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Christie in Palm Beach County: focus on New Jersey, 2014 governor races; not 2016 — yet

by George Bennett | January 19th, 2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told GOP megadonors assembled in northern Palm Beach County Sunday that he’ll focus on governing at home and helping Republicans win governorships this year before contemplating a 2016 presidential bid.

Christie is chairman of the Republican Governors Association. He joined Florida Gov. Rick Scott on Saturday for fundraisers in Orlando, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale and spent Sunday afternoon at a meet-and-greet with Republican contributors at the oceanfront home of Home Depot co-founder Kenneth Langone in Lost Tree Village.

“He said that the important thing was to focus on winning elections this year…It’s important to make those elections successful and that’s what he’s going to focus on,” said Al Hoffman, the former Republican National Committee finance chairman who lives nearby and attended the event at Langone’s home.

Hoffman estimated that about 70 people attended.

“He said all the right things I think and I think he looked tired, but I think that he was collected and calm and very cool under the circumstances,” Hoffman said.

“The circumstances,” of course, are a controversy in the Garden State over top Christie aides apparently ordering the shutdown of traffic lanes heading to the George Washington Bridge last year to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee. With legislative committees issuing 20 subpoenas last week and Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz holding news conferences in Florida to trash Christie, the New Jersey governor avoided the media all weekend.

Republican strategist and CNN contributor Ana Navarro attended a Scott-Christie fundraiser in Palm Beach on Saturday and attended Sunday’s event at Langone’s home.

While Hoffman said Christie appeared tired, Navarro said he looked peppier than on Saturday.

“Big difference,” Navarro said on Twitter. “….he got a haircut. Looks much more rested, stronger today.”

Navarro also tweeted that Christie brought up New Jersey issues and said: “I haven’t enjoyed last 11 days; no sane person would. Life presents challenges; u have to deal w/them.”

Navarro said Christie said he will focus “doing what’s right” in his home state and on this year’s governor races. On the subject of a 2016 presidential bid, Navarro quoted Christie as saying “Come see me next year.”

7 Responses to “Christie in Palm Beach County: focus on New Jersey, 2014 governor races; not 2016 — yet”

  1. William Howard Taft Says:

    I felt my house in WPB shake over the weekend. At first I thought it might be an aftershock from another Caribbean earthquake. But then I connected the dots and realized it was Governor Christie stepping off of his plane.

  2. Educator Says:

    Great, put this wise guy on the Republican ticket, they don’t even have a chance of winning bingo.

  3. Rick Scott is thief Says:

    America does not want a fat pig for a President who can’t even control his own eating habits and bullies everyone he gets power over in any way he can – like the Punk that Cristie is – he would be a DISASTER as President

  4. timtopper Says:

    Scott should have been sent to prison. However, our laws held his “corporatiion” responsible for the massive medicare fraud committed. Therefore, his corporation HCA paid the largest fine in the history of the medicare program, while Scott took the 5th over 70 times. He walked away a multi-millionaire while his corporation held the bag and took all the heat.

    Using his ill gotten money he bought his way into Tallahassee. He has been a total failure. Everyone of his bright ideas have either been over turned by the courts, or are still working their way through the courts. Fearing total defeat he has tried to stack the courts in his favor.

    His yes men, known as the Scott Clown Posse, are composed of Negron, Simms, Wetherford, Atwater and Bondi. So far this clown posse has enabled him to ram through every item of anti-consumer, pro business lobby legislation he has dreamed of. Look at Scotts biggest contributors;
    Auto Insurance, FPL, Blue Cross, Sugar, Developers.

    We the people mean nothing to Scott and his clown posse. They the corporations mean the world to the Scott and his clown posse.

    You may not like Criist for changing parties, but he never hurt the average citizens of our state. He was never beholden to the corporate interests over the interests and welfare of our residents and citizens.

    Vote Scott and his band of clowns out. Reclaim Florida for the people. After all, we do live here.

  5. Back up with Facts! Says:

    @ Educator
    Do you do even a little research before you spew your hate?
    Scott is now the new Cheerleader for the Fascist Republican Tea Party since Palin can’t seem to get the AZ blood off her hands. His fellow KKKlansmen also cheer him on. We know how Mussolini and Hitler turned out, let’s see what happens to this evil creature

  6. timtopper Says:

    @Back up with Facts!
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  7. TaintMisbehaving Says:

    Hey William post #1! Is that your political debate? Stooping to name calling? How low! Anyone who votes for Obama is Bi-polar? HA-HA-hA Thats the typical McCant carp we dont need. Notice McCant cannot have a debate without loseing his temper..interupting..huffing and puffing,rolling his eyes..and just being a sinister FREAK !Im sorry..WE NEED CHANGE. OBAMA is the bright future we need !He is for the working people an we the working people are the backbone of AMERICA ! McCant is a joke ! its pretty bad when all u do is LIE about someone to make yourself look better. I dont belive CARP that comes out of the mouths of those Backwards McCant followers ! FLORIDA DO THE RIGHT THING ! VOTE FOR CHANGE..Vote OBAMA !

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