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Kenzo, Palm Beach County “hero” dog, has his day at Capitol

by John Kennedy | December 10th, 2013

Kenzo, a black German shepherd who took two bullets and saved the lives of two Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies, was honored Tuesday by Gov. Rick Scott and members of the Florida Cabinet, who recognized the dog as a “hero.”

Kenzo, 10 1/2 years old, is now retired from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. Deputy Rich Klaysmat, who cares for Kenzo, accompanied him to Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting.

“He has a peaceful life now, I take him to the park,” Klaysmat

Kenzo, named "hero" by Gov. Scott and Cabinet

said. “He could still do the job. But he just doesn’t have the stamina.”

Kenzo in June 2012 saved his handler and a lieutenant when authorities were dispatched to a chaotic scene at a mobile home park near Greenacres. A man with a gun had killed his girlfriend and, when confronted by deputies, fired 40 rounds at them and Kenzo.

One bullet went through Kenzo, another struck his chest.  Sheriff’s Lt. Richard Burdick was treated and recovered for a gunshot wound to the thigh.

Kenzo also bounced back from his injuries, Klaysmat said.

“He’s a good dog,” Klaysmat said. “He certainly deserves this honor.”



32 Responses to “Kenzo, Palm Beach County “hero” dog, has his day at Capitol”

  1. Una Paloma Blanca-ah-AHH Says:

    Sadly, in PB Co., some idiots hate the PBSO and Scott so much that this great pooch’s life might be endangered. { ! }

  2. Mike Says:

    Even sadder, some people actually buy into this BS and Scott is the devil.

  3. Registered Independent Says:

    Sadly Gov Scott will now recommend the dog being euthanized because he is now part of the 47% who is a drain on society and the job producers. R.I.P Kenzo, R.I.P

  4. Mike the Mouth Says:

    Kenzo has more class and dignity than all of you Scott haters.

  5. peter Says:

    This paper has the biggest bunch of liberal moron readers than the New York Times.You have no life. This is only about a hero dog. Move on folks. Stop blaming Scott for everything. When was Obama ever blamed for anything in these editorial pages?

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