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Scott says Obama was “deceitful” on insurance coverage

by John Kennedy | November 19th, 2013

Most Americans who have successfully enrolled in health coverage under the Affordable Care Act have done so through exchanges organized by 11 states  and not through  the balky federal website.

But Gov. Rick Scott said Tuesday that he has no regrets that Florida did not create its own exchange — even though it may be costing residents access to health insurance.

“Remember, this was the president’s health care bill,” Scott said. “He decided to get this bill passed. He’s responsible for the adverse impact. Three hundred thousand people are losing their insurance at the end of the year.

“Look at what’s going to happen. Cost is going to go up. Quality is going to go down. It’s the president’s responsibility,” Scott concluded.

Scott’s claim about 300,000 people losing insurance apparently disregards the rule change announced last week by the Obama administration that allows insurers to extend current health coverage into next year.

Florida Blue, the big insurer, earlier warned that 300,000 Floridians could have been without coverage — but now will maintain existing policies through 2014.

The Republican governor fought the Affordable Care Act before it became law. But earlier this year, Scott seemed to soften that opposition by endorsing a key feature of the measure — calling for the state to expand Medicaid coverage for low-income residents.

Scott’s fellow Republicans in the Legislature, however, refused to go along.

Since then, Scott has been toughening his rhetoric. And on Tuesday, he said Obama was “deceitful” when the president assured Americans that their existing coverage was not at risk.

“He was deceitful when he said that if you like your insurance you will not lose it,” Scott said. “What people are not thinking about is that…we have people losing their insurance. We know under that bill, the cost of health care is going to go up and we know that quality is going to be impacted. It’s a bad bill and it needs to be repealed.”

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21 Responses to “Scott says Obama was “deceitful” on insurance coverage”

  1. FlaNative79 Says:

    What a fantastic “Change” that’s gong on in our country. President’s approval rating dropped to 19% last week and according to another pole this morning, 13%. American’s are FINALLY waking up.

  2. Get Mad Says:

    If more politicians had shown some political spine when the ACA was rammed through Congress, millions wouldn’t be having their insurance canceled.

    Now that all the lies are out in the open, it’s time for voters to GET MAD and vote all these lying politicians OUT!

  3. Bobby Says:


    You just can’t help lying, can you?
    His approval rating is at around 42 percent. Here is a link;

    If you are referring to your beloved far right freak show at, they are saying that IF you continue to attack Pres. Obama’s character, THEN you COULD get his rating down to around 20 percent.

    I don’t mind differing opinions, but I despise outright liars like you.

  4. FlaNative79 Says:

    No Bobby, it wasn’t a lie. It was in an article I read this morning. I don’t make this stuff up out of thin air.

  5. FlaNative79 Says:

    Regardless, it doesn’t take some poll to know that this Prez. is going down in history as the worst president, ever. It’s the topic of discussion on every single news channel, and most of America. Everywhere I look I see signs and bumper stickers that say “Impeach Obama”. You know it’s bad when people are displaying those signs everywhere…

  6. Bobby Says:

    Please provide a link to your source

  7. Bobby Says:

    Please provide a link to your source

    Those signs are only being displayed by extreme right wingers.

  8. Right Rick Says:

    If anyone on this planet should know about deceitfulness, it’s Rick Scott. I wouldn’t believe him if he told me his own name!

  9. Memory Lapse Says:

    The President is not “deceitful”. He just doesn’t remember ObamaCare, Benghazi-Gate, AP-Gate, NSA-Gate, and IRS-Gate… However, he does remember his golf score.

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  11. Jupiter Guy Says:

    Lol, Skeletor calling anyone deceitful is like the pot calling the kettle black.

  12. Snotme Says:

    Wonder what happened to all those folks that actually think before they speak. This includes Presidents and all those that don’t like The President and spout meaningless dribble moment to moment. Kinda like me.

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