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Democrats mock Scott with end of year report card — mostly ‘Fs’

by John Kennedy | December 18th, 2013

Democratic activists and union representatives gathered outside Rick Scott’s Capitol office Wednesday to deliver an end-of-year report card to the Republican governor.

He failed. But Scott did get an A-plus for what Barbara DeVane of the Florida Alliance of Retired Americans called helping special interests.

“He gets an ‘F’ on helping the middle class this year,” DeVane said.

Despite back-to-back years of $1 billion increases in funding for education — not mentioned by Monday’s gathering — Scott “has not supported our schools,” Devane said. She cited Palm Beach County, where aging infrastructure led to some kids being held out of schools because of air-conditioning failures this fall, as an example of the governor’s lack of commitment.

The county’s school superintendent, Wayne Gent, has warned the school board the county could be $80 million short next year in meeting basic maintenance costs.

Scott wasn’t in his office Wednesday — with an appearance planned in Miami. But the shoddy report card, which included other ‘F’ grades in public health, employee management and job creation, was delivered to a receptionist in the governor’s office.

The dozen activists who gathered Monday had to make their way to the governor’s office through a Capitol rotunda growing increasingly crowded with holiday displays put up by atheists, others marking the winter solstice, and the latest, a ‘flying spaghetti monster’ created by those mocking the arrival earlier this month of a nativity scene.

The Florida Republican Party swung back, defending Scott’s record.

‚ÄúThese extreme liberals can continue throwing out false attacks like spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks, but the fact is that under Rick Scott nearly 441,000 private-sector jobs have been created, state-based education funding is at the highest level in Florida history, schools are improving, and the unemployment rate is dropping,” said Florida GOP spokeswoman Susan Hepworth.



12 Responses to “Democrats mock Scott with end of year report card — mostly ‘Fs’”

  1. npgator Says:

    Liberalism is a mental disease.

  2. Obama Ratings Says:

    President “Selfie” Obama’s Report Card:
    * Budget Deficit: F.
    * Poverty Rate: F.
    * Benghazi Investigation: F.
    * NSA-Gate: F.
    * IRS-Gate: F.
    * AP-Gate: F
    * ObamaCare: F-F-F
    * Hope and Change: F.

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  4. Jim Says:

    Dear Florida GOP spokeswoman Susan Hepworth,

    I have a bridge I want to sell you! Good luck trying to spin anything good about skeletor Scott!

  5. Says:

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  7. Greg Simpson Says:

    The various unusual displays in the Capitol rotunda are not “mocking” the arrival of a nativity scene. They are protesting the unconstitutional appearance of a Christian display on government property. This shows government favors one religion over another; this is why this practice is unconstitutional. The court system has recently allowed such blatant religious displays as long as other religions are portrayed as well. Those who have no religion feel even more excluded, thanks to the court’s cowardice in not standing up to a long-held constitutional principle, and have begun adding their own displays in protest. This fiasco is what results when courts bow under to the demands of Christian groups by illegally changing constitutional law. The atheist and other groups have a right to be heard as well, now. This is not “mocking” Christianity, it is simply showing how ridiculous the new procedure has become!

  8. Blanca Armayor Galvez Says:

    I’m a Republican. And I think Scott should get an F. I didn’t Vote for this man. He Stole money as CEO from a Hospital in Miami and His Lt. Governor was caught in some shady dealings and was force to resign. If you ask me this man is a disgrace to the Republican Party & I know a lot of Republicans that won’t be voting for Him in 2014.

  9. joke??? Says:

    The dems mocking???
    HA!!!!! that is a joke????
    How much is the tab of that obama care website costing taxpayers not to mention the correction ticket and its atill not working??? Over a billion??
    How many delays or changes??
    How many exemptions or waivers???
    How that hurricane castrophe fund doing for our ho ins rates along with our gastly motorist fees all passed by the dems along with good old charlie the dem who ran as a repblican and now is runnning as a dem????? Wow lets run to the polls and revote them back in?????

  10. Searcher1 Says:

    I didn’t CRINGE when Charlie was governor, but Rick just embarrasses me as a Floridian…

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