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The Hug, part II: GOP links Crist and Obama, again

by John Kennedy | December 9th, 2013

The Florida Republican Party said Monday it is spending what it claims to be six-figures in cash on a new web and digital ad blasting former Gov. Charlie Crist’s support for the Affordable Care Act.

With a recent Quinnipiac University poll showing Floridians opposed so-called Obamacare by 54-39 percent, Republicans are looking to lash the ex-Republican turned Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner to the White House, again.

A narrator in the 30-second spot says, “Charlie Crist stands with Obama,” and a sampling of TV sound bytes are shown in which Crist pledges support for the the federal health care law.

In his 2010 bid for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, eventual winner Marco Rubio enflamed conservative opposition to Crist, then a Republican, by airing TV spots showing the governor hugging President Obama at a February 2009 town hall meeting in Florida.

“Charlie Crist’s unwavering support of Obamacare and its disastrous effects…is alarming,” said Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry.  “Plain and simple, Florida cannot afford Charlie Crist and the liberal Obama agenda.”

Here’s the ad:





5 Responses to “The Hug, part II: GOP links Crist and Obama, again”

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