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Scott praises growing list of school districts approving teacher raises

by John Kennedy | December 16th, 2013

With Palm Beach County poised this week to join a growing list of school districts approving teacher pay raises, Gov. Rick Scott on Monday praised those getting on board with the $480 million plan he pushed through last spring’s Legislature.

Fifty-two of Florida’s 67 school districts have approved some form of increase. Many of the salary bumps, though, are falling short of what Scott and lawmakers expected to range from $2,500 each for teachers rated “effective” to $3,500 for those who earned “highly effective” grades.

Palm Beach’s raises look likely to land around $1,000 for first-year teachers to $2,000 for the highest-paid educators. But after a slow rollout of the raises — caused mostly by protracted local negotiations — Scott appeared happy that some level of increase is being achieved.

“Working with the Legislature, we were proud to recognize the achievements of Florida students by awarding teachers for their work,” Scott said. “We will continue to find ways to support Florida’s teachers, who are the backbone of our entire education system.”


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