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“Taking a stand,” organizers open Capitol nativity scene

by John Kennedy | December 3rd, 2013

5th graders sing Christmas songs at Capitol nativity dedication

Christmas songs and prayers joined speeches warning that religion was under attack in the U.S., as organizers dedicated a nativity scene Tuesday near the entrance to the Florida Capitol.

Across the Capitol Rotunda, a 10-foot-tall menorah also was on display, as it has been for several years during Hanukkah. But the nativity scene — just a few dozen yards from Gov. Rick Scott’s office — was a first in the building.

“Our country is a nation of freedom of religion, not freedom from it,” said Palm Olsen, chair of the Florida Nativity Scene Committee.

She added, “We are taking a stand for Christ in Christmas, a stand for truth and religious freedom. And what better place to do this than the heart of our state government.”

The nativity scene, which depicts the birth of Christ, is expected to remain up through Dec. 27. It’s expected to be followed by another display after Christmas honoring Three Kings Day, Jan. 6.

Howard Simon, executive director of ACLU of Florida, said opening the Capitol to religious-themed displays is a risky precedent for state officials.

“They have now said this space can be used for all forms of expression, religious and non-religious,” Simon said. “Otherwise, they’re going to be sued for being discriminatory.”

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50 Responses to ““Taking a stand,” organizers open Capitol nativity scene”

  1. RealAngst Says:

    This phony “War Against Christmas” and the “War on Women” combined with the “War on Religion” is total nonsense. There is a requirement that was put in by the founding fathers that religion should be separate from government. It does not preclude any group from believing anything. Those politicians who USE their religion to beat others over the head and curry favor are just as misguided as those who rail against religion. I believe in God, I make no apologies for that belief. It is a personal one. I also believe that I am responsible first to myself, my family and then my country. People are free to worship or not worship. Freedom OF religion is the same as freedom FROM religion. I dont care if Christians want to have a nativity, if Jewish people want to have a Menorah or any religion that has a peaceful message wants to have a display. It is time for the adults in the conversation to embrace the differences that exist in the real world and allow people to be who they are without calling attention to a belief which is personally held.

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Florida political tweeters
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