then becoming a Democrat after he left office, is remembered fondly by voters. Asked to recall his governorship, 53 percent approve of the job he did and 36 percent disapprove.

The latest poll suggests a stalling of Scott’s momentum in recent months. Crist held a 16-point lead in a March 2013 Quinnipiac poll, but Scott narrowed the Democrat’s advantage to 7 points in Quinnipiac’s last poll in November.

About the only good news for Scott in the latest poll: If Democrat Nan Rich upsets Crist in the Democratic primary, Scott would defeat her by a 41-to-37 percent margin. That’s down from an 8-point Scott advantage over Rich in November.

The sample for the latest poll was 30 percent Democrat, 27 percent Republican, 35 percent independent and 7 percent other/don’t know. Quinnipiac asks respondents what party they consider themselves aligned with, contending that is a more accurate reflection of partisan sentiment than the actual registration on their voter cards. In actual statewide registrations, Democrats hold a 39-to-35 percent statewide advantage over the GOP, with 25 percent signed up with no party or minor parties.

The Quinnipiac poll compares to a recent survey by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling that found Crist holding only a 43-to-41 percent lead over Scott.

13 Responses to “Crist leads Scott by 8 in new poll; voters unswayed by GOP jobs focus, attacks on Crist”

  1. Justice for All Says:

    Crist is a looser and phony…..

    VOTE for SCOTT!

  2. Stevein WPB Says:

    “Justice for All” writes like a loser.

    Charlie Crist in 2014!

  3. RadioMain Says:

    Justice for All…your name says it, because if there was JUSTICE Slick Rick would be in Jail.

    Lets VOTE The Chief Thief in Charge SLICK RICK OUT OF OFFICE!!!

  4. DowntownWPB Says:

    Can’t we please get a third candidate? I would personally rather see Scooby Doo as Governor than these two clowns!

  5. Diablo Says:

    I voted for Crist the first time around, but I have no real opinion of him. He seems like a nice enough guy. However, my dislike of Scott is rabid. I have never paid much attention to state politics before he purchased the Gov job. He has systematically sold us to the auto insurance and house insurance industry. He has balanced the state budget on the backs of the regular citizens to help the wealthy. He is a very bad man.

  6. jebamoni4 Says:

    SCOTT is a crook and in the pants” pocket of insurance companies. THOSE WHO VOTE FOR HIM ARE NOTHING BUT LOSERS!!!

  7. Rick Scott is thief Says:


    Which so far is over $1 Billion from the Citizens Reserve Fund while he raised our insurance rates by $180 Million last year!

  8. CFLAP Says:

    I vowed I would never vote for a Democrat. That was until Rick Scott vetoed permanent alimony reform.

  9. CFLAP Says:

    How ironic that someone who refers to themselves as “justice for all” would say “vote for Rick Scott”. Rick Scott had the chance to stand up for justice and the Constitution and he vetoed it. Rick Scott governs by his own personal biases and I and a lot of other people that have been abused by Florida’s family law courts won’t be voting for him a second time.

  10. Searcher1 Says:

    Crist was a MODERATE when he was Governor. Scott is a TEA-GOP Right Wing Troll. I can’t wait to see where Scott moves to when he loses….

  11. timtopper Says:

    Scott should have been sent to prison. However, our laws held his “corporatiion” responsible for the massive medicare fraud committed. Therefore, his corporation HCA paid the largest fine in the history of the medicare program, while Scott took the 5th over 70 times. He walked away a multi-millionaire while his corporation held the bag and took all the heat.

    Using his ill gotten money he bought his way into Tallahassee. He has been a total failure. Everyone of his bright ideas have either been over turned by the courts, or are still working their way through the courts. Fearing total defeat he has tried to stack the courts in his favor.

    His yes men, known as the Scott Clown Posse, are composed of Negron, Simms, Wetherford, Atwater and Bondi. So far this clown posse has enabled him to ram through every item of anti-consumer, pro business lobby legislation he has dreamed of. Look at Scotts biggest contributors;
    Auto Insurance, FPL, Blue Cross, Sugar, Developers.

    We the people mean nothing to Scott and his clown posse. They the corporations mean the world to the Scott and his clown posse.

    You may not like Criist for changing parties, but he never hurt the average citizens of our state. He was never beholden to the corporate interests over the interests and welfare of our residents and citizens.

    Vote Scott and his band of clowns out. Reclaim Florida for the people. After all, we do live here.

  12. seminoleman Says:

    you people are stupid if want charlie crist as governor again..when he left office the state’s economy was trash, and it is much better under people are friggin morons to vote for anyone like crist…

  13. Pink slip rick Says:

    Morons vote for Scott. Enjoy your defeat. Let’s dump him and his whole clown car crew!

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