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Palm Beach County Republicans watch ‘Daisy: The Little Pup Who Believed’

by George Bennett | November 14th, 2013

Shortly after becoming chairwoman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party on a unanimous voice vote Wednesday night, Anita Mitchell showed Republican Executive Committee members a video about a beagle found on a roadside with a broken spine and surgically restored to manic puppy playfulness.

“It’s goosebump time,” Mitchell said before the lights dimmed and “Daisy: The Little Pup Who Believed” was shown on large screens in the county commission chambers.

12 Responses to “Palm Beach County Republicans watch ‘Daisy: The Little Pup Who Believed’”

  1. Xavier Onasis Says:

    So this is the Republican “plan” to rescue their party: lay by the roadside and hope some nice people come to the rescue.
    NEWS FLASH – The Republicans are not innocent little puppies, and everyone knows as soon as they are mended, they will bite those who saved them.

  2. Sandy Says:

    “becoming chairwoman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party on a unanimous voice vote” Someone please explain to me how somone can win an “unanimous voice vote” when you are unopposed?

  3. Sandy Says:

    Jolene, who found the injured pup, the vets who performed the surgery, and the generous people who donated dollars for Daisy’s care must have been democrats. God knows the republicans only know how to care for themselves and big business.

  4. Bill Says:

    I just want to thank all the Dems out there for continually bashing the Reps. It really helps make the contrast between Reps and Dems and which side really is the nastiest. The Dems can talk and call names all they want but actions truly do speak louder than words. Not only are the attacking woman but now puppies. Thanks Dems BTW how is that obummer care working out for you.

  5. Xavier Onasis Says:

    @Bill – Spoken like a true Republican (two-faced). You accuse the Dems of name calling, and in the very next breath, you make petty, baseless claims and then use a disparaging nickname for the President. Wow!

  6. Look at me! Says:

    Ha ha ha!

    Runs unopposed and the makes a big deal of winning.

    She may be as loony as her former star child hubby?

    Who knows. Oddballs abound in our ego-freak govt. ?

  7. i liked the video Says:

    I personally liked the video, but am amazed by the reactions, both pro and con. How about we just let the lady do what she’s going to do to run a local political operation. If she does a good job, let’s congratulate her. If she does a bad job, then we can be critical. But the us vs. them mentality that is on display in all of these responses is exactly what is driving people away from becoming involved. Perhaps we can all grow up a little and just wish her luck in her endeavor. And while we are at it, let’s wish our President luck as well – seems to me that both Anita Mitchell and Barack Obama could both use a little luck and support these days.

  8. Joe Says:

    I get the touching symbolism of the injured puppy left to die on the side of the road as representing the Republican Party in its current state and the “little train that could” message about “believing” in yourself. However, the subsequent rescue, expensive advanced medical care and rehabilitation all provided free of charge to the puppy are clearly not republican ideals. A good Tea party republican would have realized that this unemployed broken puppy is nothing more than a drain on tax payer funded social services and unlikely to vote republican in the next election. A good tea party republican would have swerved off the road and put this adorable puppy out of it’s misery for the good of the country. Perhaps were not getting the full story and this puppy owned an investment bank or maybe it’s a military contractor who supported republican candidates during the last election. So many unanswered questions, I guess we’ll never know the truth about this puppy.

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