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State withholds $3 million payment over flawed Connect site

by John Kennedy | December 20th, 2013

Gov. Rick Scott’s administration said Friday it’s withholding a $3 million payment to consulting giant Deloitte for the state’s problem-plagued Connect website, which has frustrated thousands of Floridians seeking jobless benefits.

Scott’s chief of the state’s Department of Economic Opportunity also said he is instituting a $15,000-a-day penalty against Deloitte Consulting for failing to deliver a fully functioning system.

“While Deloitte has made progress over the last few weeks and many claimants are able to process claims without incident, the bottom line is that the overall system is still not working properly,” said Jesse Panuccio, DEO’s executive director.

The $63 million website debuted Oct. 15.  Since then, more than 950,000 claims have been filed and more than $272 million has been paid to claimants, DEO said.

But frustrated users also have filled Facebook, Twitter and Scott’s email inbox with complaints about online malfunctions and help lines that leave them on hold for hours.

“Ten weeks of money that belongs to my husband being held up in lala land because no one knows what they’re doing,” Jessica Minafo Ryan said last week, in a posting on DEO’s Facebook account.

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13 Responses to “State withholds $3 million payment over flawed Connect site”

  1. kmkr Says:

    They don’t put you on hold, they tell you all the operators are busy and to call back later. You get the same message all day long for weeks on end. I don’t think anyone even works there

  2. bito63 Says:

    How is it that the Obamacare website is up to 300 million in cost which is for the whole country, And the single state of Florida is paying 63 million? What is wrong with this picture? $63 mil for a single state???

  3. OBIWAN Says:

    … did that Federal Contract for “BARAMAcare online” contain any performance standards or expectations it might work??

    You can’t hold a Contractor to the letter of the agreement…
    … when you modify the terms and withhold key instuctions…
    … until ‘after the election’ for fear the truth about your BIG LIE will get out??

    In other paragraphs of the actual news release the state indicated the only people facing obstacles of any kind were those whose claim had been denied and was being appealed…
    … or who failed to create an honest depiction of their work situation!

    Missing from this demonization of everything Republican — imbedded in the actual report of GOV Rick Scott holding his contractors responsible — was the simple explanation of Florida updating their online system to prevent waste, fraud and abuse!

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  8. Jupiter Guy Says:

    kenobe and bito, this has nothing to do with the federal government, so stop trying to bring your hatred of the President into every conversation.

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